Sunday, 6 May 2018

Response to Yoram Hazony's essay The Dark Side of Enlightenment

The most important political truth of our generation may be this: You can’t have both Enlightenment and skepticism. You have to choose.

It is clearly rational to have a religion to promote the long-term survival of your group as the success and indestructibility of the most powerful tribe in the world demonstrates. That both Christianity and Islam are derived from Judaism is testament of two attempts to turn Judaism into a  lighter version of Judaism for Gentiles.  The first attempt of Christianity has now failed, so it would be rational to consider the second attempt.

If your civilisation is already in trouble, this is no time to start a new political ideology, which would be the equivalent of trying to grow a forest when you need to build a wooden house.

The Enlightenment was only called the Enlightenment because in contrast to the Dark Ages in a Europe that conducted its wars of religion, it was relatively enlightened. In any event, the Enlightenment is not fully illuminating because Christianity, a failing religion that relies on a corrupt bargain that its adherents pretend to believe in an absurdity remains officially the religion of the West to this day.

Perhaps the effectiveness of various religions could be measured in terms of faith-efficiency, which is the religious equivalent of energy-efficiency.

Islam simply invites us to entertain the idea that if there is one God, then only the Abrahamic God alone is worthy of worship because He is the most powerful, and that Muhammad is the prophet of the God of Islam.

You do not believe in God to readily accept the above proposition while Christianity not only requires its adherents to believe in an omnipotent and perfectly moral God, but that He has begotten a Son who subsequently became his co-equal in eternity.

It is not stretching reason to argue that Islam more than satisfies the minimum moral requirements of the Noahide laws which Jews are under a now forgotten religious duty to promote to the gentile. Christianity is obviously idolatrous and clearly offends against  the Noahide prohibition against idolatry.

Because of its corrupting idolatry, Christianity has failed to protect the West from the depredations of feminism and its attendant irrationality, immorality and degeneracy.

In summary, an Enlightenment that failed to consider Islam cannot be said to be complete. The Enlightenment was abruptly ended by the French Revolution whose benefits the late Chou Enlai said it was too soon to determine. A moral system that promotes extramarital sex as a human right and which has legalised the sexual immorality forbidden by the Noahide laws would soon find itself in difficulties. If the Western political establishment finds itself quite unable to discuss a change a political system and religion even in the face of apparently irreversible decline and growing disorder, then it must be a sign that the Enlightenment is as yet incomplete. The light of Western civilisation is even now dimming and the room continues to darken. 

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