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Lord Jonathan Sacks on Islam; terror and extremism. (June2015)

Reflections on 'Sapiens' & 'The Strange Death of Europe'

Libertarian meetup and social at the Barley Mow, Westminster on 30 September 2017


London Libertarians Meetup & Social - All welcome!

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Competition: Whoever creates the best Libertarian meme (post in comments below) will win a bottle of wine at the meetup.
Rules: The meme must be your own, you must attend the meetup to claim the prize. The winner will be decided by a vote of those attending the meetup. In the event of a tie, Libertarian Party officers will choose a winner.
Claire Khaw Libertarians: unable to organise a piss up in a brewery.
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London Libertarians Well there are a lot of health and safety forms to complete these days.
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Claire Khaw Libertarians: spoilt brats who want to be different from liberals but without their organisational skills.
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Claire Khaw Why are there so female libertarians? Because the quality of the libertarian male is so abysmal.
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Claire Khaw Libertarianism: it will never catch on because the leaders of libertarian parties in rigged Western democracies are charisma free zones.
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Claire Khaw Libertarianism: controlled opposition in a rigged political system.
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Claire Khaw Libertarians are never social conservatives because they don't get it that it is female voters who vote for more laws to protect them from their own stupidity and higher taxes to be paid by men.
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Claire Khaw You are more likely to get a smaller state and fewer laws in a theocracy. Stefan Molyneux - a libertarian - himself said so.
Claire Khaw and Stefan Molyneux discuss whether law should conform to morality and if so which morality and why. ...
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Claire Khaw The only way libertarians can get fewer laws and lower taxes is to abolish the welfare state and narrow the franchise to taxpayers only.
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Claire Khaw My view is that a one party theocracy is the solution to all your problems.
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Claire Khaw A one party theocracy governed by the principles of Secular Koranism would be the effective and long term solution to Western politics being taken over by feminists. A theocracy a day keeps the feminazis away!
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Secular Koranism
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Claire Khaw Secular Koranism would give citizens the constitutional right *not* to pay more than a flat rate income tax of 20%.
In Islamic tradition, khums (Arabic: خمس‎‎ Arabic pronunciation: [xums], literally 'one fifth') refers to the historically required religious obligation of any Muslim army to pay one-fifth of the spoils of war, the money collected from non-believers after a military campaign; this tax was paid to th...
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Claire Khaw As part of my plan to narrow the franchise, the low waged would be relieved of the burden of paying taxes and of voting. 

If you are low waged you are of low talent or low intelligence which means you don't deserve the vote, or haven't quite made it yet, in which case you still don't deserve the vote until you do. 

The welfare state would have to go. If you don't accept that, you are not really a libertarian.

If you accept that but won't talk about it because you think saying that would upset the ladies and frighten the welfare-dependent, then you are too cowardly to be a libertarian.

In any case, why be a libertarian when they are mostly charisma-free zones who don't get it that we now live in a nanny state run by feminiazis put there by feminism? 

Libertarians are invariably believe in sexual liberation and are therefore part of the problem. 

Sexual liberation means political subjection to those you are having sex with ie women who are feminists and sexually promiscuous. 

Slut-shaming would sort them out, but that would mean there would be fewer women prepared to be sluts thereby raising the cost of sex for men who want to have recreational sex with women they are not married to.

Men are primarily motivated by sex and will do anything for sex including marry and have children.
In human sexuality, slut-shaming is a form of social stigma applied to people, especially women and girls, who are perceived to violate traditional expectations for sexual behaviors. Some examples of circumstances wherein women are slut-shamed include violating dress code policies by dressing in per...
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Claire Khaw I would be happy to explain this all to you in greater detail if you do not quite understand, but I am afraid I cannot see you all on Saturday as I have a previous engagement.

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