Thursday, 21 September 2017

My appeal against my Twitter suspension

This tweet is timed as 1033 PM and dated 19 September 2017.

@Dora_Chance @CrispySea Humanist - sex offenders who think it is their right to commit sexual offences

I have not deleted it as I was invited to by Twitter but cannot in any case see it, can you?


Humanists invariably believe in their right to indulge in extramarital sex which the religious regard as sexual offences. For example, the Koran says fornication and adultery is a sexual offence that deserves corporal punishment in 24:2, which is a valid opinion based on undisputed fact. I believe I have the right to express  a valid opinion ie an opinion which is reasonable to hold based on undisputed fact without having my account suspended simply because humanists - who are the overwhelming majority of tweeters - disagree with me. I also believe that it is right that Twitter  support this right in order to facilitate the free exchange of ideas.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Would you like me on Davis Aurini again? He said a I sounded like a boring, incoherent homeless person

Davis Aurini prevents a pagan from questioning the efficacy of the Catholic Church



When you say there's problems in the church and those problems are problems of man and not problems of God - is that a fair synopsis of what you said?


I would say it is not a problem of the teachings of the Church, which have remained consistent.


One of the core teachings of the Church is Papal Infallibility.


And when was the last time that was invoked?


You tell me, you're the Catholic scholar.


16th century or thereabouts.


I know it was invoked in Vatican II.


Vatican II was a very weird document.


Whatever, but Papal Infallibility was invoked then.


No, it wasn't because Vatican II didn't even really say anything. It's a very weird document ... 


Google check, you can Google Vatican II and read up on this and tell me if it doesn't say anything. 

Aurini continues to babble incoherently and then cuts him off.
My disappointing evening with Davis Aurini

Monday, 18 September 2017

The creation of God

The book of Genesis opens with God making humans “in his image and likeness.”

The truth is more probably that Man in creating God thought of the most powerful attribute to give to Him and arrived at that of omnipotence.

He imagined an omnipotent deity to be unique because an omnipotent being would not tolerate other omnipotent beings and therefore this deity would also be supreme.

The next step up would be omniscience, for an omnipotent deity would naturally know everything and a being that knows everything with the capacity to do anything would surely desire to be morally perfect.

Being omnipotent, a rational God would also make Himself morally perfect, and of course an omnipotent God would be rational.

And so the Abrahamic God was created.

Should we choose the Apollonian over the Dionysian if we wish to preserve our civilisation?

Jews are blamed for everything, including the failure of Christianity

E Michael Jones:

The term Jew is a theological construct. It means 'rejector of Christ'. In rejecting Christ, Jews rejected logos. In rejecting logos, they rejected the order of the universe, including the social and moral order, and in doing that, they became revolutionaries.

A pagan Odinist questions the effectiveness of the Catholic Church, Davis Aurini dismisses him without addressing his arguments

My disappointing evening with Davis Aurini who has now blocked me on Skype

38th minute

After having the similarities of Judaism and Islam pointed out to him, Aurini rants:

Islam is an obvious Satanic twisting of Christ's word. It is an obvious Christian heresy. [Well, obviously, since if you were Christian, you wouldn't be a Muslim, and if you were Muslim, you wouldn't be Christian and having your religion called heretical by Christians is not going to make you stop believing in Islam, if you had already considered Christianity and rejected it.] Islam outright contradicts itself in many many places. Talmudic Judaism is also a Christian heresy. There are some sincere Jews that are unfortunately on the Talmudic path and that is holding the Jews together. Meanwhile 90% of them are just as degenerate as Christians. There are a few Muslims out there that genuinely worship and honour God even if they follow the words of a demon-possessed psychopath.

John Steele:

Then according to your argument, what difference does it make? If that's really true, then it doesn't matter whether you're a Christian, a Jew or an Islamist as long as you are sincere and your heart is good, then none of this shit really matters.
No, Steele, I'm not going to get into this theological conversation. The answer to that is blindingly obvious and we're trying to have a live stream here, not a debate on whether 2 +2 = 4.
Steele at 1:08:

I look at Christianity as one of the biggest proponents of the disease of modernity. These Christians are all about accepting everything. The Baptists are accepting homosexuals. Are you saying this is OK?
It's not the church promoting this, it's weak men going along with it.

What good is the church if it is led astray? What good is it then? It's not a force standing up against it.

Does politics lead culture, or culture lead politics? Is the church promoting modernity or is the church succumbing to modernity?
I think it is a feedback loop.I don't think it is as simple as one leads the other, I think it is an interconnected thing.
The debate then becomes incoherent and Aurini dismisses Steele who asked a number of good questions that Aurini was clearly incapable of answering because he cannot defend the Catholic Church he keeps telling people to go to.

To change the culture, you change the law.

Andrew Breitbart: "Politics is downstream from culture."

Culture is downstream from law.
Law should be downstream from morality.
Morality should be downstream from religion.
Our religion should be chosen wisely and with care, for the advancement of our civilisation.
When the old religion breaks down irreparably, do not be too proud to replace it with something better that is the latest model which comes with an instructional manual and a guarantee.
If Monotheism were a car, Islam would be Monotheism Mark III.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Signs of the times

Signs of the End time

In Islam, a number of major and minor signs foretell the end of days. There is debate over whether they could occur concurrently or must be at different points in time, although Islamic scholars typically divide them into three major periods.

  1.     Sexual immorality appears among people to such an extent that they commit it openly, except that they will be afflicted by plagues and diseases unknown to their forefathers;
  2.     People cheat in weights and measures (business, trades, etc.) and are stricken with famine, calamity, and oppression as a result;
  3.    They withhold charity and hoard their wealth, and rain is withheld from the sky from them; there is rain only for animals;
  4.    They break their covenant with God and His Messenger and God enables their enemies to overpower them and take some of what is in their hands;
  5.    God causes those who do not live according to His book to fight among themselves.

Minor signs

  1.     The coming of fitna (tribulations) and removal of khushoo' (fearfulness of God, taqwah, reverence, etc.)    The coming of 30 Dajjals, each one of them presuming himself an apostle of God.
  2.      A person passing by a grave might say to another: I wish it were my abode.
  3.     The loss of honesty, and authority put in the hands of those who do not deserve it.
  4.     The loss of knowledge and the prevalence of religious ignorance.
  5.     Frequent, sudden, and unexpected deaths.
  6.     Increase in pointless killings.
  7.     Acceleration of time.
  8.     Rejection of hadith.
  9.     The spread of riba (usury, interest), zina (adultery, fornication), and the drinking of alcohol.
  10.     Widespread acceptance of music.
  11.     Pride and competition in the decoration of mosques.
  12.     Women will increase in number and men will decrease in number so much so that fifty women will be looked after by one man.
  13.     Abundance of earthquakes.
  14.     Frequent occurrences of disgrace, distortion, and defamation.
  15.     When people wish to die because of the severe trials and tribulations that they are suffering.
  16.     Jews fighting Muslims.
  17.     When paying charity becomes a burden.
  18.     Nomads will compete in the construction of very tall buildings.
  19.     Women will appear naked despite their being dressed.
  20.     People will seek knowledge from misguided and straying scholars.
  21.     Liars will be believed, honest people disbelieved, and faithful people called traitors.
  22.     The death of righteous, knowledgeable people.
  23.     The emergence of indecency (obscenity) and enmity among relatives and neighbours.
  24.     The rise of idolatry and polytheists in the community.
  25.     The Euphrates will uncover a mountain of gold.
  26.     The land of the Arabs will return to being a land of rivers and fields.
  27.     The Romans will form a majority amongst people.
  28.     People will increasingly earn money by unlawful (Haram) ways.
  29.     There will be much rain but little vegetation.
  30.     Evil people will be expelled from Al-Madinah.
  31.     Wild animals will communicate with humans, and humans will communicate with objects.
  32.     Lightning and thunder will become more prevalent.
  33.     There will be a special greeting for people of distinction.
  34.     Trade will become so widespread that a woman will help her husband in business.
  35.     No truly honest man will remain and no one will be trusted.
  36.     Only the worst people will be left; they will not know any good nor forbid any evil (i.e. No one will say there is no God but Allah).
  37.     Nations will call each other to destroy Islam by any and every means.
  38.     Islamic knowledge will be passed on, but no one will follow it correctly.
  39.     Muslim rulers will come who do not follow the guidance and tradition of the Sunnah. Some of their men will have the hearts of devils in a human body.
  40.     Stinginess will become more widespread and honorable people will perish.
  41.     A man will obey his wife and disobey his mother, and treat his friend kindly while shunning his father.
  42.     Voices will be raised in the mosques.
  43.     The leader of a people will be the worst of them.
  44.     People will treat a man with respect because they fear the evil he could do.
  45.     Much wine will be drunk.
  46.     Muslims shall fight against a nation who wear shoes made of hair and with faces like hammered shields, with red complexions and small eyes.
  47.     The emergence of the Sufyani within the Syria region.
  48.     The truce and joint Christian-Muslim campaign against a common enemy, followed by al-Malhama al-Kubra (Armageddon), a Christian vs. Muslim war.
  49.     The Black Standard will come from Khorasan, nothing shall turn them back until it is planted in Jerusalem.
  50.     Quran will be forgotten and no one will recall its verses.
  51.     All Islamic knowledge will be lost to the extent that people will not say "La Illaha Ila Allah" (There is no God, but Allah), but instead old people will babble without understanding, "Allah, Allah".
  52.      People will fornicate in the streets "like donkeys".
  53.     The first trumpet blow will be sounded by Israfil, all that is in heaven and earth will be stunned and die except what God wills, and silence will envelop everything for forty undetermined periods of time.
  54.     There will be disagreement concerning succession. Then a man will emerge from Madina. He will hurry to Makkah, and the people of Makkah will come out to him and urge him and try to force him to accept the Bai'aa.
  55.     There are two groups of ummah whom Allah will free from the fire: The group that invades India, and the group that will be with Isa bin Maryam.

Last of the minor signs, and which will signal the coming of the 10 Major signs

    The Appearance of the Mahdi.

Major signs

Following the second period, the third will be marked by the ten major signs known as alamatu's-sa'ah al-kubra (the major signs of the end). They are as follows:

  1.     The false messiah—anti-Christ, Masih ad-Dajjal—shall appear with great powers as a one-eyed man with his right eye blind and deformed like a grape. Although believers will not be deceived, he will claim to be God, to hold the keys to heaven and hell, and will lead many astray. In reality, his heaven is hell, and his hell is heaven. The Dajjal will be followed by seventy thousand Jews of Isfahan wearing Persian shawls.
  2.     The return of Isa (Jesus), from the fourth sky, to kill Dajjal.
  3.     Ya'jooj and Ma'jooj (Gog and Magog), a Japhetic tribe of vicious beings who had been imprisoned by Dhul-Qarnayn, will break out. They will ravage the earth, drink all the water of Lake Tiberias, and kill all believers in their way. Isa, Imam Al-Mahdi, and the believers with them will go to the top of a mountain and pray for the destruction of Gog and Magog. God eventually will send disease and worms to wipe them out.
  4.     A huge black cloud of smoke will cover the earth.
  5.     Dabbat al-ard, or the beast that will come out of the ground to talk to people.
  6.     The sun will rise from the west.
  7.     Three sinkings of the earth, one in the east,
  8.     One in the west,
  9.     And one in Arabia.
  10.     The second blow of the trumpet will be sounded, the dead will return to life, and, out of Yemen, will come a fire that shall gather all to Mahshar Al Qiy'amah (The Gathering for Judgment).

Other signs

  1.     Mecca will be attacked and the Kaaba will be destroyed.
  2.     A pleasant breeze will blow from the south that shall cause all believers to die peacefully.

Thoughts on speeding up the process of Jews considering the validity of my claim to be their Messiah

My Nakba Day/Israel Independence Day Idea for WORLD PEACE 

My proposed talk on Nakba Day (15 May 2012) for the British Nationalist Friends of Palestine 

How to solve the problem of Israel 

Claire Khaw's aphorisms on God and Religion

Secular Koranism is the antidote to anti-Semitism 

How Jews can stop themselves from being hated by calling for Israel to become a theocracy

My public letter to Lord Sacks

My questions for Rabbi Sacks which I hope he will answer 

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Rabbi Sacks and Rabbi Meir Soloveichik on Atheism, Fundamentalism and the Future of Faith

Rabbi Sacks for belief in the Abrahamic God, Richard Dawkins for atheist degeneracy

Friday, 15 September 2017

My questions for Rabbi Sacks which I hope he will answer

Is there a lecture on The Relevance of the Koran for Law and Ethics in Society Today? If not, is there one to come?

Has Rabbi Sacks read the Koran?

Why did China decline? The way all civilisations decline, when they stopped being outward looking, started breaking their own rules and no longer allowed free speech. The advisers of the emperor were traditionally were allowed to speak their mind, but later they were tortured for doing so.
The Mandate of Heaven was in fact a theocracy, was it not?

The Abrahamic God is the most powerful idea conceivable, and this was what the West worshipped. But so too is the Islamic God the Abrahamic God. What went wrong for them?
"During the twelfth century, nevertheless, there were still attempts to use rational and deductive reasoning. In Muslim Spain, for instance, Averroes (aka Ibn Rushd, 1126-1198 CE), one of the founders of secular reasoning in Europe, refused to accept the closing of the Gates of Ijtihad. He continued to use Arabic translations of classical Greek sources, and preferred strictly rational methods to decide matters in contention. As in the Muslim world the Gates of Ijtihad had been closed, however, his rulings proved unacceptable."

Western hegemony is based on Western military supremacy, the idea of full-spectrum global dominance - a US military doctrine. Niall Ferguson, mentioned by Rabbi Sacks, "now distances himself from the neocons".

Western military supremacy was of course achieved through warfare amongst European nations. The more you fight, the better you get at it. Scientific advance is always accompanied through warfare because necessity is the mother of invention. Not only did Christians conduct the Crusades against Muslims, they massacred each other too in the European Wars of Religion. After having started two World Wars, military supremacy inevitably followed.

"The place in the world where Christianity is growing fastest today is China" - Communism is materialist which means it is an ideology that does not take into account abstracts us as spirituality and contentment. Things and resources being finite and our desires infinite, demand will always outstrip supply and cause greed, envy, anger, conflict, division and perhaps eventually the disintegration of the group. Perhaps it will not be long before the Chinese establish their very own Church of China?

If your proposition is that the West is most successful because it worshiped the most powerful God, what happened to the Muslims who also worshiped the same God? It seems that all adherents of Abrahamic faiths have at some time in their histories lost their way after breaking their own rules. When Jews broke their own rules they suffered invasion, conquest and exile. I am sure this applies to all the other Abrahamic faiths. Christians have now so utterly forgotten their Christian principles they no longer talk about sin or hell and indeed are no longer even Christian and should be more accurately described as Post-Christian. In 2014, it was discovered that the Archbishop of Canterbury is so theologically ignorant that he did not even know that he was supposed to believe in the Trinity, the indispensable ingredient of being Christian. This was when he confessed to sometimes doubting God existed, but was absolutely sure about the existence of Jesus, as if that were enough.
It seems from his utterly imbecilic comment that he was not even aware that neither Jews nor Muslims denied the existence of Jesus.

Rabbi Sacks mentioned morality and the law and discussed the problem of what we should do when the law entitles us to do that which we know to be immoral.


1) What should we do when we know our government is promoting policies that we know to be evil because they undermine the institutions of marriage and the family such as no fault divorce, the civil partnership, gay marriage as well as encouraging transgenderism in primary school children?

2) Is our government being actively evil, or just confused and misguided?

3) If our government is evil, then it must be overthrown. If it is merely confused and misguided, is decades of policies promoting sexual liberation in an environment of indiscriminate universal suffrage the cause of this confusion?

4) Is it possible for these policies to be corrected under the current political system?

5) If we come to the conclusion that it not possible for these policies to be corrected under the current political system, what should we do?

6) If our solution to the problems created by policies designed to promote sexual liberation and gender confusion as well as undermine the institutions of marriage and family is not allowed under the current political system, will we be accused of extremism?

7) If we are accused of extremism, bigotry, intolerance and hate speech, what should we do?

8) Are we governed by Amalekites if our government promotes policies that break all the principles of the Noahide laws?

9) Do Jews have a religious duty to exterminate Amalekites or at the very least denounce them?

10) If someone comes along claiming to have a solution to these problems, should this person be regarded as a potential Mashiach even if they are neither male nor Jewish, but possibly descended from King David who had 700 wives and 300 concubines?

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Why John Collins calls Millennial Woes a "pimp" and an "emotional manipulator"

The awful truth is that the alt-right represent the lower orders. For all the usual social reasons of snobbery and expecting the poor, lowly and uneducated to suffer, their complaints would be dismissed anyway. Also there has in British political life disappeared all sense of noblesse oblige in the political classes. Since the Tories do not get the proletariat supporting them, they don't feel they owe them anything. Labour might just care about you say if you are a member of a trade union - what is called the aristocracy of labour. If you are unskilled manual labour like most of these unemployed and unemployable subscribers to Millennial Woes, then forget it. At least I care enough about them to tell them exactly what the problem is, while Millennial Woes is only interested in keeping up the number of his subscribers and pandering to them rather than telling them the scale of what needs to change for any improvement to come about.When I try to air these issues, he censors me, forbids to ask him questions and forbids his followers on to ask questions about me on pain of being blocked. Recently he has also blocked me on

Sadly for the unskilled urban proletariat, even their putative leaders exploit them. 

When you compare the community and culture of Jews, Muslims and other races with what passes for culture in the godless white urban unskilled proletariat, you know what these vulnerable young men - fatherless, barely educated, barely employable, socially awkward and prone to depression - are up against.

It really is like tipping a cripple out of his wheelchair and ordering him climb a mountain.

Millennial Woes predicts and expects race war within ten years and expects them to fight and win it.

The worst betrayal they suffered was at the hands of the Labour Party, however.  They have been all but utterly abandoned by the party that was supposed to look after their interests because Labour is now stuffed with feminazis who despise these beta male victims of feminism and are only interested in warehousing and sweeping them under the carpet out of the way and criminalising them if they dare to complain.

Courageous Jewish men - Keith Joseph and Maurice Glasman - have said what was needed to be said, but the result of doing that was that they had their careers destroyed by the feminazis and their running dogs and of course no support at all from the antisemitic proles whose behaviour they were ultimately trying to correct.

Millennial Woes: Do not follow him to ruin by John Collins  - 25 August 2017
Contains messages referring to the ex-girlfriend of Millennial Woes
This so-called "emotional abuse" Woes is alleged to have inflicted on her is probably no more than neglect and indifference. It seems his ex now has a man interested in her but she still regards Woes as the more interesting man and is therefore prioritising him. For this reason, it appears, this man has now gone running to Collins in order to embarrass Woes. If I am wrong in my analysis, no doubt someone will correct me.

Why I called Millennial Woes a pimp by John Collins  - 26 August 2017

When I spoke to John Collins on 27 August I had not seen his video of 25 August 2017.

My comments on The Poisonous Mantra of Individualism by Mark Collett

Collectivism just means the ability to co-operate with each other and being prepared to follow a leader. That's all it means. Sadly, many nationalists are so demoralised they don't want a leader because they cannot be the leader, or know who is likely to be the leader and don't want to follow him.

If you look at a wolf pack, it would have an alpha male leader. This reluctance to even have a leader is something I have noticed in nationalists for quite a few years now. Having a leader means having to follow him, and having to follow him means embarking on a journey into unchartered territory, and most of them would rather stay home playing their video games or making YouTube videos.

The string that ties those sticks together Mark Collett was referring to  - that would be religion. Muslims have the string of Islam tying their sticks together and Jews have the string of Judaism tying their sticks together. Christians - or more accurately post-Christians - have the string of feminism and sexual liberation tying their sticks together, and it has already broken.

The foreign hordes believe in traditional marriage and the family and of course a group ideology called religion eg Judaism, Islam etc to keep them all together and a step ahead of the others. Sadly for Christians who started two World Wars, they have all rather had the stuffing knocked out of them after indulging in a post-war binge on wine, women and song and are now so hung over they can't think straight. All the things that would have kept Britain competitive ie selective education, laws that support marriage - instead of sink schools and gay marriage  - do not appear to be the concern of nationalists. Indeed, nationalists do not appear to be able to discuss these topics because they are almost all bachelors not interested in issues of parenting or anything at a practical level concerned with the next generation that might engage the attention of people outside nationalism.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Conclusive evidence that Christianity is kaput

Blame feminism, not Jews

In our matriarchy, the Jew is lower in status to the fornicating slut, because even the privileged Jew dares not criticise her

Jews are also victims of the matriarchy

How Dame Judi Dench could play Claire Khaw at 83


The Judge Who Gagged Me

Why the West HATES and is DESTROYING Itself

Monday, 11 September 2017

Would Thomas Hobbes have approved of a Caliphate?

What is the most interesting thing about Hobbes?

It could be argued that Hobbes supported a Caliphate.

Hobbes was not Muslim, was he?

No, but a Caliphate would be in harmony with the conditions he says are necessary for an absolute monarch."The institution of Churches, popes, priests, pastors, and theologians--who possess power and knowledge that is supposedly founded upon authority outside of the sovereign's domain (i.e. the authority of God and revealed religion)--creates a chasm in the power structure of the Leviathan. A subject's knowledge and obedience is split between two heads of the commonwealth, and this will lead, as Hobbes has repeatedly argued, to civil war. [He was of course thinking of the English Civil War.] As such a situation is against the laws of nature--in that it puts safety in danger--it is against the word of God for religious authority and civil authority to be split into two bodies. Thus the sovereign must also be the head of all religion.""the term caliph came into use as a title of the civil and religious head of the Muslim state."

How do you know Hobbes would not have supported British values?

According to Ofsted, 'fundamental British values' are democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith, which contradicts the absolute monarchy Hobbes advocated.

Monarchy as the Best Form of Government [I think he means dictatorship]
Hobbes promoted that monarchy is the best form of government and the only one that can guarantee peace. In some of his early works, he only says that there must be a supreme sovereign power of some kind in society, without stating definitively which sort of sovereign power is best. In Leviathan, however, Hobbes unequivocally argues that absolutist monarchy is the only right form of government. In general, Hobbes seeks to define the rational bases upon which a civil society could be constructed that would not be subject to destruction from within. Accordingly, he delineates how best to minimize discord, disagreement, and factionalism within society—whether between state and church, between rival governments, or between different contending philosophies. Hobbes believes that any such conflict leads to civil war. He holds that any form of ordered government is preferable to civil war. Thus he advocates that all members of society submit to one absolute, central authority for the sake of maintaining the common peace. In Hobbes’s system, obedience to the sovereign is directly tied to peace in all realms. The sovereign is empowered to run the government, to determine all laws, to be in charge of the church, to determine first principles, and to adjudicate in philosophical disputes. For Hobbes, this is the only sure means of maintaining a civil, peaceful polity and preventing the dissolution of society into civil war.

 Are you saying Hobbes would have supported a theocracy?

When accused of atheism, Hobbes denied it. On his deathbed he said he "liked the religion of the Church of England best of all other."

23rd minute at  He also says the sovereign should have the last word on religious matters and be head of of all religion.

"We are to consider now what office in the Church those persons have who, being civil sovereigns, have embraced also the Christian faith?" to which the answer is: "Christian kings are still the supreme pastors of their people, and have power to ordain what pastors they please, to teach the Church, that is, to teach the people committed to their charge."

Such is a Caliph.

Hobbes was a Christian. Why would he support a Muslim theocracy rather than a Christian theocracy, as you claim?

It does not appear that Hobbes was aware of Islam at all. Obviously, he had never heard of a Caliphate. A Caliph is a title of the civil and religious head of the Muslim state, which would have suited him down to the ground. You must understand that he thought the clergy had too much influence. Islam has no clergy at all and relies on the Koran to maintain morality. The closest Islam has to a clergy is the judiciary.

"Hobbes believed that endless trouble and civil strife was caused by clerical pretensions - whether those of puritan fundamentalists, papal supremacists or divine right episcopalians. Hobbes wanted the clergy deprived of all independent power and kept on a short leash, strictly subordinate to the state."

Now, are you finally persuaded that Hobbes would have taken to Islam like a duck to water?

According to Hobbes, we should neither obey a government nor support a political system that leads us into war and does not protect us from predation by other nations

Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan is of course the Nation State offering protection to its citizens in return for their obedience. When we no longer believe that our government is acting in our interests, in the national interest or the interests of our descendants, then it is time to question its legitimacy.

Western governments do not support the institutions of marriage and the family because its politicians are incapable of thinking beyond the next election, always less than five years away.

That well-meaning politicians like Trump who win by the rules of democracy cannot really win because the deep state will act to block and isolate him is a sign that the current system is dysfunctional and that he is not in charge.

Not only is the first alt-right President of America not in charge, neither are the rest of our leaders who seem to be mostly childless men or women with no biological investment in the future. They cannot be trusted to lead or govern, can they?

We no longer know what Trump is doing or why he is doing it and the most obvious explanation is that American sabre-rattling against North Korea is intended to bounce the South Koreans into buying US arms and putting up with US-organised military manoeuvres designed to keep up the tension in order to prompt more arms sales.

The only nations in the world that are acting in their national interest and not trying to shove the abomination of gay marriage up the collective sphincter of its people are one-party states like China and Iran or Muslim states like Saudi Arabia.

If our rotten political system is not capable of being reformed under currently available mechanisms, then it must be replaced, so that we, its citizens and our descendants are protected from war by an increasingly demented international order apparently determined to start one.

Britain as a liberal democracy twice declared war on Germany leading to the loss of its world empire, reducing its populace to being citizens of a nation that is currently begging to keep its vassal state status to the EU and the US.

Hobbes believed there should be a supreme authority and absolute monarchy. This must mean Hobbes would support the Caliphate, which is a constitutional dictatorship. That he would support what is now called "British values" by our political classes, which is in fact Transnational Progressivism, is laughable.

Men who condone extramarital sex and gay marriage while refusing to support traditional marriage

Fornication is a mortal sin and treated as a sexual offence in the Koran attracting corporal punishment of 100 lashes.

British men are now so degenerate that even the men of the Traditional Britain Group cannot bring themselves to support traditional values. Indeed, it is rumoured that John Kersey, its Vice President, is about to sire illegitimate offspring.

Fornication is a mortal sin and the gateway to bastardy, and bastardy is the gateway to degeneracy, delinquency, criminality and the decline and fall of your civilisation. For these reasons, it must be punished in this life by the government as prescribes, or our degeneracy will be terminal as well as irreversible and the the angels to weep for us.

Matthew 13:49-50, "So it will be at the end of the age; the angels shall come forth, and take out the wicked from among the righteous. 50 and will cast them into the furnace of fire; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth."

Such men will fall under one or more of the following categories.

a) His mother is an unmarried mother.

b) He is an unmarried father.

c) He is is currently having sex with a fornicating slut.

d) He is hoping to have sex with a fornicating slut.

e) If he is a none of the above, he will be afraid to offend fornicating sluts and men who fall under these categories, who are the overwhelming majority of men and women in his society.

f) He is not masculine enough to defend the patriarchal moral values necessary for a patriarchy.

g) He is an atheist and believes that by the time the shit hits the fan he will be long gone or, he believes God will forgive him for ignoring his religious duty to exterminate the Amalekite if he is a Jew, or to forbid evil if he is Muslim.

h) He belongs to the Western liberal political establishment whose voters fall into categories above.

i) He is anti-establishment and criticising the Western liberal political establishment ie alt-right but also morally compromised, falling into one or more of the categories above.

j) He is a degenerate living in a degenerate culture whose morals have been corrupted by half a century of degenerate feminism.

k) He cannot bear the vices of his civilisation nor their cure - Secular Koranism.

Should MCSF and SPOSSM bachelors be treated as second class citizens?