Friday, 8 December 2017

Rabbi Mizrachi on smart Japanese and dumb liberals

Rabbi Mizrachi:

Hashem doesn't like fakers and liberals. Liberals that give rights to monsters and murderers, they are themselves criminals. They think they are nice and humane. "I am a humane person, Rabbi! I don't just kill a person because he murdered some children, I wanna give him rights. I want to put him in jail with heating and television and doctors. Maybe he will get educated and a degree and come back to society and become more tolerant and maybe one day he will understand that violence is not the only way." All this nonsense costing us our life. We are dying for the stupidity of these liberals. They are actually causing us to die, in Israel, America and Europe and all over the world. The reason that the world suffers so much from radical Islam is because the world is stupid, not because Islam is strong. If the world were strong, not one Muslim would make a peep anywhere in the world. They do whatever they want and laugh in your face is because they know how dumb we are, but in Japan they don't make it big. You ever hear that in Japan they will do something? Do you hear them in Japan making it big and pray in the middle of the streets of Tokyo? Over there they will be quiet and say [to each other] "Make sure nobody sees you." Why? Because they are not dumb like the rest of the world over here. 

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