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Richard Spencer says he loves Jesse Lee Peterson

Melanie Phillips: The West's Auto-Immune Disease

Melanie Phillips:

What I've been describing in terms of what Western culture has been doing to itself is Western culture turning on itself, undermining its own core values and replacing them by values previously thought to be transgressive or destructive: replacing truth with ideology, replacing the idea of a nation state by rival groups jostling for power, replacing morality by amorality and I would suggest nihilism, expressed in various ways. Behind all of that is the Western nation based on the share culture of tradition, law, history, language, religion, is somehow illegitimate and need to be remade altogether. This is very pronounced in Europe. In Britain there is historical guilt of empire, in mainland continental Europe you have the guilt of the Holocaust, you have a collective guilt undermining not just the nation, but the very idea of Western progress. The Holocaust had the terrible effect on Europe, from the cradle of civilisation of Goethe and Mozart and this has demoralised the West and not properly understood and this has fragmented Europe.

European and Western civilisation has had this tremendous crisis of confidence, in itself, in the nation and in the project of modernity itself. So that's why I call it an auto-immune disease. An auto-immune disease in medical terms is caused, as I understand it, by a failure of the central nervous system, and this political auto-immune disease of the West, I would suggest, is caused by, not by the failure of the central nervous system, but by a failure of nerve - cultural nerve. It is an astonishing situation and almost unbelievable, but we have to believe it. It is a situation brought about by cultural exhaustion, guilt, moral exhaustion.

The real threat is not to Israel, but to America, to the United Kingdom and to Europe. The West's enemies understand this very well. They understand the West's weakness. They understand that the West no longer has a sense of purpose because it has lost its belief in what it is, but they have a sense of purpose. They have a sense of purpose infused by religious belief. They are doing God's work, but this is the paradox: this Islamic world that is infused by this sense of purpose, this jihadi fanaticism, this Islamic world is extreme because it feels itself under threat from modernity. The essence of its extremism is that it understands modernity is coming at it through the internet, through social media, through the globalisation movement. Its women are at risk of believing they have a future of freedom, they understand that that is something they have to stop, and that is what they are trying to do: they are trying to stop modernity. It is essentially a defensive movement because they understand at some level that their culture is dying, and it is true, it is dying. However, the paradox is that it's a dying dragon: as its tail thrashes in its death throes, it can kill us, unless we actually understand what it is and fight it,  and we can only fight it by rediscovering our own core values. So this is the terrible paradox and problem that we face in the West, but my final concluding thought is this: you have two civilisations as it were, in a terrible spiral of decline and in their death throes, fighting each other.

Melanie Phillips psychoanalyses the British anti-Semite has the transcript to this very interesting speech on British anti-Semitism.

Britain’s changing perception of its own national interest in the region led it to appease the Arabs by restricting the Jewish immigration it had promised to facilitate – thus swelling the death toll of the Holocaust -- while turning a blind eye to illegal Arab immigration and suggesting a further division of the remaining fragment of Palestine, most of which it had already given away to the Hashemite dynasty in 1921 to create Transjordan, into a state for the Jews and a state for the Arabs. Eventually, Britain abstained in the 1947 UN vote to bring Israel into being; and the anger at Jewish terrorism, the perception that Britain had been humiliated in Palestine and the belief that Britain had been embroiled in an unnecessary and damaging project left a reservoir of deep and lasting public resentment.

The impact of the Holocaust, however, buried that resentment along with conventional anti-Jewish feeling which went underground. In its early years, Israel basked in Britain’s approval because it fitted the spirit of the age. As Europe emerged from the horrors of the war, Israel was in effect hope reborn, a young idealistic country run on socialist principles and making the desert bloom. But when the skies darkened and Israel became embroiled in an apparently never-ending messy new kind of warfare in which the Arabs could pain Israelis as brutal occupiers and themselves as victims, the mood sharply changed. The resentful memory of the Mandate and the belief formed during that time that a Jewish state would only bring trouble was given new and virulent life. And the reasons for that could not be more profound. They relate to what has happened to Britain itself.  

Since 1945, Britain has fundamentally changed. The Palestine debacle was an important milestone in the collapse of the British empire, which in turn helped bring about  a collapse of belief in Britain itself and what it stood for. During the past six decades, Britain has been systematically hollowing out its own culture, for two intimately related reasons: a loss of its national identity and purpose, and the crumbling of religious belief that underpinned its moral codes. 

With the loss of Britain’s imperial role, together with its near bankruptcy after the Second World War and its reliance on American money to bale it out, the country’s elite class was profoundly demoralised -- a state of mind which culminated in the shattering humiliation of the Suez crisis of 1956, when a secret plot by Britain, France and Israel to invade Egypt after Nasser seized the Suez Canal was aborted when America’s President Eisenhower pulled the financial plug on the operation.

This demoralisation left Britain’s elites intensely vulnerable to ideas suggesting the emergence of a new kind of world altogether – the new Jerusalem. And this was to be an utter repudiation of the old Jerusalem -- a secular onslaught against Biblical morality and its replacement by the religion of the self: hyper-individualism fuelled by rampant consumerism. 

This secularism has eroded the principles which underpin western civilisation. Chief among these is the concept of truth or objectivity, which western intellectuals have now declared defunct in favour of the subjective notion of moral relativism, or truth-for-me --otherwise known as ‘anything goes’.

As a result, people are increasingly unable to make moral distinctions based on behaviour. This erasing of the difference between right and wrong has meant in turn that people who do wrong -- if they tick certain boxes -- may be viewed with sympathy while their actual victims are held responsible for their offence.  

This march of secularism has opened the door to the British and European left, which demonises America and western capitalism and lionises the third world and all liberation movements. With the fall of communism, the left’s focus shifted from economics to issues of culture, race, ethnic identity and the nation state. It was Antonin Gramsci, the Marxist thinker who became the guru of the former sixties radicals who now run western society, who promoted the idea that western society could be overturned by capturing the citadels of the culture – the universities, schools, churches, media, civil service, professions – and subverting its values. 

Enacting Gramsci's precepts to the letter, morality and culture have indeed been turned upside down. The values of marginalised or transgressive groups have been substituted for the values of the majority and their historic culture. The authority of the Bible has been repudiated for a culture of rights, leading Britain’s intelligentsia to embrace post-modernism, anti-racism, feminism and gay rights. The crucial point is  that these are all part of a victim culture which does not seek to extend tolerance to marginalised groups, but instead to transfer power to such groups to destroy the very idea of a normative majority culture rooted in the morality of Christianity and the Hebrew Bible. 

Christians are now targeted as bigots if they uphold Christian beliefs about sexuality. An elderly evangelical Christian who was attacked after he held up a poster calling for an end to homosexuality, lesbianism and immorality, was convicted in 2002 of a public order offence – while his attackers were not prosecuted on the grounds that they were the victims of the offence.

 A Christian registrar was threatened with the sack after asking to be excused from conducting civil partnerships for same-sex couples because of her religious beliefs, although she later won the right to do so.

And the Catholic church was forced to cut its ties with three large adoption agencies because equality law forces such agencies to place children for adoption with gay couples.

With western culture deemed illegitimate because it is intrinsically oppressive, only multiculturalism is a legitimate basis for national identity. This holds that all minority values must have equal status to those of the majority. Any attempt to uphold majority values over minorities is a form of prejudice. That turns minorities into a cultural battering ram to destroy the very idea of majority culture at all. 

With racism defined on Marxist principles as prejudice with power, it follows that minorities or the third world can never be anything other than victims, while the west or those with power can only ever be the victimiser. That’s why the Jews, who are seen as running western capitalism, and Israel, which has nuclear weapons, are not seen as victims. Since suicide bombings are carried out by the powerless Palestinians, these must instead be the fault of their all-powerful Israeli targets. So when Muslims and Arabs invert right and wrong, truth and lies, victim and victimiser in their story about the Middle East, instead of challenging this as a big lie the British intelligentsia endorses, absorbs and reproduces it.

Britain has not only lost belief in itself as a nation, but European liberals have turned against the very idea of the nation itself. Rooted in the particulars of history, religion, law, language and tradition, the nation is seen as the cause of all the ills of the world, from prejudice to war. That’s why supra-national institutions such as the UN, EU, International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court and the international and human rights law which they have invented, are held to be more legitimate than the structures of individual democracies.  
So for these transnational progressives, the very idea of a Jewish state is double anathema. Britain’s part in creating it is seen as an example of a wholly discredited colonialism, part of Britain’s original sin which has to be expiated through the creation of a transnational and multicultural world. It is surely no accident that the Jews find themselves at the centre of this convulsion. It was the Jews who first gave the west those moral codes that underpin its civilisation and which are now under siege. 

Jews have always found themselves in difficulties whenever their host country loses confidence in itself. That is what has happened in Britain, which has upturned its founding values based on Christianity and the Hebrew Bible and no longer knows its own identity or purpose. The upsurge in anti-Jewish feeling centred upon the State of Israel is intimately connected to this cultural confusion.

Melanie Phillips Islam in Europe

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Tara McCarthy and Millennial Woes have a cosy little chat about conducting a pogrom. 90 - 100% white ethno-states discussed

It doesn't matter even if immigrants are exactly like white people inside their heads, they are not wanted and that's that, they say.

They discuss conducting a pogrom and how couples and families will be split up, with white women who have had the babies of black men being forced to move to Africa to be with them after the pogrom.

Oh, and forcible sterilisation.

Wansee Conference Protocol

"Race and Settlement Main Office"

"Persons of mixed blood of the first degree who are exempted from evacuation will be sterilized in order to prevent any offspring and to eliminate the problem of persons of mixed bloodonce and for all. Such sterilization will be voluntary. But it is required to remain in the Reich. The sterilized "person of mixed blood" is thereafter free of all restrictions to which he was previously subjected."

Roaming Millennial will have to go too, Millennial Woes says.

Indians, Jews, Chinese are high IQ races with higher IQ than whites are a problem that will have to be dealt with.

"Jews operate in a unique way that arouse the ire of the native population", says Millennial Woes.

"Remember, I'm not saying Jews aren't a problem", says Tara McCarthy, reassuring her audience.

Rotheram discussed.

White people should be even angrier that the sex predators are another race to the white girls who were the victims of Muslim sex predators, and should see themselves as under siege, says Millennial Woes.

Muslims are currently 4% of UK population, what's going to happen when it doubles and quadruples, asks Tara McCarthy.

They are currently 3% in Rotheram.