Saturday, 25 November 2017

Bishop Ashenden shakes his head at "the total and utter capitulation" of the Archbishop of Canterbury to the secularists

But if men speak out, they will invariably be accused of a historic sexual offence against the rule of evidence mentioned in  Deuteronomy 19:15 that these two smug-looking well-fed men did not see fit to remind viewers about.

There would be a presumption of guilt entirely contrary to criminal standard of proof required to find an accused guilty of a crime.

In our stinking matriarchy, the woman is automatically believed, and the man automatically disbelieved.

Did you notice how proud the American was when he announced that his daughter asked him what was for dinner? That cuck was obviously proud that he had a daughter to boss him around. Can we expect such men to defend any principle other than weekly weakly?

When will the Post-Christian acknowledge that Christianity has already failed?

Will they pretend to each other that it does not replacing till the day they die leaving the clueless next generation to pick up the pieces? Looks like it.


Melanie Phillips:


America is fundamentally a Jewish country in the way Britain is not.

"The Church of England is basically a con-trick."

Melanie Phillips talks about Church of England from 1:16.

Could Gavin Ashenden be that "turbulent priest" mentioned by Melanie Phillips at 1:21? I asked her who this turbulent priest was and her response was to block me on Twitter.

Friday, 24 November 2017

It is a mistake to think civic nationalism has failed, when it has not even been tried

"I used to believe as long as we judge others as individuals, the world would become a better place regardless of our differences.

I used to believe collectivism was characteristic of the feeble-minded, unenlightened and possibly racist.

I used to believe immigrants to our country would assimilate to our culture if we just gave them the opportunity.

I used to be naïve about human nature; I used to be a civic nationalist and so I began to question this belief of mine. I began to question why only white countries have the moral obligation to live in this experimental diversity.

I began to question why Americans living in the land of the free were forbidden the freedom of association. [Why did no one white American protest against this infringement of their constitutional right?]

I began to question why the same groups of people that benefit from our country's altruism are allowed to collectivise in our borders in peace, yet any semblance of white collectivism is considered a form of supremacy.

I began to question why I have to morally justify the continuation of my people. I am no longer a civic nationalist. I am no longer a civic nationalist because demographic matters.

I am no longer a civic nationalist because in our majority white country, it's considered controversial just to say "It's OK to be white."

I am no longer a civic nationalist because if the United States were to close its borders tomorrow, whites will still become a minority in the next fifty years.

I am no longer a civic nationalist because in a world of collectivism, individualism is suicidal.

I am no longer a civic nationalist because I won't stand by as whites become minorities in their own homelands just so I can selfishly claim at the end of it all that at least I was an individualist.

And I have a dream that one day, whites will be equally permitted to live in their own countries as others do.

I am no longer a civic nationalist and I'm not sorry about it."

A most interesting discussion I had with Jews about Zionism before I was removed from the group and blocked by @TorahLectures on Twitter

[3:04 PM, 11/23/2017] TORAH LECTURES:

Zionism did hack Judaism. It creates bitul Torah while making people think that they're doing mitzvot. This is not Judaism.
Definitely! Among other things

I won't be surprised if people leave this group for stating that Zionism is bitul Torah but this is 100% truth.

Isn’t Torah meant to unite not divide

Torah is our life purpose. That's why a Jew is in this world. If another Jew is not living a life of Torah, although he thinks he is, isn't our job, yours and mines, to bring them to the truth. That is caring for another Jew.

Yes but by keeping them closer there is a better chance

But why do u feel we are dividing with what we said? This doesn't contradict our love to all Jews. It's exactly our love bringing us to try and help others see the mistake made. Unfortunately Zionism us not Judaism. Zionism was created to destroy Judaism. Many need education in the topic because the Zionist movement was more successful at it's purpose than was reform and conservative groups (lol aleinu). Please watch the videos with an open mind. My family all served the Israeli army. I don't like Arabs or March with them but I know that even though it's more comfortable in today's time to be a Zionist, we aren't Jews because we do what's comfortable for us. We do what is right. So educate yourselves. We don't contradict love and unity.

Nicely said.

But look at the numbers of yeshiva students in Israel. It is at all time high. Clearly this is a by product of zionism.

I don't understand where u got that conclusion. Can you explain?

Let me ask you: Where did these students come from originally?

Who are you asking? And which students

Am asking you. The students in yeshivot. Once you work out the answer you will understand where I got the conclusion.

Where did they come from. From Avraham avinu  Can u specify

The students came from outside Israel as their families immigrated there

Without the zionist movement Meir, Ponovitz, Aish... would not be in Israel.

Today the Israeli government allows the haredim,  yeshivot to flourish by ensuring roads,  electricity, supermarkets exist

Last point : we have to love the Jewish people in its entirety. Shlomo Hamelech teaches that with the bet hamikdash. Either through the 13 gates or through the 3 metals: bronze silver and gold

So yes I thank H all the time for the Zionists

One last thought before Shabbat (coming in in 8 hours and a bit for me). Here is a test for any Torah thought or argument: think about Etz Chaim Hi that we say around akba and closing of the aachon.

ALL ITS PATHS LEAD TO PEACE AND PLEASANTNESS. If the thought, idea or argument does not pass this test then sorry to say it is not Torah.

And by the way I think "rebuke" passes this test but rebuke is so hard that most it is hardly use of at all. So you could rebuke the hijackers of Judaism but that would for sure lead to chilul H. So there is another way and it goes through the three Ts: Tefila,  Tzedaka and Teshuva. So please pray for the hijackers and give them benefit of the doubt.


To Rabbi Ahron Cohen's argument that Judaism is thousands of years old but Zionism only about 100 years old, it could be argued that Zionism was merely the political expression of a desire for return, and this desire must have been felt as soon as the expulsion had taken place, even if the term Zionism was not coined till about 100 years ago.

The Neturei Karta view appears to be that Jews must take as they find. If the people already there are already leading settled lives, then returning Jews must fit in as best they can with things as they are, without imposing their preferences. 

Since they are Palestinian Arabs, they would predictably prefer sharia, I pointed out to Rabbi Cohen of Neturei Karta above when I spoke to him on the phone. His resonse was that Jews have been living in Iran for centuries under sharia and have not been as badly treated there as they have been in Christian countries. It seems obvious to me that God if He exists must intend returning Jews to live in a theocracy. In other words, it is only as a theocracy that Israel will have the blessing of God, and I speak as an agnostic. It cannot be otherwise since God can hardly regard with favour His Chosen People living in an Israel that is in effect a US protectorate when American imperialism is now so globally reviled and its policy of imposing gay marriage globally widely resented.

Christianity has now failed in the West, and its replacement can only be Islam, in my view, because there is nothing else.  It certainly cannot be Hinduism or Buddhism, and Judaism is for Jews only. It certainly cannot be the religion of gay marriage or the religion of the gender neutral toilet and pronoun, because that would mean that laws in the West do not conform to the Noahide Laws. 
If the laws of the West do not conform to the Noahide Laws then its people and politicians must be latter day Amaleks. Jews have a religious duty to exterminate Amaleks or at the very least suppress the ideology that it operates on which is antithetical to the Noahide laws.

Since Israel is being claimed by all three Abrahamic faiths, it would be rational to choose the one that can accommodate all three most fairly.  Jewish scripture does not address the problem of the existence of Christianity, and Christian scripture does not address the problem of the existence of Islam. It is only the Koran that guarantees religious freedom of with and gives the People of the Book a privileged status over and above the other world religions.

It even goes half way towards accommodating the Christians by acknowledging the Virgin Birth while denying the Trinity.

Having read the Koran, I can find no legal principle in it that as far as I know ought to be found objectionable by a reasonable Jew or Christian. Koranic punishments are certainly less harsh than Old Testament punishments and its laws more clearly stated than the New Testament. 

It therefore appears that Islam is the Goldilocks religion that could before too long one day be seen to be fair enough . Were my little idea to be adapted in Israel, then this would give the West more of a reason to adopt Islam or at any rate my intentionally liberal interpretation of it which nevertheless allows the verses to be interpreted literally.

If Islam is "Judaism Lite", then my interpretation of the Koran is intended to be "Islam Lite" allowing Jews, Christians and Muslims to be better Jews, Christians and Muslims and encouraging better government and better government policies than what we are currently enjoying.

Currently, observant Jews, Christians and Muslims are living in a culture that is obviously antithetical to their religious principles as well as those of their parents and grandparents who lived in a more morally orderly age.

If this idea were to be adopted, a potentially revolutionary and benign political ideology could in time correct the mistakes of the past, if Christians can be persuaded that their religion has failed and democrats persuaded that liberal democracy AKA transnational progressivism AKA feminism AKA sexual liberation only encourages their internal enemies and enrages their external enemies.

Rabbi mizrachi, a sefardi, also knows why my family was killed in Auschwitz
He’s no source

A Sephardi? What does that have to do with anything

How does he have the nerve to know the reason the holocaust happened
He is shunned and banned by most communities for his outlandish speeches

im sorry but that's false

Google his name , there are so many real tzadikim why do we have to quote a YouTube star
Quote the Lubavitcher rebbe, Moshe Feinstein , Rabbi Eliashiv

Jews that promote peace and love

Rabbi Mizrachi did not say the Holocaust did not happen. He merely said the Orthodox Jews definition of who is a Jew is much narrower than the Nazi definition of who is a Jew, which is rather wider, and it is for this reason that the numbers were inflated. He also said assimilated liberal Jews are as detestable to the gentile as the Orthodox observant Jew and being liberal and assimilating will not make the goyim hate you less. This must be true, because gentiles are divided between Liberal and Conservative, and when they become too liberal, they become failed states and when they become a failed state, everyone suffers.

He said it happened because we all sinned

And because the women in the gas chambers were walking immodestly

And not covered up


"A controversial ultra-Orthodox rabbi based in New York has said that fewer that one million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, claiming most of those counted among the usually cited figure of six million were not Jewish according to rabbinical law." “If your grandfather from your father’s side was Jewish, and the rest were non-Jews, [you went] to the gas chambers. They also put in the wives of Jews that were entirely non Jewish. If she hid him, or they were hidden by non-Jews, if they caught them, they killed them also,” he said in an apparent reference to the Nazis’ definition of Jewishness, which sufficed with a single Jewish grandparent.

In a lecture posted in 2013 titled “Why Did The Holocaust Happen? Torah Codes, Having Faith in God No Matter What,” Mizrachi suggested the behavior of non-religious Jews as a cause for Nazi atrocities and warned that slack observance could bring about “further tragedy.”

Hitler in Mein Kampf often conflated the Jew with the Liberal.

First, therefore, [the Jew] goes about making up to the people for his previous sins against them. He begins his career as the 'benefactor' of mankind. Since his new benevolence has a practical foundation, that the left hand should not know what the right hand giveth; no, whether he likes it or not, he must reconcile himself to letting as many people as possible know how deeply he feels the sufferings of the masses and all the sacrifices that he himself is making to combat them. 
But even more: all at once the Jew also becomes liberal and begins to rave about the necessary progress of mankind.
-Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf)

Earlier this year, Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi apologized for one particularly offensive statement he made on several occasions. But he has voiced, both before and since that apology, many things that reduce complex issues to simplistic and misleading sound bites. He has also repeatedly arrogated to “know” why unfortunate things happen to various people and has presented subtle statements of Chazal in superficial and deceptive ways.

That method may entertain and even stimulate some audiences, but it does no justice to the Jewish mesorah. And, especially with the worldwide audience enjoyed by any public speech these days, misleading assertions even when offered with the best of intentions, are particularly objectionable, and even dangerous.

why you're bringing up the Koran. It's written in the iq of like a first grader and has so.many mistakes. No way it's G-d given

So I don't even understand why it's bring brought up in a Torah lectures group

I know you don't agree with the Koran but I was just saying that it appears to be Zionist!

And We said after Pharaoh to the Children of Israel, "Dwell in the land, and when there comes the promise of the Hereafter, We will bring you forth in [one] gathering."

Plus they have so many versions even if one was real ever (wasn't but imagine) we'd never know which anyway

I doubt it's Zionist

Because all it talks about is killing the Jews. That's not so Zionist

I mean guessing u are talking about the version im talking about lol


It sounds like the Koran is acknowledging the right of Jews to be in Israel. Just concentrate on 17:104. What do the words mean? What do you think it means? What do they think it means?
I don't know any verse in the Koran that tells Muslims to kill Jews.

I think that he wrote one thing here and the opposite there. Doesn't really matter cuz Arabs don't read it they just preach hate to invite terror on the Jews

Just like Nazis claim Jews are allowed to molest kids at age 3

Or the ridiculous rumor Jews eat blood for Passover

You could as an Islamic scholar what that verse means. I can't find anything about it online except a few badly written articles that don't make much sense.

The nonsense is endless
I'm not interested enough. I can't waste time with such a book.
So what religion do u practice if any?

I find a verse in the Koran that is favourable to Zionism, and you get aggressive with me? Have you heard of the expression of not looking a gift horse in the mouth? Maybe the others are able to give it more calm consideration than you are able to. I actually don't practise any religion but I am interested in Jewish and Muslim affairs because I think Christianity is kaput. I think Zionism was a reaction to Christianity and that Christianity is inherently anti-Semitic.

I'm not being aggressive
I just think u too are wasting time because Arabs don't care what's in their own books so why do u

Whatever the situation now, Jews were generally better treated in Muslim countries than they were in Christian countries. This is probably because Christianity is such a stupid religion they cannot ever win an argument against either Jews or Muslims so they get angry and violent and conduct the Inquisition to shut people up.

That's true it's also a ridiculous religion.
All non Jews need to be noahide
That'll give them good and blessings


Rabbi Mizrachi:

If you believe in the Torah, you will never be a liberal leftie. Never, because it is against the Torah. And if you believe in the Torah, you will never run to help your enemies, because it is against the Torah. If you believe in the Torah, you know Israel belongs to us, not to a fake nation that thirty years ago nobody knew who they are. To us! And it is written who it belongs to.

And you know what? I have even a bonus: it is also written in that fake book the Koran, that Israel belongs to us.

I am talking to the world, I know. You don't need the speech, I know that. I am sorry, but no offence, but this speech was not for you. It is more for the people who watch it later. Hopefully, here and there, we save a liberal or two. Some of them are just naive, they don't know what's going on. The Torah said: we will suffer from them until the end of time. Your detroyer will come from among you. You worry about the enemy? Iran, Iraq, Palestinian, Hamas, Hezbollah? Half of your country are liberal lefties. They do everything to destroy you in the United Nations, sponsor BDS, calling artists not to come to Israel. You know what's going on here? Do you know rich Jews sponsoring trips for NBA stars to Israel? For what reason? Why they give them private jet, hotels and food and trips all over Israel? For what? To show the world that not everyone put us on a ban.

I don't hate anybody. They hate us
I'm a nice person
I disagree with gays for example but I don't go killing them. I speak normally to them
Treat them as humans who are making mistakes

I asked two Muslims what they thought it meant and all I got was a horrified silence. Rabbi Mizrachi also mentioned it in his latest video on anti-Semitism, towards the end, but he didn't cite the verse.

So email him. He replies
I'm sure he'll answer
So are u muslim

I have heard Tel Aviv is as gay friendly as London and I have heard Rabbi Mizrachi complaining about the women who walk naked up and down the streets ...
No, I am not Muslim!


If it's any comfort to you, these days I am accused of being a Jew.

Sorry just trying to figure out who u are exactly

I am neither and I think Christianity is a stupid religion.

I see
Okay well it's special u care to research.
Most people enjoy staying blinded

I am interested in politics and after investigating Islam I am now investigating Judaism. Is this OK with you? I am afraid I like Rabbi Mizrachi because he is so entertaining, but I also like Rabbi Sacks and Rabbi Kin.

I am investigating anti-Semitism, actually.

For the purposes of my investigation, I just need to pester the Muslims for an answer about 17:104. I interpret it to mean Jews can live in Israel and would be protected by God if it is a theocracy. Does anyone ever discuss this?


I guess even if you wanted to become a theocracy, you would be afraid of the Americans withdrawing their support. If the Americans withdrew their support you would be afraid the Muslims would come and get you. But if you agreed to live under sharia then everything should be fine, in theory, because if you lived under sharia, then it would be a theocracy, and God if He exists would be pleased and bless such a theocracy where all the Abrahamic faiths would be brought forth in one gathering.

And We said after Pharaoh to the Children of Israel, "Dwell in the land, and when there comes the promise of the Hereafter, We will bring you forth in [one] gathering."

Jews, Muslims and Christians in one gathering ...

here is zero learning because of Zionism. The whole point of Zionism is to subtly remove Torah and promote Jewish pride that doesn't need Torah.

I also feel that vast majority of Torah study in Israel would not happen without the 1948 declaration. There would have been nowhere to go

Yes. Unless we do Torah and mitzvot. That is our hishtadlus and that's why it's important to bring as many Jews as possible back to Torah.

And throwing stones at people not observing shabbat will surely achieve that

Interesting because that hasn't happened in a long time. Also not speaking up and telling people will not achieve anything either.

Live and let live is not a Jewish concept. Every Jew is responsible for each other.

Yocheved is right about the Zionists having no choice in having people learn Torah. The Zionists want to stay in power and if that means letting people sit down and learn, they're kind of forced to let them. Not because they want to or should get any credit, but rather because they choose their battles wisely. In the meantime, they're trying to get as many people as possible to follow Zionism, a Torah free Zionism, and remove Torah this way.

I thought the Torah is your portable homeland. You certainly don't have to be in Israel to study the Torah and I speak as a non-Israeli and a gentile who has never visited Israel but would like to. It would be meaningless to call oneself a non-practising Jew. That would mean being neither fish nor fowl.

The point of being a practising Jew is that the practice of Judaism cements your identity. If all Jews were 100% practising, then the claims of Zionism would be irresistible . If no Jew were practicing, then the claims of Zionism would be meaningless and invalid. If only practising Jews were admitted to Israel, there would be enough land to share with the Palestinian Arabs.

But who is a Jew? This was controversial in Nazi Germany but the Torah is clear: the Jew who breaks the Sabbath is not a Jew and should be considered a gentile if the option of stoning is no longer considered practicable or humane. The question is still controversial because of the blacklisted diaspora rabbis whose certification of who is a Jew is not admitted by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

If Israel had only non-practising circumcised but gaily married Jews with their adopted or surrogate children, it would not exist as a nation in one generation because that would mean Israel itself is no longer complying with the minimum conditions of conforming to the Noahide laws. The point of the Noahide laws is the condemnation of idolatry and knowing what we already know of ancient Athens and Rome, idolatry is not a religion that preserves your civilisation well. Since the Abrahamic God is the most powerful deity conceivable, it would be rational to worship the most powerful deity whose laws are already handed down in scripture. Without the Torah, there would have been no New Testament. Without either, there would have been no Koran. Christianity must have been responsible for European behaviour, European imperialism and eventually American imperialism. Western imperialism is now being resisted by the Koran which is arguably Zionist going by 17:104. Judaism is certainly not the liberalism, feminism, democracy or gay marriage being promoted by your American protector. Because God if He exists would disapprove of your American protector, He is not allowing Israelis to have peaceful enjoyment of the land.

I'm sorry but I have to remove you from the group. We don't give validity to fake religions in this group.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

How a Jewish journalist was treated by the left for going against their groupthink. Did this happen to you too when you tried to talk sense? The left really hate it.

The left also think Jews also belong to them, but when Jews capable of thinking independently refused to conform to this expectation, the left started getting nasty.

Tweets I have received from the left:

The group most treacherous to white men appear to be the white women they are married to

Antisemitic, Islamophobic and racist Western men however prefer to blame Jews and Muslims even though it is their scripture that actually warms men to keep their women under control.

The women cannot really be blamed in the same way that children cannot be blamed if you give them charge of your household after abdicating responsibility. You cannot blame your children if you leave home for months and return to find it not in the state you would wish. Men have basically allowed feminists to run riot because they were so eager to accept the bribe of feminism: extramarital sex and fornication in particular. The chickens have come home to roost, but the men seem reluctant to acknowledge the mistake they made.

It is probably a problem of upbringing. How many of these anti-feminist anti-Semitic and Islamophobic nationalists or libtards were even parented properly, let alone told to admit their mistakes?

Remember, most nationalists have marinated in the filth of feminism all their lives. These people think extramarital sex is their human right and are simply not prepared to make the sacrifice of marriage for the next generation of white people. That is why alt-right YouTubers have been calling Nick Griffin a "dinosaur" for pointing out that they are mostly sexual deviants and he would rather his grandchildren live in a country ruled by the Koran than one ruled by openly gay alt-right YouTubers whom he described as "deviants.

Nick Griffin says he would rather have his grandchildren grow up "in a land ruled by the Koran" than by gay alt-right "deviants"

Teshuvah - Fixing Mistakes


O you who have believed, indeed, among your wives and your children are enemies to you, so beware of them. But if you pardon and overlook and forgive - then indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. 

Monday, 20 November 2017

Nick Griffin says he would rather have his grandchildren grow up "in a land ruled by the Koran" than by gay alt-right "deviants"

One cannot win a moral war using immoral means, and homosexuality and its promotion are immoral. One cannot defeat evil using tendencies which are, at root, themselves Satanic.
If the choice was between some of the repulsive creatures exposed in this book and fundamentalist Islam, then I would rather see my grandchildren grow up in a land ruled by the Koran than by these deviants.
... the time for politics is over. Liberalism, through its imposition of immigration, abortion and birth control, has already driven Western society past the demographic point of no return.  
... given that the problems of mass immigration and the Islamification of the West have at their very root a demographic crisis created by the policies and dogmas of liberalism, is it possible that they can be ‘cured’ by an additional dose of liberalism and decadence, injected into the heart of the traditionalist resistance?
Muslim groomers want your daughters; homosexual chickenhawks want your sons. How is one less evil or less dangerous to the future demography of the West? And the homosexualists and the liberals are forcing pro gay and ‘gender’ indoctrination programmes in virtually every junior school in the West to help them get them. I challenge the Alt-Right to condemn both these evils with the same vigour.

Milo’s friendship with Douglas Murray leads us to the next part of the saga of the homosexualisation of the ‘right’, specifically to the remarkable degree of ‘gay liberalism’ in the UK Independence Party. 
This is despite Ukip’s position as the main receptacle for the massive British traditionalist vote that saw Brexit as the best way to retaliate against the political elite’s entire liberal project, in which mass immigration and an obsession about LGBTQ+ issues go hand-in-hand with European Union integration as part of the left’s Long War on national identity and Christian values.

Nick Griffin on ZIONISM, which he says is a fact, not codeword

Not all Zionists are Jews. Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler, for example, were both Zionists – the former because he greatly admired Jews and believed that they had as much right to their own state as any other people; the latter because he hated them and believed they were subversive parasites who should be thrown out of Germany.


Fortunately, regardless of how many more rightists come to their senses, the attempt to turn the Western sick-joke Alt-Right into the dominant intellectual force within the 21st century ‘right’ is likely to run into the buffers of reality. It is not just that genuine Christian patriots and nationalists are waking up to what is going on and will fight back. It is also simply impossible to import homosexuals into any group without them bringing with them their scratch-your-eyes-out, handbags at dawn hostility to people with whom they fall out.


Men Going Their Own Way – or rather, young men going the way of a clique of older mentors who are either pederasts, paid provocateurs, insane, or perhaps all three – is also the hallmark of the London Forum, Western Spring and their associates in Great Britain. The same poison is also being spread in other European countries.


The Alt-Right’s Millennial and later followers are interesting, the first significant number of middle class youngsters to rebel against the left for an entire lifetime. They deserve better than ‘leaders’ who daren’t even use their own names or let even their supposed colleagues know where they live. 
Born to be the unlucky ones who bear the full brunt of the coming Collapse of the West, Generation Z deserve better than ‘leaders’ whose ideas of ‘action’ centre on pseudointellectual waffle and KYJelly.
This is no way to fight back. The dark times ahead do not call for an ‘Alt-Right’, in which ‘alt’ means ‘alternative sexuality’. They call for men who are willing to fight and know how to do it.


... every single person who actually holds their views seriously and sincerely must recognise that the promotion or tolerance of homosexuality or feminism is harmful to their own version of the cause, regardless of where on the ‘right’ it may be.

Alt-right sexual "deviants", outraged at being described as such by Nick Griffin, tweet at him: would do the job of shaming sluts and slut-fuckers very nicely indeed.

God does not change the condition of a nation unless it changes what is in its heart. When God wants to punish a people, there is no way to escape from it and no one besides God will protect them from it.

Teshuvah - Fixing Mistakes

There is really no sign that the younger generation of anti-Semites/Islamophobes/racists are getting the idea that marriage is the best way forward if you want to impose racial hygiene.

Compare the quality of the alt-right advice on how to get a girl with the one below from Rabbi Mizrachi. It is like comparing a mile to a light year, is it not?

Apart from sneering at MGTOW, there is no attempt to address the question of why men become MGTOW.

MGTOW are unmarriageable beta male victims of feminism. These men know they have no prospect of getting married or they actually don't want to marry because the idea of being the father of legitimate children is something they found profoundly unappealing, or instinctively know that they will never be able to be in a position of earning enough to be capable of attracting a rational and decent woman who might marry them.

MGTOW can be divided into the following categories:

  1. gay men who don't want to have sex with women or be fathers of legitimate children
  2. unmarriageable bachelors whom no rational or decent woman would fuck or marry
  3. divorced men who have no desire to marry again
  4. divorced men who have been financially castrated by their ex-wife or ex-wives who will never earn enough to be considered marriageable by a rational or decent woman
  5. physically attractive men and affluent with a large sex organ who want to pump and dump women for the rest of their lives because they can't be arsed with being a father of legitimate children and know they will be likely to find enough women prepared to have casual recreational sex with them

This is probably why white women will vote to block Brexit in a second referendum and would rather be raped by Muslim migrants than choose to have sex with men of their own race, let alone have the legitimate children of white men if they are going to continue being the beta male victims of feminism too afraid to say boo to their feminazis oppressors.

This is why white men are never going to get their country back. 

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Melanie Phillips on Zionism, Christianity and the draining away of the very soul of Britain

Melanie Phillips:

A lesson British Jews have not yet grasped, "being anti-Zionist does not endear you to the non-Jews.

After the Balfour Declaration, Christian Evangelism, Christian Zionism and Christianity itself started to decline in Britain.

The Church progressively devalued the Hebrew scriptures for a much vaguer understanding of the divine.

And now - surprise, surprise - the Church of England is deeply hostile to Israel, and, as a further amazing coincidence, it is also struggling to fill its pews. The Church of England is dying on its feet, and for a closely related reason: that it has lost its essential connection with the Jewish precepts of the Hebrew Bible without which Christianity is nothing.

And without Christianity, Britain, as we know it, is nothing. Or at least will become something very different indeed.

And that perhaps is the deepest lesson of all of the Balfour Declaration, that it was the high watermark not just of Evangelical Christianity, but also of British decency towards the Jews and that what has drained away since then is not that particular decency, but the soul of Britain itself."


Should one regard Britain as an ally? Yes, one should regard it as - the analogy is perhaps not quite right - as an uncle that has taken to drink and crime. And you love your uncle, and he's still your uncle, and he's family and you'll go through a jungle for your uncle, and you'll do what you can for him, but ultimately, he's into drugs and crime and that's not good and you gotta basically get him outa that. It's that kind of relationship. Is he an ally? It's like an ally the way mainland Europe is an ally. Is it an ally like America? Well, it depends which President happens to be in the Oval Office at that particular time.


I don't think Israel's government looks kindly on Brexit, everyone's very frightened by Brexit because everyone likes Britain where it can be neatly corralled as part of a bloc which is called the European Union. Like many diaspora Jews, I don't quite know exactly the proportion of Israeli politicians think this, certainly some of them think that only the European Union stands between Europe and Neo-Nazism, and that Britain leaving might precipitate the break-up of the European Union and that will lead to fascism in Europe, well, hello? Anyone looked at what's going on in Europe at the moment? This is, like, absurd. Israel can't look up from its navel to see the wider picture, in my view, which is that if you suppress people's legitimate and natural desire to express their own culture through their own democratically elected Parliament which passes its own laws and a Parliament and a government which can be thrown out by the people, if you prevent people from expressing their culture through a democracy and if you furthermore rubbish and vilify the desire to be a nation - a self-governing democratic Western nation - if you vilify that as racism, then you do get racism and people turning against minorities, you get frustration and you get what we are seeing at the moment which is the people and the rulers in Europe becoming more and more further apart. It's a very dangerous and unsettled situation. 
So would Brexit be good for Israel?   
Actually, I think it would be terrific for Israel for this reason alone: one of the reasons why Israel is so vilified by the so-called progressive forces in Britain and the West is that Israel commits three terrible crimes. 
First, of all it's a nation. 
Secondly, it's a Western nation.
Thirdly, it's an ethnic Western nation.
So it's triply damned.  
Britain leaving the European Union is similarly damned by the same forces as being motivated by racism, ethno-primitivism, nativism and all that sort of stuff. It's basically: if you leave the European Union, you're a Nazi. If you want to leave the European Union, you're a Nazi. 
When Britain leaves the European Union and becomes a nation, then it becomes much more difficult to vilify Israel for wanting to be a nation expressing its own culture through its own laws, much more difficult, and so from that point of view alone, I think that it would actually be a good thing. 



America is fundamentally a Jewish country in the way Britain is not.

"The Church of England is basically a con-trick."