Thursday, 12 April 2018

Western media is just another arm of our neocon Deep State

The media is to give cover to our neocon politicians to vote for more war. That is all it is for now really. Future historians will look at all the media coverage and ask themselves how people can really be so stupid, but perhaps some of them will be able to read between the lines.

Anyway, it doesn't matter that most people don't believe the media narrative, it is not even there to convince us.

The anti-war demonstrations which I attended in Hyde Park in 2003 showed that most people in the West are anti-war, but our politicians ignored our wishes anyway. It was estimated that about 6 to 11 million people in total turned out in major European cities, and these are the people without access to privileged information!

Ordinary folk cannot be expected to understand the imperatives of what is really an imperial war.

Even now, most people don't really know what the Crimean War was all about. Such non-defensive imperial wars are very hard to explain to the uneducated and uninterested whose role is only to do or die and not to question why.

These days the Eastern Question is not even studied in history lessons.

The media is just another arm of the American Deep State Imperium.

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