Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Is Joe Owens the scouse version of Claire Khaw?

Joe Owens demands that Mark Collett tell him what he means by "European traditionalism". I asked Mark too what he means by that and got no answer either.

Could it be that European traditionalism is a euphemism for Christianity?

If so, Nick Griffin agrees with him.

Is Christianity the solution though? Most nationalists are atheists believing in sexual liberation who have no intention of uncompromisingly defending the institution of marriage or shaming sluts, so it is hard to imagine how they might have the moral authority to impose a Christian theocracy. There would be the vexed question of whether the Christianity involved would be Protestant, Catholic or Orthodox, and probably decades of civil war amongst white people after all the non-whites, Muslims and Jews are expelled.

We also know some of these nationalists are pagans who will be fighting the Christians because they loathe all the Abrahamic faiths.

It is Secular Koranism that would accommodate all atheists, agnostics, pagans, Jews, Christians and Muslims.

I have sent Joe Owens a few messages via YouTube, but I doubt that he knows how to access it because the process is not straightforward. I would be happy to have a chat with him on my YouTube channel, so please pass this message on to him if you can.

He is a tough man with a bit of a chequered history.

He has a story to tell as you can see at

He is also a successful litigant.

The great thing about Joe Owens is that he is a masculine man with convictions who knows he is being ignored but won't give up and accept it.

Mark Collett flees from debate because he knows the futility of his pretending "European traditionalism" is going to save the day when he is too afraid to even mention Christianity.

Nick Griffin says it has to be Christianity, only because of the Hungarian and Polish example, but they are both Catholic. How likely is Western Europe to embrace Catholicism? Not on you nelly.

Owens and I have independently arrived at the conclusion that Mark and Millennial Woes have no answers.

Soon, all the female alt-right YouTubers will retire to have babies, and Mark will be on his own again.

MW is making YouTube of incredible irrelevance and people are laughing. I have not been following it myself, but here is how it is being described to me:


A guy called Kraut and Tea started a war with the Alt-Right and appears to have created a secret cabal to target which may or may not have been staged

I think that Kraut has trolled them all but practically everyone swallowed this "espionage" narrative
They obtained the info of that greasy european guy called Coach Red Pill.

And "leaked" to him that they knew his real name.

He made these surreal and hypobolic oscar worthy videos talking about someone knowing his name as if it was a murder.

The guy had already doxxed himself and the dark parts of the internet had already found out who he was from news reports.

He is, as Sargon put it, "a legitmate fraudster" which is an oxymoron if you ask me

He's one of the far right in the alt-right


This is not even about politics.


Yeah. It's war

The right against the alt right

At the same time, one of the "conspirators" put on a fraudulent event.


What is a fraudulent event?


Organised a free speech convention called "Kilroy"

Had no idea what that means by the looks of it

And invited a lot of people and then fleeced their fans for tickets and then uninvited half of the people they invited.

Then, they sent out contracts to everyone else making ridiculous demands and they refused to sign them.

They got rid of everyone who paid for it and then brought in their own mates as speakers.

These are the supposed conservative people


Perhaps they think they are playing cops and robbers, or cowboys and Indians.


You're catching my drift


He really is such a silly boy.

I guess you can only so far with saying "We want an ethno-state."


As mentioned previously in conversations.

A lot of narcissism


I would be embarrassed to be seen to be discussing such trivia.


It's a reflection of the whole


The degenerate whole ...


There's a lot of little boys that have not grown up out there


If the political establishment is bad, its opponents are even worse.


They overplay it's power as an instrument to impose your will.

Both radical left and right


They think making YouTube videos is political activism.


It's not

It's entertainment


While avoiding subjects that need to be discussed.


But entertainment with repercussions in the real world


But entertainment with repercussions in the real world


That's why it's funny
Imagined power is what this is all about

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