Friday, 20 September 2019

The purpose of morality (which comes from religion) is to keep the group together

If you bother listening to this, you will see that the problem is that we have not defined basic terms such as morality.

Morality is the individual imparting minimal harm.

It is not just a matter of the individual imparting minimal harm as Church of Entropy asserts at, but a matter of group survival. Sometimes, it is necessary and therefore moral to abandon your elders to the cold when they become old and weak, as the Inuit do, if you want to keep your way of life and function as a group distinct from others.,_murder,_and_death

In other words, morality is for the purpose of preserving your group identity and following or not following its rules is evidence of the lengths to which you are prepared to go in order to do so ie make the sacrifices required by your religion eg marrying before having babies, staying with the spouse you are now disappointed, bored and irritated by for the sake of the children, keeping the Sabbath etc.

Jews, the world's most ancient and powerful tribe, were deprived of their homeland for 2000 years and still managed to get it back, demonstrating the success of Judaism.

Since we also know Christianity and Islam are derived from Judaism, we also know that gentiles have a choice of two Abrahamic religions if they want to worship the Abrahamic God, obey His laws and worship the same supreme and eternal God the Jews do, which is clearly the source of their continuing existence and power.

Why might the Western gentile give up Christianity and adopt Islam? Because, properly advised, he would be able to see that Christianity has failed. We know Christianity has failed simply because the satanic laws emanating from the West that promote globohomo and transgenderism directly contradicts the scripture of the Abrahamic faiths.

All civilisations rise in patriarchy and decline in matriarchy. If President Trump really wants to make America great again, he would have to make America a patriarchy again.

Christianity has failed because it is based on an absurdity that the ancestors of the post-Christian Westerner was forced to believe in through state intimidation and persecution. Since Western governments lost the will to enforce the Blasphemy Act 1697, more and more Westerners found themselves lapsing into atheism and the degenerate sexual liberation that it inevitably leads to.

After the Americans separated the church from their state, it appears most unlikely that the US government would repeal the First Amendment in order to enforce belief in God on Americans.

It is also unlikely that the British would repeal the Doctrine of the Trinity Act 1813 in order to let the full force of the Blasphemy Act 1697 resume its totalitarian control over the minds of Britons. Rather neatly, the Blasphemy Act itself was repealed in 1967 in a perfect transposition of numbers.

A quicker and easier way of reintroducing God to Westerners can be found through Secular Koranism while guaranteeing freedom of belief with

13:00  Theocracy is a big idea.
17:00  Christianity is kaput, democracy is dementia.
18:00  Being American
19:00  Feminism and Fornication
20:00  No fault divorce, affirmative action legislation
22:00  Curt Doolittle and my interview with him at
23:00  Kavanaugh hearings in the US Supreme Court
25:00 is the basis of the First Amendment
27:00  Secular Koranism
28:00  Freedom of belief and free speech
30:00  Can you find a sound argument in this proposition by Church of Entropy?
Are the three arguments I believe to be sound in agreement with your idea of a sound argument?
31:00  Valid and sound arguments
32:00  Calling liberalism theocracy confuses people. If the West had a theocracy based on promoting patriarchal moral values, Jews and gentiles would not be suffering from their identity crisis and promoting degenerate globohomo.
34:00  Another debate on Deism v Theism? Aztecs
35:00  Utilitarianism
37:00  Statecraft
38:00  The National Interest
39:00  Defining the nation
40:00  Theocracy is a society that is governed by God's laws.
43:00  Our laws should reflect our political ideology.
45:00  Social cohesion and group solidarity
46:00  Morality is a system of rules designed to keep a group together and apart from others.
47:00  The Torah. Reinventing the wheel
48:00  Jews
49:00  AIPAC
50:00  A one party state would de-fang AIPAC.
55:00  Knowing what we are: tribe, nation or empire?
56:00  Religion. The French Revolution
57:00  Principles
1:02:00  Road safety under Secular Koranism
1:05:00  Morality may minimise harm but its purpose is to keep the group in existence and apart from others.
1:11:00  Stable and fair government

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