Monday, 20 November 2017

Nick Griffin says he would rather have his grandchildren grow up "in a land ruled by the Koran" than by gay alt-right "deviants"

One cannot win a moral war using immoral means, and homosexuality and its promotion are immoral. One cannot defeat evil using tendencies which are, at root, themselves Satanic.
If the choice was between some of the repulsive creatures exposed in this book and fundamentalist Islam, then I would rather see my grandchildren grow up in a land ruled by the Koran than by these deviants.
... the time for politics is over. Liberalism, through its imposition of immigration, abortion and birth control, has already driven Western society past the demographic point of no return.  
... given that the problems of mass immigration and the Islamification of the West have at their very root a demographic crisis created by the policies and dogmas of liberalism, is it possible that they can be ‘cured’ by an additional dose of liberalism and decadence, injected into the heart of the traditionalist resistance?
Muslim groomers want your daughters; homosexual chickenhawks want your sons. How is one less evil or less dangerous to the future demography of the West? And the homosexualists and the liberals are forcing pro gay and ‘gender’ indoctrination programmes in virtually every junior school in the West to help them get them. I challenge the Alt-Right to condemn both these evils with the same vigour.

Milo’s friendship with Douglas Murray leads us to the next part of the saga of the homosexualisation of the ‘right’, specifically to the remarkable degree of ‘gay liberalism’ in the UK Independence Party. 
This is despite Ukip’s position as the main receptacle for the massive British traditionalist vote that saw Brexit as the best way to retaliate against the political elite’s entire liberal project, in which mass immigration and an obsession about LGBTQ+ issues go hand-in-hand with European Union integration as part of the left’s Long War on national identity and Christian values.

Nick Griffin on ZIONISM, which he says is a fact, not codeword

Not all Zionists are Jews. Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler, for example, were both Zionists – the former because he greatly admired Jews and believed that they had as much right to their own state as any other people; the latter because he hated them and believed they were subversive parasites who should be thrown out of Germany.


Fortunately, regardless of how many more rightists come to their senses, the attempt to turn the Western sick-joke Alt-Right into the dominant intellectual force within the 21st century ‘right’ is likely to run into the buffers of reality. It is not just that genuine Christian patriots and nationalists are waking up to what is going on and will fight back. It is also simply impossible to import homosexuals into any group without them bringing with them their scratch-your-eyes-out, handbags at dawn hostility to people with whom they fall out.


Men Going Their Own Way – or rather, young men going the way of a clique of older mentors who are either pederasts, paid provocateurs, insane, or perhaps all three – is also the hallmark of the London Forum, Western Spring and their associates in Great Britain. The same poison is also being spread in other European countries.


The Alt-Right’s Millennial and later followers are interesting, the first significant number of middle class youngsters to rebel against the left for an entire lifetime. They deserve better than ‘leaders’ who daren’t even use their own names or let even their supposed colleagues know where they live. 
Born to be the unlucky ones who bear the full brunt of the coming Collapse of the West, Generation Z deserve better than ‘leaders’ whose ideas of ‘action’ centre on pseudointellectual waffle and KYJelly.
This is no way to fight back. The dark times ahead do not call for an ‘Alt-Right’, in which ‘alt’ means ‘alternative sexuality’. They call for men who are willing to fight and know how to do it.


... every single person who actually holds their views seriously and sincerely must recognise that the promotion or tolerance of homosexuality or feminism is harmful to their own version of the cause, regardless of where on the ‘right’ it may be.

Alt-right sexual "deviants", outraged at being described as such by Nick Griffin, tweet at him: would do the job of shaming sluts and slut-fuckers very nicely indeed.

God does not change the condition of a nation unless it changes what is in its heart. When God wants to punish a people, there is no way to escape from it and no one besides God will protect them from it.

Teshuvah - Fixing Mistakes

There is really no sign that the younger generation of anti-Semites/Islamophobes/racists are getting the idea that marriage is the best way forward if you want to impose racial hygiene.

Compare the quality of the alt-right advice on how to get a girl with the one below from Rabbi Mizrachi. It is like comparing a mile to a light year, is it not?

Apart from sneering at MGTOW, there is no attempt to address the question of why men become MGTOW.

MGTOW are unmarriageable beta male victims of feminism. These men know they have no prospect of getting married or they actually don't want to marry because the idea of being the father of legitimate children is something they found profoundly unappealing, or instinctively know that they will never be able to be in a position of earning enough to be capable of attracting a rational and decent woman who might marry them.

MGTOW can be divided into the following categories:

  1. gay men who don't want to have sex with women or be fathers of legitimate children
  2. unmarriageable bachelors whom no rational or decent woman would fuck or marry
  3. divorced men who have no desire to marry again
  4. divorced men who have been financially castrated by their ex-wife or ex-wives who will never earn enough to be considered marriageable by a rational or decent woman
  5. physically attractive men and affluent with a large sex organ who want to pump and dump women for the rest of their lives because they can't be arsed with being a father of legitimate children and know they will be likely to find enough women prepared to have casual recreational sex with them

This is probably why white women will vote to block Brexit in a second referendum and would rather be raped by Muslim migrants than choose to have sex with men of their own race, let alone have the legitimate children of white men if they are going to continue being the beta male victims of feminism too afraid to say boo to their feminazis oppressors.

This is why white men are never going to get their country back. 

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