Monday, 17 July 2017

Why won't these men complaining about feminism propose practical solutions?

It is asinine how Elam only wants vague declarations of men being people too, rather than practical proposals to

1) abolish no fault divorce

2) requiring engaged couples to agree a marriage contract before a marriage certificate is issued

3) obliging only married fathers to support their legitimate offspring

 4) shaming sluts

The asinine Elam says at

It is time for feminism to fulfill its promise of equality, and to quit making a mockery of it.

It is surely time to give up any such expectation of feminism, denounce it, declare war on it and defeat it.

The asinine Elam also obsesses about the marginal pursuit of banning male circumcision presumably as a subconscious expression of his antisemitism and Islamophobia. It is as if he wants to fail. Oh, and he has blocked me on Twitter. It is impossible to tell if these men's rights activists are really that stupid or are just pretending to be.

The tragedy is that both Elam and Buchanan are clearly beta male mediocrities, repulsive to women and not husband material.

Where are the alpha males, you ask? They have better things to do than save beta males from the stench of their own mediocrity and character defects. These men with alpha male qualities prefer to enjoy the privilege of sexual access to women which they can do only if they conform to the rules of our stinking degenerate matriarchy the most important of which is to never ever criticise the morals of Slut Single Mothers. The 4 Categories of Unmarried Motherhood

The default behaviour of women in a matriarchy free from the constraints of patriarchy is unchecked parasitism.

Most people will do what the law allows because the law limits our immorality. Laws in the West are clearly immoral, and changing them back from injustice to justice will require the most radical form of political activism. Men need to engage in political activism. Sadly, Paul Elam who leads the men's rights movement is a total jerk.  Instead of campaigning for the abolition of no fault divorce and the shaming of sluts, he campaigns for the banning of male circumcision to indulge his unexpressed antisemitism and Islamophobia presumably. Perhaps it is time to ask ourselves whether Western Man is suffering from a disease of the mind.  This dead end of beta male political activism has also infected the UK.

Isn't it a truth universally acknowledged that a man wants a sex object and a woman a meal ticket? If marriage is no longer sacred then there will be no possibility of affection and trust between a man and a woman. The solution must be to abolish no fault divorce. Why can't you say that, John AKA @MGTOWisFREEDOM?

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