Thursday, 15 February 2018

The cucks of America

Cucks will give up their guns without protest and America is full of cucks now. Leaderless beta males are really just women with penis extensions. In other words, they might as well be cattle being led to the slaughterhouse, hurried along with cattle prods. That is probably why American women are madly signalling for migrant Muslim men to enter America and themselves so they can exterminate the cucked white American men on their behalves.

Who is a cuck?

A man who sees the harm the stinking matriarchy is doing to them, their society, nation and civilisation yet refuses to put two and two together and challenge feminism by discussing my proposal to practice slut-shaming again. These tend to be atheist men who are not fathers of legitimate children who don't care what happens after they are dead. They won't fight back because they don't dare and don't want the inconvenience and risk of a fight. Also, they think what remains of Western civilisation will last till their lifetimes. They think that by the time the shit really hits the fan they will be long gone. If they have any children at all, they are probably illegitimate. If they are not illegitimate, they would be estranged from them having lost contact with them after being divorced by their mother under the rules of no fault divorce and deprived of access to their children. If they are still married and living with their mother, their children are probably such ill-bred disappointments they don't care what happens to them and only expect worse-bred illegitimate grandchildren from their sons and daughters.

Cucks are basically moral nihilists incapable of either leading other men or being loyal followers of any alpha male who takes on the burden of leading them. What alpha male other than Donald Trump would risk his status and privileges by standing up for the beta male victims of feminism who are infamous for their degeneracy, treachery and shiftlessness? Is there anyone to replace him after he has come and gone? Is Trump the dead cat bounce of Western civilisation?

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