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Monday, 21 May 2012

Further thoughts on nationalist unity

Why do I bother, eh?

They are not my people and very much dislike me for saying the things I do.  I am now banned for every kind of nationalist meeting for trumped-up reasons.  

Troy Southgate, the Organiser of the New Right Meetings pretends I am a security risk merely for blogging on what they discussed.

Jez Turner banned me from attending a London Forum Meeting in April for reasons he refuses to disclose.

Richard Edmonds now claims that I support the actions of Anders Breivik whom I have described as a terrorist on  numerous occasions, and nothing I say, long or short, will disabuse him of the idea.  Indeed, the very idea is defamatory, for every response he gives suggests that he has not read anything of what I have said, because his purpose was to pretend that I support Breivik and use this reason to exclude me.  

But if I don't remain active in nationalism and wag my finger at the men like an officious nanny, who will?  There is no one in nationalism who dares denounce feminism, except Simon Sheppard,  the Political Prisoner, and he is under a very strict control order that prevents him from discussing politics at all, I understand.  

Give me the name of a man better able to lead the nationalist movement to dizzying heights of triumph and national influence than I, and I will shut up and return to the kitchen!  

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Why the more cowardly nationalists are distancing themselves from me

As I have mentioned at, Nick Griffin has blocked me from following him on Twitter.

Jez Turner who organises the London Forum meetings told me on 24 March, the day of the last London Forum meeting that I was "suspended from attending the meeting pending investigations".   

He later made out that I was an informant for Hope Not Hate, but even my worst enemy, who threatened in the past to maim then kill me  - Cheryl Dunn - does not believe that of me.  (Thank you, Chez!   x x x  I hope that's all water under the bridge now that we have both been expelled from the BNP.)

I thought and thought and thunked and thunked wondering what the reason could have been.  It really could not have been racial reasons because, they must have known what race I was before I attended the the previous and only London Forum Meeting I ever attended before being banned. 

Since I also received an invitation to attend the subsequent one and was even invited to speak at another one which was to have taken place on 15 May for the British Nationalist Friends of Palestine on the subject of A Theocracy in Israel for Peace in the Middle East I think I am not being illogical if I reason that it was nothing to do with race, as Hope Not Hate were suggesting it must have been.   

I think it is because of my Battlefield of Love blog Apparently, it is so heretical and blasphemous to liberal sensibilities that even the so-called British Far Right (who are already regarded as the enemies of liberalism) have distanced itself from me!

But I always knew that the FEMINISM was the real sacred cow of the sexually liberated (or should we say "addicted"?) white male.  They are so addicted to cheap sex and now worship Slut Single Mums so fanatically and unquestioningly that they will suffer to be castrated in her defence, at the expense of the long-term national interest. explains how and why.

If you don't believe me, then go ask them.  

Thursday, 29 March 2012

My proposed talk on Nakba Day (15 May 2012) for the British Nationalist Friends of Palestine

How gratifying to be told that a member of the London Forum (whose meeting was disrupted by the Reds at Hope Not Hate on 24 March) that he reads my blogs daily.

How very sweet of him to say that he hopes I clear up the misunderstanding with Jez Turner now that it has become quite clear that I could not have divulged the venue of the meeting to the Reds if I never had that information to begin with because he never told me where it was before telling me to stay away "pending investigations".

When Jez told me to stay away he said that my invitation to speak on Nakba Day for the Friends of Palestine still stood, but I wonder now.

Were he to renew or refresh the invitation, I shall, being the easygoing forgiving sort of woman that I am, accept that as an implied apology for wrongly accusing me of ratting on them to the Reds.

I know they are supposed to be a bit racist, but I don't think the motive can be racial because they must have noticed that I was not Caucasian at the first meeting I attended.  Jez already knew my race before the first meeting and still he sent me a second invitation.

There is therefore no explanation at all for their behaviour and I am still at a loss as to why they have taken such a sudden dislike to me.  They really were being perfectly friendly and charming to me before.

I am after all well aware that nationalism is fetid with paranoia and backstabbing.  I am not the only one who was suspected either.  The fact is that anyone who stands out or is a bit odd will find themselves excluded for spurious reasons.  If that is the way they are going to play things, may I suggest that they have a formal procedure of blackballing unwanted prospective members the way they do in gentlemen's clubs, even if they are not quite gentlemen?

Gentlemen would presumably would have asked me directly if I had been guilty of whatever I was suspected  of and allowed me to answer the charges.

Gentlemen would either withdraw those charges or judge me guilty, but even now I have not heard from Jez Turner on the outcome of those "investigations" he mentioned were taking place.

It is just too bad that British nationalists seem incapable of grasping the rudiments of dealing honourably with people, even people they do no longer want to attend their meetings for unspecified reasons.

I would have thought I would receive an explanation by now, but not a bit of it.  I guess they liked me at the first meeting and something happened between the first and second meeting that made them take a dislike to me.  Perhaps it is something to do with the views I expressed in my blogs rather than my race.   I just wouldn't mind an official explanation for my exclusion, that's all.   .

I was recently blackballed from the Kingston Debating Society so I already know the procedure.

Ballot Balls Box, used to exclude unwanted prospective members

If the invitation to speak on 15 May still stands as Jez assured me it did on Saturday, the following would be the gist of it, but I rather doubt it now.


1) A secular Israel is a fraud and perceived as colony of the West in a sea of hostile Arab nations seething with injured Arab nationalism.

2) Most Israelis would leave Israel if it became a rabbinical theocracy imposing death by stoning eg breaking the Sabbath, leaving enough land to share with Palestinian Arabs, obviating the need for a divisive two-state solution.

3) Religious Israelis who feel they have to go with theocratic Israel will realise that a theocracy run under Koranic principles is the only viable one because it acknowledges Judaism and Christianity as foundations Islam was built on.

4) A Koranic theocracy in Israel would allow Israelis peaceful enjoyment of Israel and allow it to have better relations with its neighbours and the rest of the world. 

An Islamic theocracy would give Christians and Jews a more assured status because the Koran acknowledges that Islam is built on foundations of Judaism and Christianity while Jews would have trouble with Jesus (because he caused them so much trouble), Christians would have trouble with Jews (because they had Jesus killed) and trouble with Muslims (because they deny the Trinity). Muslims on the other hand give Jews and Christians special status ie "People of the Book" and acknowledges their prophets. 

I had in mind Israeli judiciary of any faith administering law infused with Koranic principles after passing an exam in Koranic Knowledge.

I ran the idea past Rabbi Zvi Solomons of Reading who is my Facebook friend, and he was horrified at the idea of Rule by Rabbi even though he is one himself.  That was very odd, I thought, but I think he just doesn't want a theocracy.   The Rabbi was actually on Woman's Hour today.

40:41 is when the Rabbi speaks. As you can see, even if he is an Orthodox Rabbi, he has the most Unorthodox views!  It pains me to say this, but I strongly suspect the Rabbi of having "gone native" and is no longer in touch with the fundamental principles of his own religion.

If the London Forum don't want me I would still be happy to speak at Jewish, Christian and Muslim groups, but preferably to a mixed audience.  

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Does Jez Turner of the London Forum think I can read minds from afar?

He and the committee members of the London Forum apparently believe I have powers of telepathy.  It seems he thinks I have the ability to know the venue of a meeting even if no one has told it to me, for he is blaming me for giving this information to the Reds at Hate Not Hope, who then caused the meeting to be aborted.

I am prepared to swear on my mother's life that he never told me where the venue for the London Forum Meeting on Saturday 24 March was, nor did anyone else.

Is he prepared to swear on his mother's life though?

If that was not the real reason then perhaps he would like to tell me what the real reason is.

What fools and knaves they are, and what despicable cowards and hypocrites.  Is this an example of the treachery of the white man?

Surely Jez Turner and his anonymous committee members can get it together to give me an OFFICIAL reason or make out the charges against me, just for the sake of good order?

Yes, I do actually know that these days appealing to the English sense of fair play will only generate a puzzled frown, even in elderly white-haired white men who are old enough to have heard about such a thing.

It does look like the entire white race of Britain is now suffering from a kind of dementia, and have forgotten their moral rules, traditions and what it was that made the British once admired by the rest of the world.

Alfred the Great was great because he was good, but I bet these nationalists have forgotten all about that because they are too busy whingeing about the Jews.

If you behave well towards the people on your side in your tribe or in your gang, then you are more likely to be united against an external enemy.  

If you exclude anyone with any potential on your own side because you think they might threaten your position, then your group will get smaller and smaller until it becomes extinct.

Perhaps living in Paedo Bastard Britain induces a kind of collective Alzheimer's in the white race.

Well, call me racist if you want, but I want to help the white race who appears to be beyond help, because, even if the situation is quite hopeless, I feel it is only right to try and to keep trying, in the face of treachery and ingratitude in the very race you are trying to help.   If I want to help the white race, then I believe that would make me an ethno-nationalist.

I do not even expect gratitude from these treacherous white men for I do what I do for all the other white people I actually admire and respect, some of whom are no longer alive as well as the good people of other races who also recognise that the morals of the white man are now dangerously corrupted because of the immorality of their women who now wield much too much power.

By helping others, we help ourselves.    

If you can be a Zionist without being a Jew, then you can be a white nationalist without being white.

You can also be quite keen on saving the whales without being a whale yourself.

Monday, 26 March 2012

How I would deal with the relentless intimidation of nationalists by Searchlight and Hate Not Hope

Instead of scapegoating the people who still attend my meetings on the grounds that they stand out or are considered odd by the others, I would do as follows:

  1. Publicise the speakers and venue of the next meeting once I have got a venue.
  2. Apologise to people who want to come to the meeting for failing to find a venue because Hate Not Hope and Searchlight always manage to intimidate publicans into not hiring their function rooms to me.
  3. Denounce CAMRA who show no inclination of defending free speech, but who have instead been hijacked by feminist anti-smokers who want to destroy free speech and to turn every pub into a place in which any woman or foreigner would feel comfortable entering.   Why are they turning pubs (which used to be the retreat for white heterosexual men who want to get away from their women) into places for women, children, foreigners and LGBTs?   "As well as the quality of the real ale other factors such as sympathy with CAMRA's aims, service and welcome, clientele mix, atmosphere and value for money are taken into account."  Have feminists extended their control to the breweries and your pub?  Is it their intention to close all pubs down so no man will any longer enjoy free speech, or escape from women and children?   
  4. Run an online campaign demonstrating that the fundamental principles of liberty, ie free speech and freedom of association, are no longer practised, much less understood in the benighted nation of Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland. 

This online campaign would simply consist of 

(a) declaring an intention to hold a meeting whose venue will be known from the beginning to Hate Not Hope and Searchlight, giving a list of named speakers and the subjects on which they will be speaking

(b) giving a lengthening list of public houses who will refuse to allow us to use their function rooms because they have been told by Searchlght and Hate Note Hope that they would be fire-bombed or their managers sacked by their employers if they persist in defending free speech

All that requires is the ability to speak and pick up a phone and say, even if you are elderly and have a gammy leg:

"Hello, Publican with a Function Room.  

We are what the liberal establishment would call Nazis, Fascists and Far Right, though really we are just a bunch of old men with gammy legs who like to complain about the liberal establishment and hear each other speak at regular  intervals.  It is true that we do occasionally express views that Jews, foreigners and other races may find offensive.  We have not had a single new idea in decades because, whenever one of our number dares to do such a heinous thing, he or she will be sure to be denounced as a Searchlight informant and a grass, and barred from attending any further meetings. 

Anyway, we would like the use of your Function Room for one of our meetings.  We feel morally obliged to warn you that the moment Searchlight or Hate Not Hope hear of this meeting, they will send their boys round to give the impression that your pub might be fire-bombed or you might lose your job if you are an employee of the owner of the pub.  Is this something you would be prepared to do?  No?  I thought not.  

Your establishment will now be added to the long long list of pubs that will not hire a function room to us.   In fact, we do not believe that there is a publican in the land brave enough to hire a function room to us and it is the intention of this campaign to prove that there is no free speech in this country at all, because no one, but no one, is any longer prepared to defend it, except Claire Khaw, though she is absolutely no good to the nationalist movement, because she is female and foreign, and it is the intention of elderly male nationalists with gammy legs to exclude her from the nationalist movement until the day they shuffle off into the next world."   

I would have thought even these old dears with gammy legs might just stretch to this.  In fact, this was what I suggested to Jez Turner, but all he could do was shake his head and murmur weakly that nationalism is a "delicate flower" that would instantly shrivel up and die the moment it is exposed to sunlight, fresh ideas and new people.  

Fortunately, not all of them are like that.   David Jones of the British People's Party who is hoping to be elected councillor in Todmorden on 3 May 2012 is certainly not an old dinosaur.   He is what you would call a Young Gun, and he gives me hope.   Any nationalist with energy, ambition and determination with social skills and the ability to work with people should be supported, especially if he is not trotting out the usual "social welfare for whites only" claptrap.  David Jones speaks like an old-fashioned Conservative who believes in family values, lower taxes and fewer laws and has a no-nonsense approach to the overweening welfare state.  He is the first nationalist brave and honest enough to admit that white people are sometimes the author of their own misfortunes, rather than blaming only the Jews, Muslims, other races and the EU.  I would be very very very happy indeed to work with him in the name of nationalist unity and better race relations.

Ethno-Nationalist and Civic Nationalist shaking hands

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Claire Khaw - black and white and red all over

I am now persona non grata at both New Right Meetings and the London Forum Meetings.

Apparently, I am possessed of such magical superhuman powers that I am capable of passing on to the Reds information I do not have, eg details of the venue to this meeting which were at no time given to me:

London Forum Meeting

Saturday 24th March


Oma Filmersson – The Situation in Sweden

Oma will give an analysis of the worsening situation in Sweden and sum up the various groups that are fighting the decline

Tage Talquest – Exposing ‘Expo’

 An insight into the Zionism and anti-White Racism and of Scandinavia’s wealthy ‘anti-Racist’ organisation

Lasse Wilhelmson – From Zionism to Humanism

Lasse Wilhelmson, formerly a highly-respected journalist and popular author, whose book ‘Is the World Upside Down’ was a best seller. He is also now known as ‘Scandinavia’s Gilad Atzmon’.  He will detail his disillusionment with Marxism and Jewishness and his journey from being a Jewish Marxist to an independent dissident and truthseeker.

Jonathan Bowden – Maurras, Action Francaise and the Cagoule
Jonathan Bowden, ‘Britain’s best orator’, will analyse the Nationalist Movement in Inter-war France

  1. Why would I wish to do such a thing?   
  2. How would it benefit me to to such a thing?
  3. Why would I want to disrupt a bunch of harmless old dears enjoying themselves at bingo, even if they are occasionally a bit antisemitic?  Don't young people these days know that the White European gentiles of previous generations were allowed to express antisemitic views and indeed these views were considered as normal as being pro-gay marriage these days?
  4. I had in fact been invited to speak at a meeting in May on the subject of Israel.  A rag tag bunch though they are, the London Forum and New Right meetings are still considered to be the ideological centre of the Right and the most prestigious nationalist forum to speak at in London.  I was quite looking forward to giving that speech and perhaps inviting a Rabbi Facebook friend of mine to come along.  After all, I would be making out a case for a theocracy in Israel and how, ultimately, a theocracy under the aegis of Islam would be the only viable option for all the Jews, Christians and Muslims of the Holy Land.  It would have heralded the way for peace in the Middle East too, if the Israelis took on board my heartfelt and well-meant advice to them on how they may peacefully enjoy their Jewish homeland.  Tragically, however, peace in the Middle East it may not happen this year, because I have now been deprived of a platform.  It would have been my most important speech in my entire life and would have had worldwide ramifications.  The world will now have to wait a little longer to be saved.   
  5. It is quite clear that the venue was already known after the last London Forum meeting on 21 January 2012 in any case as can be seen at  The snide attempt to suggest that it was either Jeffrey Marshall or I who leaked the details is of course as outrageous as it is ridiculous.
  6. The first and last New Right meeting I attended was the 36th one, last year.   I imagine the Reds would have known about the venue of meeting way way way before 24 March, and only decided to disrupt it that day because they knew two very important persons - me and a certain David Jones  - were due to be attending it. 
  7. Jez Turner, the organiser, who texted me at 6:38am on the day  informing me that I was "suspended from attending the meeting", has yet to tell me what I am accused of.  He will know that he never told me the venue of the meeting.   Perhaps he credits me with supernatural powers of prescience that I have to admit regretfully that I do not in fact possess.  

He first told me that he would ring me to explain later that evening.  When I sent him a text pointing out that nationalist unity is not promoted by punishing first and making enquiries later, nor behaving as if the rules of natural justice are an entirely alien concept to nationalists, I was told to ring him later to discuss this. I have chosen not to because I prefer any charges against me to be made out in writing, but I rather doubt I will be hearing from him again.  I imagine if I called him now he would tell me where to get off in no uncertain terms, since I have heard that texts were being circulated to the effect of "Meeting cancelled.  Khaw called the Reds" by Jez Turner himself.

So it is yet another trumped-up charge to impede my irresistible and inexorable ascent up the rickety and rotten ladder of British nationalism.  If I have anything to do with it, and I have every intention of continuing to do so, British nationalism will be a libertarian, enterprising, racially neutral and rational, with lower taxes and fewer laws, practising family values supported by marriage.

I have absolutely no intention of expelling anyone except illegal immigrants and am a peace-nik who has been consistently against the wars started by our liberal government in Afraqbya.

The reasons the committee members of the London Forum have against me could well be racially-motivated, or they could be ideological, but it matters not, since every attempt to silence me produces an even louder sound.   Trying to silence me is like trying to silence a very squeaky toy.

I quite see that they would hate for me - a mere female and a foreigner - to succeed where they themselves have failed.  It would be too humiliating for words.  If that is their reason for wishing to marginalise me, then they should examine their own nationalist credentials and conscience.  If they cannot do it themselves, they had better let someone else do it, rather than continuing to muddle along stabbing each other in the back as they continue lurching down a blind alley pushing at each other aggressively on their way to defeat and disappointment ....

Nationalism is about promoting good government, not about wanting to be right about people you have taken a dislike to and think are wrong uns because they are not what you imagined or hoped they would be.  Sometimes, new blood is needed to infuse a stale ideology that seems only about hating other races, with something inclusive and morally sound as well as visionary and noble.  The movement is fetid with paranoia and incessant backstabbing and Jez, whom I had thought was a breath of fresh air with his comparative youth and energy - seems to lack the character to change the way things are and just goes along with it.

Perhaps he is himself a state plant.  What could be more demoralising than to give nationalists false hope and then utterly destroy this hope as soon as it is nurtured?

There was simply no attempt to behave honourably or even go through the motions of establishing the truth.  An anonymous accusation (reported in Searchlight - that devoted friend of British Nationalism, no less!) is always enough to decide your fate, to be decided upon by an anonymous tribunal from which there is no appeal.

Any party of mine would have the highest standard of justice with regard to dealings between party and member.  Observing the abysmal standards of justice I see in all the parties in how they deal with member discipline, it would be the easiest thing in the world to do to better that.

It has been my theory for a while now that all the problems of our democracy come from party constitutions that dispenses the opposite of justice to party members.  This is corrupting and makes politicians fear to speak their views.   When politicians fear to speak, then, sadly, the governed remain in ignorance and labour under misapprehensions.

If traditional nationalists can't do it themselves because they are just a bunch of frightened old hypocrites and cowards who haven't had a new idea in decades or because they are just not up to doing anything much these days other than prate and whinge in their ever-decreasing circles, then they should move out of the way and make way for someone who will, and support him (or her) with all their heart and strength.  It is not every day you have the perfect leader for your movement knocking on your door offering to clean your windows, do your gardening and paint your house out of the goodness of her heart.