Friday, 4 August 2017

The War Room on White Sharia

"... Feminists disguised as White Nationalists ..."
"We basically had Western European Sharia ... "

I hope these guys will be OK. I can tell they are just joking, but will alt-right female YouTubers forgive them and refrain from reporting them for their white rape gang joke, which is obviously satirical?

The enemy, as always, is within.

Muslims already recognise that the Greater Jihad is the struggle with oneself.

'I think the men that counter-signal white rape gangs and white sharia, they're doing very basic beta shit. They're sitting there saying "They're so bad, they're so mean, they're so evil. I would never do that to you. Will you reward me with sex?" They're just being beta trying to be white knights and they're never going to fucking get laid doing that shit.'

The vague and subjective selection criteria imposed by Millennial Woes:

+ effort/- laziness
+ good taste/- low audibility
+ intelligence/- boring
+ enjoyability/- white sharia, nihilism etc
+ politeness/- crassness, crudity etc

is of course directed at alt-right YouTubers who accept the logic of their position that feminism is the cock blocker of nationalism while Millennial Woes pretends feminism is now even being "dismantled" when it is in fact doubling down, upping the ante after being turbo-charged by female leaders of political parties and Western nations. 

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