Tuesday, 24 April 2018

The brain drain of the white race

I have been saying for years that sluts and socialists are the eternal enemies of society and the only protection against this is the practice of slut-shaming that is required by any religion that promotes patriarchal moral values. These would be the five world religions, but as you know, all religions can be subverted once they ignore their own rules and people either don't notice or don't care.

The sexually-liberated atheist is more prone to doing this than a Jew or a Muslim because Jews and Muslims are more likely to know about the prohibition against premarital sex than the atheist, even if they do not agree with it.

The trouble with nationalists is that they are atheist antisemites and Islamophobes who would rather die than even be seen to be investigating the religion of those they hate and fear with any show of objective impartiality.

Everything about feminism undermines marriage. Patriarchy cannot exist without marriage. Without the patriarchy, not enough good strong men will be produced to defend the national interest. If Western men were mostly Christian husbands and fathers of legitimate offspring, they wouldn't and needn't put up with the matriarchy for even a minute.

Without the family and a functioning religion, men are atomised and competing against each other for the sexual favours of immoral women, incapable of co-operating with each other to deal with their internal enemies: sluts and socialists.

Without patriarchy there is no hierarchy and therefore no accountability.

A matriarchy is basically buck-passing politicians who will blame other buck-passing politicians where the apparent leader is really not in control of anything and cannot rely on the loyalty of beta males to support him. This makes him cowardly, hesitant and cautious and also means nothing much will be done in Trump's term of office.

Without patriarchy, no one in a senior political position will stick his neck out to defend the beta males below. Enoch Powell and Keith Joseph tried to point out the obvious, but had their careers destroyed.

Because courage and truth is not rewarded, no more politicians will speak it on your behalves.

Not only is pointing out the obvious unrewarded, it will get you ignored even by the people who are supposed to be on your side who cannot bear to accept the truth either.

The problem with atheism is that the atheist can only think in terms of his own life and does not care what happens after he is dead, especially if he has no biological investment in the next generation.

Most white nationalists are atheist unmarriageable bachelors which means they are easily intimidated and bribed.

Without religion, there is no possibility of enjoying the inter-generational co-operation that Jews and Muslims enjoy which means each generation of nationalists has to more or less reinvent the wheel.

Often, I feel that nationalists of the previous generation would actually hate to see the younger generation succeed where they have failed.

As far as the younger generation are concerned, they are now so atomised that they cannot form a political party or even discuss anything other than what they imagine their YouTube subscribers want to hear.

And this is why none of them will talk to me. It is abuse of power really, but they don't see anything wrong with that either.

If you really are a political activist, you owe it to your cause to seek the truth and operate on logic, guided by your principles. This is the very least that is required.

Sexual corruption leads to moral corruption.

Moral corruption leads to intellectual corruption.

Intellectual corruption leads to the inability to form logical conclusions based on indisputable facts and solve political problems guided by moral principles. Only those from a religious background practising family values would have internalised the categorical imperative to have principles and follow them. The illegitimate, singly parented and the badly schooled will find this almost impossible to do, however patient you are with him. Believe me, I have tried.

The degenerate who has difficulty understanding the nature and purpose of principles will have greater difficulty applying them if they their morality is non-existent. Most of them will have difficulty even recognising a situation when the exercise of principle is required, because they are accustomed to responding instinctively and thoughtlessly to the promptings of their baser appetites. If sex is offered, they will take it, even if they have already said they are not looking for a relationship and would even agree with you that immoral women who are also bad parents of illegitimate offspring cause the social problems of immigration they are always complaining about.

Such degenerates are only left with denial, apathy and the stated intention to leave the country if it all gets too much to bear.  

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