Monday, 21 May 2018

Anti-feminist Belinda Brown to speak at the Hay Festival 2018

Roosh and me on the alt-right and why they keep failing because they are afraid of challenging feminism

My position:

1. You suffer because your religion is kaput and you are too stupid and degenerate to know this preferring to blame Jews and Muslims.

2.  You prefer to blame Jews and Muslims because you are afraid to challenge feminism.

3.  You are afraid to challenge feminism because you cucks are afraid of your women not allowing you sexual access to them if you offend them, who are sluts making you degenerate unmarriageable slut-fucking atheists who can't and won't see the big picture because you are too cowardly and dishonest to do so.

Hate what I say? Of course you would. You are too stupid, degenerate and cucked to even acknowledge the truth because you know you are too hooked on feminism (which bribes you with fornication) to think of doing anything more than complain weakly weekly. I welcome the hatred of those who would be treated as sex offenders by the Bible and Koran who know they are

(a) unmarriageable

(b) incapable of rising to the challenge and sacrifice of marriage, which is the gold standard of rearing the next generation which is the most basic requirement for continuing your civilisation

(c) not only incapable of rising to the challenge of making themselves marriageable but actually do not even want to make the attempt, probably because they already suspect it is too late for them

(d) not only incapable of wanting to make themselves capable of rising to the challenge of making themselves marriageable, but have no leader at all of their own race capable of making them want to restore the patriarchy

This is what atheism and feminism has done to Western masculinity.

Why are post-Christians being exploited by Jews and invaded by Muslims?

The answer will become clear when you compare the following:

White males with non-white male

White males with no religion and non-white males with religion

Fatherless white males and properly fathered non-white males

Men who have legitimate children who properly parent them and men who are gaily married or who have sired bastards by different women who have never met their offspring

Men who want to remain in denial and men who can face the truth.

For the avoidance of doubt, let me sum up the above below:

If you get women to lower standards on who gets to fuck and impregnate them, the next generation will be obviously stupider and weaker than another race or nation that maintains decent standards of sexual morality ie practices marriage.

These young men with good jobs are too stupid to see the big picture. While they may wish to kick out Jews, Muslims and non-whites, they don't quite get it that politics is not giving Santa your wish-list for Christmas, but knowing what it is politic to say. Why don't the young people at Generation Identity at least try to join a respectable or even a semi-respectable political party instead of speaking to tourists who do not vote in UK General Elections at Hyde Park? Stupidity, thy name is alt-right.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Trad Muslim Responds to Lauren Southern on Islam

Claire Khaw and Roosh on Jordan Peterson and patriarchy from the 46th minute

Roosh answers my questions. 

From the 46th minute

How Jordan Peterson could have defended patriarchy

A discussion I had about Jordan Peterson with a beta male

From the 32nd minute is Pilleater who interviewed me in his video below. He asks Roosh what is a man to do when a woman says she is on the pill and he doesn't quite believe her and doesn't want to knock her up.

Friday, 18 May 2018

The idolatry of Christianity has caused it to fail in an age of science, technology, universal education and scepticism

The point of the Trinity is to make Christians feel special and better than Jews and Muslims with their divine prophet, but Christianity is in fact a very stupid religion. A believing Christian is stupidly credulous because he believes in a patent absurdity that Christ is the begotten Son of God and the co-equal of an omnipotent and eternal God. However, an unbelieving person who nevertheless calls himself a Christian is by definition a coward, hypocrite and a liar. No wonder it has failed in the West, steeped in lies, confusion and absurdity repulsive to reason. Fortunately, Islam - which is in conformity with the Noahide laws in the way that Christianity is not because it is idolatrous - is waiting in the wings. Unlike the Old and the New Testament, the Koran specifically and explicitly accommodates the previous two Abrahamic faiths.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Nationalism: From D.C. To Jerusalem | The Michael Knowles Show Ep. 157

The Nihilistic Nationalist's Rejection of Theocracy

A nihilist is defined as someone who believes in nothing but lives like an animal. He acknowledges no moral system but his own, but what he thinks is his moral system is nothing more than his decision to be moved by his emotions and appetites, from one day to the next, from one moment to the next.

While he thinks he understands what is meant by truth and logic, his hold on logic is shaky indeed.

He only identifies with truth and logic because he sees them as desirable things to have and therefore his right to have, even if he cannot apply them.

However, should the wheels of logic grind towards a conclusion he finds unpleasant, frightening or inconvenient, his emotions will take over and he will break his own rules. Whatever grasp on truth or logic he has goes out the window and he is only left with the reality of his emotions and someone else's truth and logic, which he will predictably reject.

Being an egotist, he will always reject anyone else's truth and logic however truthful and logical in favour of his own emotions however irrational, because his emotions are his alone and therefore special and better to anything else in the world.

In short, the nihilist believes only in himself, but he believes in and acts on no system of rules but his emotions, from moment to moment. To deal with the obvious problems this kind of mindset would create for any society, religion was created. With religion, there will be scripture and if everyone is said to subscribe to this religion, then at least the rules will be official and contained in scripture, even if in practice they will be broken. If the rules are law, then those who break them will be punished, to discourage undesirable behaviour.

Most people these days are nihilists, because that was the way they were brought up.

Nihilists are incapable of sustained political activism because they are infirm of purpose. A moral system is necessarily and logically a system of morality subscribed to by a group of people. This is impossible to explain to a nihilist who thinks falsely and illogically that what he thinks is morality is anything more than a list of rules that he only imperfectly follows. He will insist loudly and repeatedly that neither he nor his society needs a religion while in the next breath saying that the country is going to the dogs and he is getting out as soon as he can.

What he means - as an egotist - is that because he does not think he need or wants a religion, therefore no one else should need or want such a thing. The pathological egotist has not even the self-consciousness to know that the rest of the world is not him, and he is not the rest of the world. This means he will conflate what he thinks are his own best interests with what is the national interest when he is in fact not particularly adept at looking after what he will call his Number One, precisely because he so often rejects truth and logic in favour of his own emotions and appetites.