Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Can the perceived Muslim invasion be a silver lining in the cloud of immigration overshadowing the West?

The definition of a phobia is an irrational hatred and fear of something or other.

Islamophobes will of course say that it is never irrational to hate and fear Islam and Muslims, but I am of the view that everything happens for the best because we live in the best of all possible worlds because there is only one world anyway. I am a follower of Dr Pangloss.

Everything happens for a reason. What would happen to us if we were not capable of feeling pain or discomfort?

Why is the Post-Christian in fear of being exploited by Jews and invaded by Muslims?

Because he is Post-Christian, obviously.

It is unimaginable that a men practising patriarchal Biblical principles in which the government prioritises the preferences of married fathers would be so easily exploited by minorities and immoral women in their own land.

It is therefore obvious that Christianity has failed. However, because most Islamophobes are atheists who are ignorant of their Judeo-Christian heritage, they do not perceive that their problems are caused by the failure of Christianity, but by the minorities they feel themselves swamped by the most powerful and numerous of which are of course Jews and Muslims.

Because Islamophobes come from the lower strata of society, they are mostly uneducated, and the uneducated are not intellectually equipped to absorb abstract ideas or act on them. In fact, such people scorn ideas and prefer emotion and the strongest emotion they can summon up is their common hatred of those minorities they feel marginalised by.

The real problem is their government and politicians, who do not care about them. Most of them know this in theory, but because the government is an abstract idea and not something they can see, their hatred yet again descends on the minorities, who are at least visible to them in their lives, swamping their cities and making their presence known and enjoying privileges they themselves do not enjoy while they are themselves forbidden from complaining without being accused of hate speech which could attract a jail sentence.

The problem is not just their government but themselves, because their government is also afraid of those they govern: the infantilised mob who think everything will just get better the moment the minorities they hate can be exterminated or expelled.

Even if the minorities were exterminated or expelled, the fact remains that it was an overwhelmingly majority white and Christian country that let all those pesky minorities in in the first place. The nettle would still not have been grasped, even if the race war has already been fought and won by the white side.

But what is this silver lining of which I speak?

The cloud is of course the undeniable failure of Christianity. The West is only nominally Christian. The West is as Christian as a human skeleton used to be human.

The silver lining is its proposed replacement, the solution to their problems of lacking a moral system that protects them as a group and as a nation.

Judaism is for Jews only, but Christianity is kaput. When what you have eliminated the impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the answer.

What does Mark Collett think of your Secular Koranism?

Religion is not an optional extra but a necessity if you want to preserve the integrity and stability of your society. It is actually a law of nature.

Islam is "Judaism Lite".

Secular Koranism is "Islam Lite".

Secular Koranism is the Chicken Tikka Massala of Islam, created specially for the Western palate. 

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