Friday, 4 August 2017

A Woman of Destiny and a Product of the British Empire

Speaking to a British nationalist the other day, the conversation turned to our respective origins, as these discussions often do. I declared that I was a product of the British Empire, while he merely happened to be born in Britain.

I am now reflecting on what was said. Of course it was a competition for status. He was dismissively saying that my views did not matter and I could never understand the beating heart of the true Englishman with English blood running through his veins or some such bunkum.

He was saying I should be grateful for the British Empire for otherwise I wouldn't be here. He has also previously suggested that I wished Britons ill because my country had been colonised by the British, but I have never ever denounced empire. Empire is after all an objective measure of human achievement, measured by its expanse and duration. So, no, I do not wish the British ill at all, but am concerned and anxious about them and their future since I now live here and share it.

How does being a product of the British Empire give me a status above him though?

The British Empire is no longer in existence being absent-mindedly acquired and carelessly lost. I washed up on these shores as a result of wanting to examine the English at closer quarters. I could have gone to other parts of the Anglosphere, to Australia, New Zealand, Canada or America, but I chose England. I say England with particularity because I know I was not that interested in the Scots or the Welsh, though they turn out to be quite interesting and engaging in the way they have reacted to their English overlords with their ancestral hatreds.

If I have a status over this British nationalist because I was a product of the British Empire and he merely a native Briton, on what basis is this a higher status? Well, the idea of a world empire upon which the sun never sets because no Englishman can be trusted in the dark is by definition a bigger and stronger idea than being a mere native of Britain. The idea that I represent - of a fallen empire - is still bigger than that of being born here by a mere accident of birth.

I suppose the point is that I do not have to be here, but chose to be here. Having seen the trajectory that this country is currently headed, why do I remain? Why do I stay here if I do not have to be here? Because on the whole this country has become my home and I know it better than my own country of origin.

Also, the problems that afflict this country also afflicts other countries who are similarly the vassal states of America. If the Global Matriarchy is to be toppled, it must be defeated at where it is most obviously present in the form of gay marriage and where patriarchy is most notably absent, for Britain is the opposite of a society that prioritises the preferences of married fathers. The Cabinet is more a coven of incompetent witches and cucked men serving sorceresses at sea than a team of senior ministers governing the country rationally and well.

I do not have to be here, but am here. I do not have to stay here but remain here. Some sense of destiny must therefore impel me, and then it dawned on me that it is always a sense of destiny that impels a people or a person to act on principle.

The principles I follow are not particularly grandiose. I wish to live in a country where I can speak the truth as I see it, using logic and moral principles to back my claims and proposals. I had thought it was this country, but this is clearly no longer the case.

It was with horror that I realised that what we are undergoing now - a 21st century process of Reformation from an irrational and degenerate matriarchy into rational patriarchy implementing good government will take about as long as the English Reformation, which was over hundred years. Even if successful, I will not live to see it.

All I can do now is to see to it that the more obvious mistakes are avoided and plan the quickest and easiest route for those who will come after me.

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