Wednesday, 10 January 2018

My answers to Sargon's alt-right survey

Are Jews oppressing white people?

Do clever rich people oppress stupid poor people? Do poor people always feel oppressed and blame others for their misfortunes, even if they are the author of their own misfortunes? If Jews do oppress white people, is it because they have a religion which makes them stronger, cleverer and richer than those with an inferior religion or without a religion at all? Aren't non-white Muslims oppressing white non-Muslims? Whether they are or not, won't white Islamophobes feel oppressed by immigrant Muslims because their own government obviously doesn't care about them and obviously cares about recently arrived Muslim immigrants more than they care about the white indigenous? Why don't the government of atheist gentile non-Muslim Islamophobes care about them? Because Muslims at least have their bloc vote which political parties can chase while trying to get racist anti-Semitic Islamophobes to do anything is like herding cats. Why is trying to get racist anti-Semitic Islamophobes to do anything like herding cats? Because they have no religion, are all beta males who don't listen to each other (because no beta male will accept the authority of another beta male). Because they are lowly born and badly educated, no one trusts them, not even other atheist anti-Semitic Islamophobes, because they have no morals and no principles and will pretend not to understand what you say if they don't like where it is going. This is the problem of the white race, basically. And you know what? They are so disgustingly low that they won't discuss the fact that they have no morals and no principles. They have no morals and no principles because they have no religion and no hierarchical structure through which to get anything done and are always turning on each other like weasels in a sack.

Sexual corruption leads to moral corruption. Moral corruption leads to intellectual corruption. Intellectual corruptions leads to an inability and unwillingness to admit the obvious and deal with it in a common sense way. In extreme cases, intellectual corruption will lead to the messenger being shot. If you shoot all messengers bearing bad news on sight, then it means you will soon receive no news. If you receive no news, you will be at the mercy of your emotions, appetites and events, like a lost sheep who is a hunted animal. And then life will become truly brutal, solitary, short and nasty.

Should inter-racial couples be forced to separate?

Of course not. Even if I were a white nationalist wanting a white ethnostate, I would use social pressure to discourage mixed race marriages rather than have the state annul the marriages of mixed race couples. If white men in a majority white country cannot make themselves attractive to women of their own race in their own country, then they do not deserve them at all, do they?

Should the government prevent people from leaving to preserve the race?

I can imagine white people who never thought of leaving the country to become economic migrants in other countries suddenly beginning to think it may be time to make arrangements to flee from a white ethnostate administered by the current members of the alt-right.

Should the state control education?

Yes, of course, and only in a good way and with selective education and rigorous examination standards, and everyone learning the same history and taking the same exams.

Should the State control the media?

If it were up to me, I would see to it that the state had its own state channel with the best dramas, documentaries etc while allowing other channels to exist subject to censorship to prevent the corruption of public morals.

Should the state control the economy?

Of course, to create the conditions that allows commerce and small businesses to flourish, rewarding hard work, innovation and enterprise.

Should the decisions of individual white people matter to the alt-right?

Of course. If I were a white nationalist then every other citizen's decisions affecting the nation would come to my notice and be assessed according to whether it was good or bad for the national interest if all citizens did the same thing.

Should women have a role in public life?

This is really a question about feminism. Doubtless outstanding women will come to the notice of the public whether men like it or not, but there is really no need to encourage women to enter public life at all when there is so much they can do outside it.

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