Friday, 4 August 2017

Should Millennial Woes censor discussion of White Sharia on Millenniyule?

Eli Harman and I do not exactly see eye to eye on certain matters. He has even declared war on me on the subject of Islam, but he and I are agreed that White Sharia should be discussed, and I like to think I am man enough to just concentrate on the positive

Eli Harman and I are also agreed that the views of women don't matter because if the men who want patriarchy and nationalism triumph over the Morally Compromised Slut Fuckers who dare not denounce feminism because they are frightened of feminists, have no principles they care to defend and only care about filling their boots before they die, the women will just take their pussies to the men who command the resources and allow themselves to be impregnated by them, just like the lionesses of a lion's harem.

Time and energy is being wasted by hungry alt-right male YouTubers trying to please these pretty but intellectually mediocre alt-right female YouTubers.

Important topics such as White Sharia and MGTOW are being deliberately not discussed in order to protect the feelings of pretty pretty alt-right female YouTubers from getting all butthurt and ruffled.

This one here is very upset about White Sharia and wants White Men to shut up about it because discussing these subjects make them feel threatened, uncomfortable, anxious, nervous and generally "triggered".

She is complaining about the podcast below which complains about feminists.

'I think the men that counter-signal white rape gangs and white sharia, they're doing very basic beta shit. They're sitting there saying "They're so bad, they're so mean, they're so evil. I would never do that to you. Will you reward me with sex?" They're just being beta trying to be white knights and they're never going to fucking get laid doing that shit.'
I found much of this laugh out loud funny but I know many will find it wildly triggering. Be warned: obscene satirical scatological man talk. But I took it to bed for a listen before a nap and found myself chuckling periodically before dozing off.  

The vague and subjective selection criteria imposed by Millennial Woes:

+ effort/- laziness
+ good taste/- low audibility
+ intelligence/- boring
+ enjoyability/- white sharia, nihilism etc
+ politeness/- crassness, crudity etc

was clearly intended to exclude people like me and The War Room.

What would be your criteria for selection if you were Millennial Woes being Mistress of Ceremonies and Chat Show Hostess for Millenniyule?

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