Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Prominent alt-right YouTuber Millennial Woes exercises ferocious censorship on aspiring alt-right YouTubers

The vague and subjective selection criteria imposed by Millennial Woes:

+ effort/- laziness
+ good taste/- low audibility
+ intelligence/- boring
+ enjoyability/- white sharia, nihilism etc
+ politeness/- crassness, crudity etc

One Man's Chorus:
Eli Harman. Everyone ought to subscribe to his Youtube channel. 

@MGTOWisFREEDOM's idea of White Sharia: women would have no right to own property and no right to divorce while the Koran has a chapter on divorce. The Muslim marriage contract implicitly excludes no fault divorce making marriage once again a good bargain for men who want legitimate children.

Me to One Man's Chorus
Eli does provide thoughtful content but is guilty of having already discussed White Sharia, which means he will be disqualified by MW.

One Man's Chorus
It would be a shame if this year's Millenniyule featured idiotic bimbos like Blonde in the Belly of the Beast and Dreamy Diglot rather than quality content producers like Eli. My two cents.  

Me to One Man's Chorus
Although MW said on 11 April 2017 "I'll have you on for this year's Millenniyule season", he has subsequently withdrawn this offer.  I agree with you about the bimbos who haven't an original idea in their head and can only poodle along behind the men. Both Eli and I are guilty of wanting to discuss White Sharia and have already been guilty of discussing this, so we won't be featured. How ironic that those who complain about censorship by MSM end up practising even more draconian censorship. MW has actually forbidden his followers to ask him questions about me!

At 8:45 he says "maybe if I were to listen to them I would change my tune or something but I really doubt it". I have sent him a message to see if he is maybe prepared to listen to me on this, having assured him that I am not Muslim, just an agnostic who sees the point of theocracy because it is the only way to have patriarchy without which not enough rational, masculine and principled men will be produced to defend the national interest. 

Here is my pathetic YouTube channel with only 28 subscribers and only three videos with a messed up recording of the first video I made with E Michael Jones who has certain views about Jews.

Millennial Woes says you cannot be alt-right if you are not antisemitic or racist. If you are neither, you are "alt-lite", he says. Interestingly, he won't discuss this with me. My definition of the alt-right is anyone who thinks mainstream Conservatism won't solve the problems Liberalism created. The alt-right can include ethno- and civic nationalists. You can have quite radical ideas that will attract accusations of extremism without being guilty of antisemitism, racism or Islamophobia.   

Surely no one would dream of calling me and my ideas "alt-lite"? I don't think even MW would put me in that category since he has gone to the trouble of banning even his followers from asking him questions about me. If I am alt anything, I imagine I would be "alt-extreme".

Another topic Millennial Woes won't discuss with me is whether civic nationalism can get ethno-nationalists what they want. 

Such a shame that not even the victims of censorship can themselves respect free speech.  

"Only me and my mates and people I like with ideas I like will stand a chance of being on Millenniyule so probably the pretty white women I won't feel threatened by because they haven't got a single original idea in their pretty little heads."

I am sure Millennial Woes will enjoy a cosy little fireside chat with someone who thinks it is very brave to say what the NF and the BNP have been saying about compulsory and voluntary repatriation since before they were born and, er, that's it ....

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