Sunday, 6 August 2017

My message to the alt-right

I have a very simple message and if heeded would result in a much-needed correction.

I know exactly why it is not being heeded: because you think you can ignore me, not engage and not keep your word, pretending you are far too busy when all you're doing is just the same old crap anyway. You know I am right, but you think you could just ignore me and not pass the message on, simply because you can. Pride? Anger? Envy?

Fear that I might rival you as a political activist? Greed.

Dislike of my message because it would mean the end of sexual liberation? Lust.
Just can't be bothered. Sloth.

Technological incompetence? That would be sloth too.

Don't feel too bad about it though. I know exactly who you all are, and some of you I even regard as friends, even friends who are supposed to be interested in politics and who are supposed to care about what happens to your country.

I expect libtards to ignore me, of course, but it bemuses me that even the alt-right cannot bring themselves to discuss the solutions. This is what I mean when I say the culture is rotten: when even the people who complain about lies cannot bring themselves to facilitate the expression of truth, simply because they have it in their power to suppress it.

Alt-right YouTubers are afraid of losing their audience the way MPs are afraid of losing votes if they say the wrong thing or losing access to pussy if they complain about feminism too much and propose solutions that would actually work. (Now, which Coke-swigging alt-right YouTuber could I possibly have in mind? Yep, I might be a different race, but I can read your mind.)

There is yet another sin: DENIAL OF THE TRUTH, because you just don't want to be inconvenienced by the moral imperative of the correction that would take place if the message were acted on.

In any case the Global Matriarchy has indeed succeeded in its aim of turning most humans into brain dead phone-fiddling consumers who eat and shit like so many fungible pieces of walking human meat.

But you know what? I don't care. I will have done what I was supposed to do while you, well, you know what you are if you know the saying about Aristotle and pigs. is where you can ask me questions. 

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