Saturday, 24 March 2018

Rastafarian denounces Muslim activists in Speakers Corner for hypocrisy and the idolatry of worshipping a gay white man called Paul


A gay Muslim is an oxymoron. It's like saying you are a paedophile Muslim or a racist Muslim. [Or a Jewish Nazi or a Nazi who loves Jews, presumably.]
You can't classify yourself as a gay Muslim.
A [Muslim] hypocrite is worse than a kafir. 
You know how Shaitan is going to come to Muslims? He is not going to come saying 'Muslims this and Muslims that' and put their backs up. He's going to come in the form of a nice little white guy calling himself a gay Muslim. That's how Shaitan is going to infiltrate Islam. Allah says it is an abomination! 
I don't worship no white man called Paul! [The Rastafarian is suggesting that these Muslims whom he alleges to be hypocrites are making an idol of Paul - and thereby practising idolatry - because he is white and gay. Being nice to him allows them to make them seem moderate and tolerant. It is most unlikely that these Muslim activists would be quite so tolerant with gay men of their own race.]
I am African and a Rastaman. [He is proudly proclaiming that Africans and Rastafarians abhor sodomites and makes the usual point about the anus being a sewer and certainly not where a moral man should insert his sex organ.]

When the allegedly hypocritical Muslim points out that Paul is not a practising sodomite, Rastaman says "Then he shouldn't call himself gay." Presumably he means that Paul should have the decency to stay in the closet rather than let it all hang out and make Muslims think it is OK to be Muslim and gay.

The Rastafarian makes the point that these brown Muslims are guilty of idolatry and therefore of worshipping Paul rather than Allah and allowing their worship of a gay white Muslim convert to triumph over their Islamic principles because they perceive Paul as a valuable token of Muslim tolerance and moderation.

Rastafarian complains that while Paul has said he is not a practising sodomite, he has not absolutely promised that he will never have sex with another man. 

Rastafarian says he is more Muslim than the Muslims who pretend sodomy is OK to display their Western tolerance and inclusiveness and accuses them of assimilating.

Rastaman says most of the Hadith comes from the Torah.

These Muslims have allowed Paul, the West and LGBT rights to triumph over Allah.

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