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Claire Khaw joins the debate with Ewan Jones and Belinda Brown on traditional values

Comments by Claire Khaw

Feminism undermines marriage and patriarchy making the birth rate decline, causing marital breakdown, widespread bastardy as well as immigration and paedophilia.

Christianity is kaput because it failed to protect the West from feminism.

Feminism promotes fornication distracting men and women from marriage, the parenting of legitimate children who will be a credit to them allowing the patriarchy to be fatally undermined.
The C of E was created to be a Creature of the State. The state is now liberal.

Atheists are sexually liberated, social conservatives are mostly socially conservative because they believe in following Biblical and Koranic principles which only allow married couples to have sex with each other. Clearly, people's beliefs are a predictor of behaviour. The link between feminism and widespread bastardy and degeneracy cannot be denied.

Christian clergy are hopelessly infected and compromised by feminism. Half of Catholic clergy are gay, according to Michael Voris. Sexual corruption leads to moral corruption. Moral corruption leads to intellectual corruption. Moral corruption retards a society's ability to use obvious solutions for obvious problems.

Belinda Brown to Claire Khaw

Argghhhh no I am not socially conservative because I follow biblical principles - that is just not how it works. You are a Muslim and you think that Christianity works like Islam we follow principles rigidly  from a book -  that just isn't what being a Christian means....No we don't  'only allow married couples' to have sex with each other' (and stone them if they aren't married as in Muslim countries). That is not Christianity.  Love thy neighbour as thyself pretty much sums Christianity up - but don't go exploiting that!  And my social conservativism comes from thinking very carefully about life and reading a great deal. Not from following biblical principles. An awful lot of committed Christians are not socially conservative.

Claire Khaw  to Belinda Brown 

Are you saying that your principles did not come from your Christianity? You have admitted to being an Anglo-Catholic in the video. I have never said I was Muslim and have made a point of saying I am agnostic. What is the point of being a "committed Christian" - whatever that means - if you don't follow Biblical principles? Thank you for finally admitting that your hostility towards me was always motivated by Islamophobia.

Belinda Brown to Claire Khaw

My hostility towards you is motivated by your tone which  seems rigid and authoritarian  and I don't like it and I saw a picture of you with guns and swastikas and I know we all doing stupid things but that is majorly stupid. I checked the meaning of Islamophobic  and it is " dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force" - I don't think I am prejudiced but I do dislike Islam as a political force -  so I can't deny being Islamophobic if that really is the definition. But it isn't why I am hostile to you. And leave me be about my faith and what I believe.

Claire Khaw to Belinda Brown 

To be seen to adhere to any principle these days is to be accused of being "rigid and authoritarian". You have allowed your political opponents to entirely dictate the terms of debate, which is a big mistake. So what are your solutions that are not so "rigid and authoritarian" bearing in mind that all laws are coercive because they punish those who break them?

Those photographs were taken with publicity in mind intentionally linking me to both civic and ethno-nationalism and it is as a nationalist philosopher that I wish to be identified. When reasonable, moral and truthful Jews, gentiles and journalists are prepared to concede I am not an anti-Semite because they cannot find anything I have ever said that identifies me as being a hater of Jews, there might be a chance of  having a rational debate about what to do for the best.

If we are going to talk politics, then it is necessary to discuss our beliefs on what we think is true, logical and moral.

Belinda Brown to Claire Khaw

I don't have solutions I just want to see an end of feminism - that is all and I am glad that you are not anti-semitic. I'm not great on morals. I do my best.

Claire Khaw to Belinda Brown 

We don't have to be morally perfect to discuss what the rules should be since all morality is list of things we should and shouldn't do and whom to defer to. Christianity and Islam are offshoots of Judaism which when practised incorrectly failed the Jews which resulted in their expulsion by the Romans from their homeland. They had a corrupt clergy - the Saducees - who were keener on amassing privileges for themselves than in maintaining morality. Islam at least accepts the logic that your laws should follow the morality of your chosen political ideology. The Koran and Bible both promote the same patriarchal moral values but patriarchy cannot exist without general obedience to the most important rule of marriage: the forbidding and punishment of extramarital sex.

Without patriarchy, there will not be enough good and strong men produced to defend the national interest, and this is where we are now.

Christianity's role was to be the antivirus against the virus that is Feminism. Instead of being a locked gate, Christianity was a swinging door. While all the artefacts of Christianity still survive, very few Christians believe that Christ really is the Son of God. And even if they did, what good would this do anyone if all the most important laws of God found in both the Bible and the Koran are ignored and subverted?

To see the end of feminism, we would have to repeal feminist legislation. To repeal feminist legislation would require a revolution because this would require the abolition of no fault divorce as well as the repeal of the Equality Act 2010. No political party seems bold enough to ask for any of this.

Christianity has been failing for centuries: since the Americans decided they had to quarantine the church from their state, and since the Doctrine of the Trinity Act 1813. It did not fail overnight but has been failing for over 200 years. It is time to acknowledge its failure so it can be replaced, because it must be replaced.

Hi guys. I've released a new video. Link below.
Ewan Jones and Belinda Brown discuss traditional values. How these values have been lost in western society. How feminism has successfully destroyed traditional values and the family itself. And how traditional values are vital for ensuring a society is able to survive and to flourish.

Ewan Jones

Ewan Jones and Belinda Brown discuss traditional values. How these values have been lost in western society. How feminism has successfully destroyed traditio...
Miles Scott i wanna come on your show
Miles Scott OW your happy now but were gonna talk about why libertarian ideology is fundamentally flawed


Miles Scott show me the successful libertarian society?
Miles Scott My man needs to read up on his history
Claire Khaw Miles Scott Even Stefan Molyneux admits that theocracy would be a better way of bringing about a minimal state when I suggested it to him.

Claire Khaw and Stefan Molyneux discuss whether law should conform to morality and if so which morality and why. ...

Miles Scott Theocracies are never small government states lol

Claire Khaw Are you saying early USA was not peopled by Christians who took their religion seriously?

Miles Scott I'm saying that to describe the early United states as "small government" takes the relative nature of government at the time and directly compares it to now. Not really a accurate historical statement

Miles Scott Small government and theocracies don't work well.....a theocracy by definition has massive control and is directed involved in the lives of its citizens

Miles Scott Histocal statements are relative.....

Claire Khaw Miles Scott guarantees freedom of belief.

The Quran translated into many languages in a simple and easy interface.

Miles Scott Oh jeez..... you think just because they let you believe what you want living under a caliphate is to be considered "small government"

Claire Khaw Miles Scott Liberty is what you ought to have after all the necessary laws are in place.

Claire Khaw are the minimum moral standards of what a country's laws should satisfy.

The Seven Laws of Noah (Hebrew: שבע מצוות בני נח‎ Sheva Mitzvot B'nei Noach), also referred to…

Miles Scott You don't understand theocracies

Claire Khaw Miles Scott What don't I understand about them?

Miles Scott In the conservative/ libertarian view its pretty much the "biggest" government you can have bar commmism

Claire Khaw would give citizens of an Islamic State the constitutional right not to be taxed more than a flat rate income tax of 20%.

In Islamic tradition, khums (Arabic: خمس‎ Arabic pronunciation: [xums], literally 'one fifth') refers to the historically required religious obligation of any Muslim army to pay one-fifth of the spoils of war, the money collected from non-believers after a military campaign; this tax was paid ...

Miles Scott And most of communism actually stems from religious communism. Like Anabaptists

Miles Scott Jesus Christ there is more to the size of government than the fucking income tax.....

Claire Khaw Miles Scott Conservatives no longer know what Conservatism is. As for Libertarians, they can't organise a piss up in a brewery.

Miles Scott See your coming at this from a political ideology perspective rather than a historical one

Claire Khaw Miles Scott I am against Communism and so is God.

Claire Khaw Miles Scott I don't know what you mean by this.

Miles Scott Theocracies are "big government" I thought that would be self evident

Claire Khaw I am in fact proposing a one party theocracy.

Claire Khaw Miles Scott Have you read the link I posted about my conversation with Stefan Molyneux?

Miles Scott It's not something that I can easily explain over text Nitesh Lall would be a decent steam?

Miles Scott But you want "small government"....

Miles Scott Yes he doesn't understand theocracies either....

Claire Khaw This was what Stefan Molyneux, a libertarian, said to me:

"When laws are founded on religious dogma then they tend not to multiply beyond all reason because they are limited by the fact that if the religious dogma does not ask for certain things to be enforced then it is tough to make the case that it should be. When religion is very strong, the laws tend not to multiply.

The Ten Commandments versus the Federal Registry which has hundreds and thousands of new regulations every year.

When you get rid of the big laws, you don't end up with now laws, you end up with infinity of little laws.

If people obey moral rules, you don't need a big government.
If people respected the family, we wouldn't need the family court.

If people respected property, we wouldn't need the criminal court."

Claire Khaw Miles Scott So you have made a study of theocracies, have you?
Claire Khaw What are your educational qualifications in this subject?

Miles Scott Well if you study history you will mostly be studing theocracies. So yer

Miles Scott You know because a "small government" totally has an inquisition.

Claire Khaw For example?

Claire Khaw Miles Scott What does that mean?

Miles Scott If you what to talk about it more we can talk on discord in like an hour

Claire Khaw Where can I find your podcasts?

Miles Scott I don't record podcasts about history. But if you want to talk about this and I can explain to you the aspects of theocracies that are antithetical to "small government" I'm fine to do that but I need to eat breakfast and start my pritners

Claire Khaw There are two versions of God's laws contained in the Bible and the Koran. I choose the latter because this version has fewer and clearer laws and its punishments are less harsh.

Miles Scott Because it's extremely clear there are many things about any theocracy that your just not aware of.

Claire Khaw Such as?

Miles Scott No theocracy ever could be described as small government by today's standards. Our government is much smaller today

Miles Scott Like I said we can talk about it on voice chat if you want I can't explain well in text

Nitesh Lall Miles Scott i will be happy to discuss this on stream or discord. Claire Khaw and Ewan Jones are welcome to join too

Claire Khaw Nitesh Lall So you do podcasts? I have a YouTube channel at

Nitesh Lall Yeah i do, not very often any more. I will post a link later, most were about social issues but i plan to do some more about bitcoin soon

Miles Scott We can talk for a few minutes then have a discussion for your channel

Miles Scott Because if want small government theocracies are the exact opposite

Claire Khaw Miles Scott "When laws are founded on religious dogma then they tend not to multiply beyond all reason because they are limited by the fact that if the religious dogma does not ask for certain things to be enforced then it is tough to make the case that it should be. When religion is very strong, the laws tend not to multiply.

The Ten Commandments versus the Federal Registry which has hundreds and thousands of new regulations every year.

When you get rid of the big laws, you don't end up with now laws, you end up with infinity of little laws.

If people obey moral rules, you don't need a big government.
If people respected the family, we wouldn't need the family court.

If people respected property, we wouldn't need the criminal court."

Miles Scott What's your background?

Claire Khaw Miles Scott Not all theocracies are the same, because not all deities are the same. Different deities demand different religious duties of their worshipers. You could in theory have a liberal deity.

Miles Scott No theocracy can be described as small government. From a libertarian perspective absolutely none of them in any century on any continent

Miles Scott A theocracy is a top down authoritarian government by definition

Claire Khaw Miles Scott We need a hierarchy or chaos and buck passing is the consequence. explains by background.

Claire Khaw is a political blogger based in the United Kingdom. She is a former member of…

Miles Scott Ok now I understand you even less

Miles Scott Yer...... you got some confusing things on her man

Claire Khaw Feel free to ask me questions on

Get in touch with Claire Khaw (@oneparty4all)…

Claire Khaw I am a minor internet celebrity really.

The hateful madness of Claire Khaw says…

Miles Scott Why are you infront of a Nazi flag? Dafq

Claire Khaw Miles Scott Because as a nationalist philosopher, I wished to be associated with both civic and ethno nationalism whose principles are similar really.

Claire Khaw I am also using that photo to test the journalistic integrity of Western media. I have never said anything that could be used against me as evidence that I hate Jews and have the greatest respect for God's Chosen People. Indeed, I have Jewish friends. If people continue to pretend I am an anti-Semite, they do so for dishonourable reasons of their own to disguise their cowardice and lack and integrity.

Claire Khaw Oh dear. Have I frightened you all?

Miles Scott A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing

Claire Khaw Miles Scott Are you referring to my knowledge or yours?

Claire Khaw So you are not going to have me on your show after all? I wonder if Ewan will take the same position.

Miles Scott From everything I've seen here and your links you don't understand the things you advocate for

Ewan Jones Claire, I won't have you on my show.

Claire Khaw Why not?

Claire Khaw Miles Scott Please explain.

Miles Scott There is no substantive political discourse to be had with someone who doesn't understand her own positions

Claire Khaw Miles Scott What about my own position do you think I do not understand?
Miles Scott You don't understand theocracies small government or democracy for a start

Claire Khaw Miles Scott What about theocracies and democracy do I not understand?

Miles Scott I don't have time for the multiple lectures worth I would need to give. You should do some more reading that's all I'm going to say

Ewan Jones Claire - All the links you've been posting I think adequately explain why I won't have you on my show.

Claire Khaw You identified yourself as a nationalist, Ewan.

Claire Khaw Are you saying you have to agree with me before you have me on your show?

I think you had already decided not to have me on your show before I even posted those links. I asked you the question yesterday, after all.

Miles Scott You don't understand what nationalism even is.....

Claire Khaw Miles Scott What about nationalism don't I understand?

Miles Scott Ewan Jones and I don't agree on many things but we understand our own and each others position. Politically and philosophically to have a conversation

Claire Khaw Ah, so you are like those libtards who only "debate" with people they already agree with!

Miles Scott I don't agree with Ewan.....on most things.....

Claire Khaw Miles Scott So what's the problem? You think you might lose the debate? Is that why you are backing off?

Miles Scott You should go take some political science classes

Claire Khaw Miles Scott Why? I already know they are a waste of time.

Miles Scott There is your problem right there. It's very clear they you have a habit of Saying radical things and not understanding why people are upset. It's clear you don't understand what your even saying

Claire Khaw Listen, Miles, if you lose the debate it means your beliefs are wrong, or how you argued for them was inadequate. If you cannot defend your beliefs, then they may well be indefensible or your arguments are inadequate. Are you too scared to try?

Claire Khaw Miles Scott I know intellectual cowards who can't argue themselves out of a paper bag are easily frightened.

What have I said don't you think I understand?

Claire Khaw How have I upset you, Miles?

Miles Scott I'm not upset. I just can't have a conversation with someone who doesn't understand what she is advocating for. When you show me you do I'll be happy to have a conversation with you about your ideas

Miles Scott You don't understand basic political terms and philosophy of your own positions

Claire Khaw Miles Scott I am indeed advocating a one party theocracy governed by the principles of Secular Koranism

Why not have a one-party state if it makes more sense?

Miles Scott The fact you don't understand what's wrong in terms of political philosophy with what you have just said. Shows me everything I need to know.

Claire Khaw You would have thought that Ewan Jones would be more supportive of me being a libertarian and all, particularly as I have been on the Stefan Molyneux Show twice.

We could be discussing the question below on his show:

Is feminism dangerous to our liberties?

Stefan Molyneux says feminism is evil. Claire…

Claire Khaw Miles Scott Why don't you explain it to me since you know all about political philosophy?

Claire Khaw

The nation state is something libertarian Stefan Molyneux is now increasingly more comfortable with. — Claire...

Miles Scott Sure but I'm going to change you £30 per hour if want me to teach history philosophy and political philosophy to you

Claire Khaw Miles Scott I don't think I have anything to learn from someone who is too scared to even have a discussion with me now.

Miles Scott Your using Molyneux as a badge of legitimately of your ideas to someone who doesn't ascribe to his personal philosophy nor finds his intellect impressive.

Miles Scott I'm not scared to have the discussion you are not equipped to have it. When you are I'll be happy to

Claire Khaw Miles Scott "Your using Molyneux as a badge of legitimately of your ideas to someone who doesn't ascribe to his personal philosophy nor finds his intellect impressive."

Actually, I know it is a waste of time talking to someone who confuses "your" with "you're".

Claire Khaw Miles Scott Who do you find more impressive than Stefan Molyneux?

Claire Khaw Miles Scott When do you think I will I be equipped to have a debate with you?

Miles Scott See you don't understand what I'm saying you think I'm praising him. I'm not.....

Claire Khaw Miles Scott Who are you referring to?

Claire Khaw

You can listen to me on the Victoria Derbyshire Show from the 26th minute. I am very entertaining, aren't I?

The mother of a seriously disabled six year old girl says she no longer believes David Cameron is on the side of parents with disabled children.

Miles Scott I am not interested

Claire Khaw Miles Scott I understand your reasons of nervousness and inadequacy.

It will do me no good appearing on the YouTube channels of the inadequate, boring and nervous anyway.

After all, I am something of an internet celebrity known for my formidable debating skills.

Even BBC presenters are wary of me. Discussion starts at 1:21, I come on at 1:26. John Glen MP and Bobby Friedman spoke before me. ...

Miles Scott I wonder why....

Claire Khaw It is disappointing though. I know people who won't have me on their show are scared of the bad publicity, the disapproval of their narrow mediocre little circle of small-minded YouTubers or afraid of being made to look stupid in the face of my formidable debating skills.

It is a pity so many people treat their ideas like a new born baby not capable of withstanding an investigation of truth and logic. This is probably why the West is failing, being mostly peopled by inadequate mediocrities afraid of a rational debate because they are afraid of what people might think of them. Pathetic.

Such people will never get their country back however much they call themselves nationalists, and will never get the fewer laws and smaller state they claim they want no matter how much they call themselves libertarians.

You would have thought libertarians believed in free speech and rational debate, but they don't. They are just as easily frightened of social disapproval as frightened insecure narrow-minded females who have received very little education. It is pitiful to watch so many men behaving like women even as they complain about feminism.

Claire Khaw What is the point of talking about traditional values if you are not even going to talk about how you are going to change the law as it is currently is, which is the opposite of traditional family values?

How can you change the law if you are too afraid of saying what you think they should be?

Since Ewan has admitted that Christianity has failed, it is obvious that the next subject to be discussed is what should replace it. I have already proposed Secular Koranism. Obviously, I don't expect everyone to agree with me at once, but I would have thought Ewan outlining his objections would be quite entertaining to hear. He would certainly get more subscribers and publicity if he had me on his show.

Miles Scott What do you think my politics even are....

Claire Khaw You seem to think you are a libertarian.

Claire Khaw Perhaps we could have a similar chat, Ewan.

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