Friday, 9 November 2018

I answer philosophical questions asked of Roger Scruton and Zaid Shakir

4:30  Is religion at the heart of the clash of civilisations? But of course. The distinction between religion and politics is a distinction without a difference.

4:40  What is the nature of the deepening crisis between the West and the Muslim world? Muslims are tired of the West kicking them around, installing puppet regimes in their countries and stealing their oil and resources, probably. Not a good idea to murder Muslims and then let them come into your country.

4:56  Should the war on terror be in quotes? It is obviously a metaphor, but Western degenerates find abstract reasoning increasingly difficult as their degeneracy accelerates.

4:58  What is the nature of Islam and of Christianity?  Islam is "Judaism Lite" and in compliance with the Noahide laws while Christianity is absurd and idolatrous because the Doctrine of the Trinity requires Christians to believe that an executed revolutionary is the co-equal of the supreme and eternal Abrahamic God which is obviously blasphemous to Jews and Muslims.

5:00  Are Islam and Christianity threats to the other? It is the nature of universalist religions to vie for supremacy.

5:08  Does Islam need to be rescued from extremists? If the West finds certain interpretations of the Koran extremist, then it will have to show these extremist Muslims how it should be done by adopting Islam in the West.

6:44 Christopher Hitchens was a neocon stooge.

8:00  The Archbishop of Canterbury didn't even know he was supposed to believe in the Trinity.

17:00  "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" does not mean sex offenders should not be punished, does it?

What exactly was Scruton's problem with the Book of Joshua? Because it is about war and conquest? This means he fundamentally misunderstands the nature of religion which is to instill morality. The purpose of morality is to keep your group in existence and in good health so it can make successful conquests and land grabs, which is the nature of empire-building. Fancy a Briton not knowing this already!

12:00  The fact that Shakir says he wants America to be Muslim is discussed.

33:00 Shakir challenges neoconservatism. Terrorism is only a poor man's war and there is the Just War concept. If there are just wars, then there must logically and necessarily be just acts of terrorism. No justice, no peace.

37:00  A just way of prosecuting war can be found in the Koran.

41:00 What exactly does Scruton want Muslims to do? Any Muslim can have his or her own interpretation of the Koran. Obviously, whose interpretation will prevail will depend on who wins the argument, or the war.

47:00  The Catholic Church is kaput. There is no prospect of the Catholic Church regaining its moral authority in our lifetimes, even if we were born yesterday. Catholic Ireland fell to gay marriage in 2015. The Anglican Church should be disestablished after Secular Koranism is imposed.

Gay marriage - that abomination of abominations - is obviously forbidden by the Bible and the Koran. Muslims have a religious duty to enjoin good and forbid evil. Obviously, what the Koran explicitly forbids is evil, and what the Koran commands is good.

51:00  The question is asked: If Jews can live with secularisation, why not Muslims? Jews are still Jews even if they are bad liberal assimilated Jews because being Jewish also an ethnicity and you cannot change your ethnicity. 

Islam is about principles and practice so if you cannot or do not practice your principles, your Islamic identity is compromised. That is the difference. 

Judaism is in theory far more restrictive than Islam, and Islam is really "Judaism Lite". It represents the second and final attempt to adopt Judaism for gentiles, simultaneously superseding failed Christianity and providing the solution to its failure. Neat, huh?

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