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Racial superiority rests on following your religious principles after choosing the right religion

What bemuses me about white supremacists about their racial superiority is their inability to go with the logic of racial superiority. The following questions should occur to the thinking racist:

1) If racial superiority exists, does it really only rest on the colour of one's skin?

2)  If racial superiority is not just about the colour of one's skin, does it rest on military, social, economic, political and moral superiority? 

3)  If racial superiority rests on military superiority, then racial superiority rests on science and technology upon which perceived social, economic and political and moral superiority rests.

4) The question of how military superiority is gained must be asked. It seems to me that this was kick-started by the Industrial Revolution which was all about selling stuff everyone round the world wanted to buy, and how to make them most profitably and cheaply, which was what science and technology was all about. Obviously, with all the SSMs and variously fathered and badly parented illegitimate offspring that state schools have to take, you cannot expect this tradition to be kept up, particularly when one of the two parties of government refuse to countenance selective education, and this hurts the working classes by depriving them of the opportunity to better themselves. 

5) So we went from military superiority to culture, since it is your culture that enables you to maintain your military superiority. The Pyrrhic victories of WW1 and WW2 over Germany only sent the British into a tailspin of social unrest. After WW1 there was the General Strike of 1925, when the working classes felt they had died like flies in the Great War for nothing very much. Mosley's attempt to correct the situation failed, because what he wanted to do was correct the political system itself, proposing to abolish the Upper House and replacing it with Fascist Corporatism and a pruned Lower House. Instead of being more careful about whom they went to war with, the British thought they would finish the job with Germany in WW2. Again, they failed, but this time decided to let their hair down and everything hang out with their welfare state and their swinging. This accelerated their degeneracy and explains how they have got to the pretty pass of white men now being helpless against a Muslim invasion and their women totally out of control and hating them.

The BUF was anti-communist and protectionist, and proposed replacing parliamentary democracy with executives elected to represent specific industries, trades or other professional interest groups—a system similar to the corporatism of the Italian fascists. Unlike the Italian system, British fascist corporatism planned to replace the House of Lords with elected executives drawn from major industries, the clergy, and colonies. The House of Commons was to be reduced to allow for a faster, "less factionist" democracy.

Am I alone in thinking that on the whole his proposals for reform seem sensible enough?

6)  Culture is really the practices that the law allows, and the law is a reflection of whatever the current political orthodoxy - a mixture of religion and political tradition - permits. So now we approach again my pet theory, which is that Christianity has failed. Christianity has obviously failed because it has not protected the foolish British from their avoidable folly of following their ridiculous liberalism and the brain-numbing stupidity of their idolatrous Christianity. All the things they could have done to avoid the folly of declaring two World Wars on Germany would have been prevented by Islam as well as the post-war self-indulgence of not parenting their children properly and sinking into a culture of wine, women and song leading to their current enfeeblement of mind, body and spirit.

Returning to the subject of racial superiority, it does appear that racial superiority is only military superiority and military superiority is obtained by the happenstance of history eg the Industrial Revolution, an unplanned population explosion, and geopolitics. It is obvious that racial superiority is not permanent and relies on the rules one practices in one's racial group. Even Hitler did not assume that the Germans were so superior and perfect that they need do nothing more other than to marinate in their racial superiority. Indeed, he could be said to be urging Germans to strive and fight in order to become superior or perhaps just as good as the British. He was probably content with being just as good with what everyone thought were the masters of the universe of the time, the British.

Assuming that you are a racist who believes in the concept of racial superiority, the next question is to ask yourself must be "Who is the most racially superior race of all?"  The Romans were once racially superior because they were militarily superior, but they eventually lost their culture of producing soldiers to conquer other lands, and lost the taste for conquest, sinking into decadence, wine, women and song. Why, a Roman emperor even changed his religion in an attempt to arrest decline. In the end, Rome was sacked, and the Roman Empire is no more. You cannot be racially superior to anyone if you no longer even exist.

Who, then, is racially superior? Not the Europeans in the great scheme of things, I'm afraid, simply because military superiority does not last forever, as I have easily demonstrated with the Romans, if you do not inculcate a culture, political system or maintain a religion that perpetuates it. You may technically be at the top of the tree, but you may just fall off if you suffer a dizzy spell it even if no one pulls you off.

To be racially superior one has to satisfy the condition of being in existence and of at the very least holding territory. Racial superiority does not necessarily rest on numbers, after all, but numbers help if you are in the business of acquiring more territory. Israeli Zionist Jews are insisting that they have no imperial ambitions and simply want to live in Israel in peace. The Chinese already have enough on their plate and have for centuries been sucking their pencils on the question of their proper relationship with the rest of the world. 

The top dogs of racial superiority are Jews and Chinese, simply because they have been around so long. I would award the top prize to the Jews, because they at least have bothered to write things down properly in their scripture and had a head start.

According to the Chinese calendar it is the year 4715.  According to the Hebrew calendar it is the year 5778.

Now that we know that Jews are racially superior, we have to ask ourselves why they are racially superior. Clearly, it is their religion. Clearly, their religion is so obviously superior that two of the most famous attempts to adapt Judaism for gentiles are universally acknowledged to be Christianity and Islam, but Christianity is now kaput, so the answer has to be Islam. It is really as a simple as an arithmetical problem. You have 3. You take 2 away and have 1 left. The one left is Islam, and the answer is the answer even if you don't like it.

My hypothesis can even be mathematically proven if we can agree that what made Britain great was the fact that it was the first nation in the world to have a world empire. 

How did they lose their empire?  The most proximate cause was WW2. It has been said by A J P Taylor that WW2 was a continuation of WW1.  Why did the British declare war on Germany in WW1? Because the Liberal PM Asquith thought a short successful war would make him more likely to win the General Election of 1915.  Imagine, losing your world empire because the Liberal Party wanted to win an election that was cancelled! You would have thought that the British by now would have realised their error or could have accepted Mosley's attempt to correct it, but what their political leaders lacked in wisdom was equalled and exceeded by their stubborn pride and chauvinism.

It is easily provable that the great upheavals suffered by the British would have been easily avoided if they had been Muslim and followed the Koran. The Koran only allows defensive wars and neither WW1 nor WW2 could by any stretch of the imagination be called defensive. British foreign policy was impelled primarily by a dog in the manger attitude towards Germany because it saw Germany as a rival and a threat. It is the equivalent of a foolish Monopoly player buying up properties he didn't want just to prevent his opponent from completing his set and bankrupting himself in the process and not being able to make the most of any opportunities he landed on, because he was mortgaged to the hilt. 

Now they are the poodle of Uncle Sam and remain a vassal state of the EU, with its approximately half its citizens begging to retain this status and its male MPs too terrified to question the parasitic nature of feminism for fear of being accused of a historic sexual offence. How are the mighty fallen.

What is the sex of the Prime Minister?
What is the sex of the Home Secretary?
What is the sex of the Commissioner of Police?
What is the sex of the Director of Public Prosecutions?
What is the sex of the Chairman of the Bar Council?
What is the sex of the Director General of the CBI?
Is the Archbishop of Canterbury a bastard?
Has Peter Hitchens called himself a feminist?
Is Roger Scruton, the Conservative Philosopher, too afraid of his wife to challenge feminism?
Is Philip Davies MP, who used to challenge feminism too afraid to continuing doing so now because the feminazis have got him by the goolies?

Why does the Mail pay Peter Hitchens to sneer at British Conservatism?

Why Feminist Peter Hitchens is all talk and no trousers

Roger Scruton fails to denounce feminism again

Roger Scruton the Conservative philosopher evasive and prevaricating on feminism

What is the very least your religion should be doing?

Supporting marriage and the family.

This is what all the five world religions have in common.

Oh, and telling the truth, behaving honourably so men can co-operate with each other to defeat the internal and external enemies of their nation.

Prostitution in a patriarchy and matriarchy

In a patriarchy, the supply of sex to heterosexual men are supposed to be wives and prostitutes, with the fornicating slut marginalised. The high end of the sex market is wives, the low end of the sex market is prostitutes, because men of the world know that men who cannot find someone to marry them have to make do with prostitutes, because in a patriarchy women would know that to have sex with a man not your husband would be a sexual offence or at the very least bring ruin to her reputation.

In a matriarchy, the main supplier of sex to heterosexual men are fornicating sluts with prostitutes the most marginalised and wives most cheated on. This the matriarchy necessarily has to do to keep men quiescent in a society that prioritises the preferences of the unmarried mother and her illegitimate offspring. The bargain struck with the fornicating slut is basically dishonest, because she pretends it is free but at heart expects or hopes for marriage to be the final outcome. Think of it is being repeatedly given free introductory offers loaded with hidden charges if you break the unwritten rules of transaction eg having to pay for illegitimate offspring you never intended to sire, being accused of regret rape.

Put it this way: patriarchy is transparent, matriarchy is opaque. Patriarchy is transparent because men like the rules to be clear, matriarchy is opaque because ambiguity is the weapon of the uncertain, indecisive, emotional, subjective and capricious.

It would be the easiest thing in the world to make even the women of the meanest intelligence understand that she is not to have sex with any man until she is married to him. Even a dog could be made to understand this in time, if the dog trainer is creative in the use of disciplinary methods and ways of conveying the concept of marriage to the dog.  

Monday, 19 February 2018

Simon Sheppard says our justice system is now feminine and men should now be very very afraid

How women are now in the key positions of state. Few women have a developed sense of justice, even those in the legal profession.

Theresa May is our female Prime Minister, Amber Rudd is our female Home Secretary, Alison Saunders is our female Director of Public Prosecutions, Chantal Aimee Doerries is Madam Chairman of the Bar Council

Middle class men are too afraid to challenge feminism because they are afraid of being accused of a historic sexual offence or of their wives divorcing them and then taking half their stuff and depriving them of their children.

Philip Davies MP who used to make a stand against feminism is now too cucked and afraid to challenge feminism. Can anyone tell me when it was he last made an anti-feminist comment? You can be sure that the feminazi MPs have put the frighteners on him. He also knows that there is no such thing as male solidarity amongst male Tory MPs so if the feminazis get him, there will no masculine call to rally to his aid. Atomised Western men are invariably atheist, unprincipled and cannot think beyond the next election or sexual encounter.

Roger Scruton, Conservative philosopher, is now so old and doddery that he must know that his wife will soon be his nurse so he will understandably refrain from criticising feminism for the sake of domestic harmony. He has already told me his views on feminism is exactly that of Christina Hoff Sommers', no more and no less. (It is a bit like an anti-Semite saying exactly 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust, no more and no less, wouldn't you say?) He also has a son to put through Eton, that school for unprincipled public school cucks. Don't expect him to risk any of that on your behalf, O Oppressed Men of the Matriarchy! Old men lose their testosterone and become old women, afraid to say too much in case their teeth fall out, or if saying anything should make their nurse angry at them and treat them roughly.

Isn't it a delicious irony that I, a female and a foreigner, should presume to care more about oppressed white men oppressed by feminism who are not my father, husband nor son? It must be because I am that rare female with a sense of justice, I suppose. It is probably because I was not born here and had part of my education abroad that made me retain some kind of decency, principle and fighting spirit, for which I only have my parents to thank. I like to think of myself as the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke, doing it only because there is no one else around to do it.

Peter Hitchens: "I'm a feminist, of course I am!"

According to Simon, the subliminal message being promoted by the liberal media is that it is OK for justice to be withheld from people you dislike and even hurt and kill them, especially if you think they are racists.  

Will the West go the way of the Qing Dynasty during the Boxer Rebellion if its massive matriarchal mistakes remain uncorrected?

O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm for Allah , witnesses in justice, and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah ; indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what you do.

Will the West go the way of the Qing Dynasty during the Boxer Rebellion if its massive matriarchal mistakes remain uncorrected?

The Koran is crystal clear on so many things. The New Testament is a mess of vague platitudes and weird extremist stories. If Christianity has failed, it is not really not hard to see why. As for the Old Testament, it is for Jews only and many Jews find Judaism too uncomfortably high-maintenance to remain Jews. It certainly appears that Islam will be the more successful attempt at adapting Judaism for gentiles. What remains now is to convince enough good strong men of influence capable of getting things done - and they won't necessarily be part of the political establishment whose pool of talent is currently so small and shallow - that the political system and religion of the West needs to be changed, otherwise, there will be trouble ahead.

The Boxer Rebellion

Simon Sheppard says our justice system is now feminine

Men *must* win the battle of the sexes for the sake of their civilisation

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Thursday, 15 February 2018

The cucks of America

Cucks will give up their guns without protest and America is full of cucks now. Leaderless beta males are really just women with penis extensions. In other words, they might as well be cattle being led to the slaughterhouse, hurried along with cattle prods. That is probably why American women are madly signalling for migrant Muslim men to enter America and themselves so they can exterminate the cucked white American men on their behalves.

Who is a cuck?

A man who sees the harm the stinking matriarchy is doing to them, their society, nation and civilisation yet refuses to put two and two together and challenge feminism by discussing my proposal to practice slut-shaming again. These tend to be atheist men who are not fathers of legitimate children who don't care what happens after they are dead. They won't fight back because they don't dare and don't want the inconvenience and risk of a fight. Also, they think what remains of Western civilisation will last till their lifetimes. They think that by the time the shit really hits the fan they will be long gone. If they have any children at all, they are probably illegitimate. If they are not illegitimate, they would be estranged from them having lost contact with them after being divorced by their mother under the rules of no fault divorce and deprived of access to their children. If they are still married and living with their mother, their children are probably such ill-bred disappointments they don't care what happens to them and only expect worse-bred illegitimate grandchildren from their sons and daughters.

Cucks are basically moral nihilists incapable of either leading other men or being loyal followers of any alpha male who takes on the burden of leading them. What alpha male other than Donald Trump would risk his status and privileges by standing up for the beta male victims of feminism who are infamous for their degeneracy, treachery and shiftlessness? Is there anyone to replace him after he has come and gone? Is Trump the dead cat bounce of Western civilisation?