Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Thoughts on Trump giving green light for Biden transition

5:00  French Revolution
6:00  Religious prohibitions
7:00  Unmarried parents
8:00  Good rewarded and evil punished
9:00  Trump's legal challenge
10:00  God knows
11:00  China
12:00  Superpower of the Ancient World
13:00  Civil War
14:00  Marxism
15:00  China and Russia
16:00  Communism
17:00  Pre-industrial
18:00  1896 US elections
21:00  One-party state
22:00  Government in the national interest
23:00  War
24:00  The British public school system
25:00  Colonial Administrator
26:00  Looking the part
27:00  Conservatism
29:00  Echo chambers
30:00  Monopoly
31:00  Trump promoting a one-party theocracy governed by the principles of Secular Koranism
32:00  China
33:00  Neocon wars
34:00  The broken moral and political system
35:00  Sexual corruption leads to moral corruption
36:00  Beng corrupt
37:00  Christianity and Liberalism
39:00  The national interest
41:00  Trump questioning the whole system and promoting a one-party theocracy governed by the principles of Secular Koranism
47:00  Civil War
48:00  Lego
49:00  Rules are the gym equipment of the mind.
52:00  EEC/EC/EU and Islam
53:00  Wars of the Reformation
54:00  Polygamy
55:00  WW1 and WW2
56:00  America is the reckless teenager who won the lottery.

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Ben Bradley does not dare to ask for the abolition of no fault divorce or the repeal of the Equality Act 2010

Ben Bradley probably does not know the impression he is giving of British masculinity to the rest of the world when a male politician asks for more rights from his matriarchy.

A patriarchy is a society that prioritises the preferences of married parents who want to properly parent their legitimate offspring. The patriarchy has now been destroyed by feminism and replaced by the matriarchy.

A matriarchy is a society that prioritises the preferences of unmarried parents who casually conceive and parent their illegitimate offspring.

There is even a pair of them in Downing Street now. In fact, the unmarried mother in Downing Street has been credited by the BBC with getting Brexiteers Lee Cain and Dominic Cummings the sack.

Having destroyed the patriarchy, the matriarchy is a danger to itself, because it will be inviting foreign men to replace the men it only feels contempt and disgust for.

That is why Priti Patel the British Home Secretary and the most prominent leaver in the Cabinet who tried her best to deal with illegal immigration is on her way out too.

Conservatives who only want to conserve their dignity when their ideology has failed

Do you ever wonder why Conservatives never ever win any debate?

Because it has no agreed principles and has never been properly defined.

Conservatism was conceived after the French Revolution as a form of "theocracy lite" after Catholic priests lost their heads to the French Revolutionaries. It has therefore been a defensive ideology and has now degraded into an ideology of defending whatever the status quo is, good or bad.

Because gay marriage was legalised by a Conservative Prime Minister in Britain, we can safely conclude that Conservatism and Britain are both morally bankrupt. It is also under a Conservative Administration that Downing Street has in residence its first pair of unmarried parents.

Just as liberalism is really all the stuff Western governments have done and said, so is Conservatism. It would be like sacralising all you ever did in your life, good or bad, without examination or analysis.

The other problem with Conservatives is their flabby and flaccid response to debating important ideas and questions. Their fallback position seems to be "If I never participate in a debate, I can't lose it."

Morally flabby and flaccid men are the death of your civilisation.

An exchange I had with a Conservative:

Are you a Conservative?

A CON:  
Yes I am.

Do you think that the good of the cause is more important than [Trump's] ego or no?

I don't think it is just his ego. His supporters want him to fight on and will be disappointed if he doesn't.

How is he fighting on exactly? He hasn't even presented a case which people can understand what he is fighting exactly. 

Please tell me if you think that he is more important than the cause.

You don't seem to understand that the evidence has to be presented in court.

Yes I do. But why can't his team of lawyers cogently present to the public why the results of the election are fraudulent? It's been weeks now.

Please let me know why you think that the results were fraudulent.

Please tell me if you think President Trump is more important than the Conservative cause.

Conservatism is kaput, like Christianity.

Trump represents nationalism because he identifies as nationalist.

Why do you assume there is no case just because the evidence has not been presented?

Because he has had weeks to present why exactly the results are fraudulent and he hasn't done so. What is he waiting for exactly?

You'll soon find out.

Will we? 
People who want to deceive people will not be specific in their claims. 
Decievers deal in generalities.
That's why I ask people who make claims to be specific. If they can't then it's a giveaway that they aren't honest.
Does that make sense?

I don't think you can be a Trump voter.

You pretend to be a supporter to demoralise his supporters when you pretend to have withdrawn your support when you never gave it in the first place.

Because you only lied that you did.

It would seem that I said something that bothered you. 
Was it the whole Decievers deal on generalities thing which struck too close to home?

No at all. I have noticed that you often pretend to be supportive of something and then undermine it as a former supporter of it.

This has been your modus operandi and I wonder what your interest in me is.

Not all things are about you. Though narcissists tend to think that things are about them when they are not. 

I have asked you direct questions yet you don't address them. 

Also you speak in general terms on everything. Never do you get into specifics.
Those are red flags.

I am glad Trump is fighting it and so are plenty of his supporters. What do you expect me to say?

Because I only speak in general terms, I am a narcissist?

Thinking things are all about you might.

Why do you speak only in general terms ?

I don't think everything is about me.

When did I say anything to make you think I thought everything was about me?

When you asked what my interest in you is.

But why do you speak in generalities ?

What in particular do you want to me to speak about?:

Let's try by answering my question on if President Trump is more important than the cause ?

They are interchangeable.

There is a general statement. 
Can you get more specific about what you mean?

I really mean that Trump and his fighting spirit and the fact that he is fighting is part of his identity.

He is either more important than the things he says he if fighting for or he isn't. 

Unless he's only fighting for his ego. Then your answer about them being interchangeable makes perfect sense.

Is that what you meaned then?

I have already indicated that I support him and his supporters want him to keep fighting. What else do you want from me?

I would like direct answers to my questions instead of evasive (another red flag) ones.
I would like specifics instead of generalities.
See how so many things can be revealed by using questions and answers?

I have answered all your questions.

If you don't find them sufficiently informative, you should think of better questions.

Not in a direct or honest way.
But that's ok. 
As I stated before, decievers deal in generalities.

How have I deceived you?

You haven't.

Though your answers have been.

I don't see how any answers have been deceptive.

You make general statements on various topics. But when you are asked specific questions you avoid them or make other general statements. This is your modus operandi.

I have no other modus operandi other than to propagate my message.

But that message is just a general message. 

You don't go into specifics.

As well as you don't believe it yourself.

Which is deceptive.

What are you accusing me of not believing in?


I am agnostic.

Then why promote a system based on belief in a deity ?

Because we should choose the best available religion/moral system.

Why ?

Why not choose the best available religion/moral system?

Why choose the worst or the middling?

By what criteria are you using to determine what is the best ?

Jews are the world's most ancient and powerful tribe because they worship the most powerful deity conceivable.

That's not true.

Name a more ancient and powerful tribe than the Jews.


Which tribe?

There are many Black tribes. But they were the original humans. So everything flows from them.

You can't think of a more ancient and powerful tribe than Jews.



They are not a tribe.

How so?

Nations consist of tribes.

Do you have a problem with Jews?

Are the Persians a nation or a people ? 

I have no problem with Jews. 

If you don't have a problem with Jews, why do you have such a problem accepting that Jews are the world's most ancient and powerful tribe, particularly when you can't even think of a tribe more ancient and powerful than Jews?

You appear not to understand what is meant by a tribe, confusing it with race, nation and civilisation.

You're have no fixed beliefs at all, do you?

I have plenty of beliefs that I think are true. Just not all the same ones that you do. 

I believe it is a contradiction to believe in the Koran but to deny the author of it.

I believe that people who want to deceive others will make many general statements but nor specific ones.

I believe that some women hate other women.

I believe that Hitler was no friend of the Jews. And anyone who admirers Hitler really hates Jews.

Do these statements make sense?

As an agnostic, I don't deny God.

Did you say you supported Secular Koranism?


Please watch this 9+ minute video and tell me how life would be better living under Islam.

Is the West getting wealthier or more indebted under liberalism?

Iran before the Islamic Revolution was only a puppet of the West. After the Islamic Revolution, it was able to defy the might of America and its allies. This you cannot deny.

Christianity; Conservation and Liberalism are kaput, aren't they?

So you wish to pretend Christianity, Conservatism and Liberalism are still working even as your country gets worse in the hope that denial will eventually bring success?

Are you sure denial is a strategy to success?

Too many general statements on your part. 
According to you everything you dislike is kaput.

Prove that Christianity, Conservatism and liberalism are not kaput if you disagree.

We should dislike failed ideologies, but you are in denial.

What particular statements do you want me to make?

What does the word kaput mean to you ?

Broken, failed.

Are you really continuing to deny that Christianity, Conservatism and liberalism are kaput after what has happened to your country?

Why would you think democracy is a viable way of choosing leaders?

Are most American voters wise?

What is liberalism anyway?

Isn't liberalism just stuff Western governments have done and are doing?

Do you consider yourself Christian?

What are the origins of liberalism?

What liberties does liberalism give us?

What has Conservatism conserved?

What must happen before you agree that Christianity, Conservatism and liberalism have failed?

Are you denying that Christianity, Conservatism and liberalism have failed because you reject the only rational and moral choice?

Is the reason why you reject the only rational and moral replacement to Capitalism, Christianity, Conservatism and liberalism your Islamophobia?

Do you know that admitting to Islamophobia means you have admitted to losing the argument because a phobia is an irrational fear and hatred?

Are you a confirmed Christian?

Do you believe in the Abrahamic God?

Are you aware that Christianity is idolatry and blasphemy?

How do you feel about Christianity being idolatry and blasphemy?

If you don't care that Christianity is idolatry and blasphemy, does it mean that you are really an atheist because if you did believe in God, you would fear to break His Commandments, wouldn't you?


It's not indicative of a sane mind to send 17 different questions in a row without waiting for a response for the first question that you asked.
So I must ask you if you are feeling ok?

Are you saying you refuse to answer them?

No. But you need to act like a sane and rational person. Asking 18 questions one after another doesn't qualify as that.
Does that make sense?

Are you refusing to answer them because you know answering them honestly would mean you losing the argument?

I note that you are not making any attempt to answer my questions most of which only require a yes/no answer.

I will answer them one at a time. But please don't ask 18 questions in a row without waiting for a response to the first question. It makes you seem mentally imbalanced when you do that.

Asking simple and obvious questions you refuse to answer is a pretty effective way of winning the argument which you are too prideful to concede.

Your hysteric behaviour indicates an imbalance in your mind.

It seems you will keep continuing to complain and insult me again rather than answering my simple and obvious questions which is evidence of bad faith.

You amuse me with your pathetic insults and your clear inability to answer my questions honestly.

You are another liar and denier of the truth suffering from the inability to form obviously conclusions because you are fixated on defending the beliefs of your ancestors and displaying hatred of the people God must have sent to humiliate you, if He exists.

Have you been sent here to humiliate me?

It is humiliating to have both your moral and political system be seen to fail by the rest of the world. No need to take it personally though. Out of this disaster, the person who sees the correct solution first to proclaim it will be rewarded by history.

You seem not to like Western Civilization. 
Perhaps another civilization would be better for you to live in. Why live in a miserable society when you can live in a much better one that is a true patriarchy?

Define Western civilisation.

You can't answer my questions so you are telling me to leave before you run me out of town. Still not answering any of my easy questions?

Are you pleased Trump lost?

Are you glad the neocons are back in Washington?

Wait for an answer before going hysteric again.

Western Civilization is the social norms, ethical values, political systems,etc. that come from Europe.

Since you don't like these people why do you choose to live amongst them?

Why don't you answer my questions then instead of insulting me again and again and telling me to leave because you have lost the argument?

What people are you accusing me of not liking?

I am not telling you to leave. I am asking why you choose to live amongst people you despise?

Why aren't you answering my questions?

Who are you accusing me of despising?

Why not just answer any of my questions? I answer your questions.

Choose one to ask me. I will answer it then you can ask another. To ask 2 dozen questions and expect me to answer them is absurd. Please behave in a rational manner. This isn't some shithole country.

Are you not going to answer any of my questions?

I will. But one at a time. Which one would you like me to answer first?

I think I have made my points surprisingly well. I wasn't expecting you not to answer any of them!

I will answer all of them. But one at a time. Stop acting crazy and behave yourself. You seem to need a man to put you in your place.

Keep your insults coming and keep not answering my questions.

It's not an insult to notice you have no patriarch in your life. 
You do need a man to guide you. You are out of control and need to be humbled.

Unable to answer my simple questions, you are now offering to marry me!

I am offering to put you in your place.

Are you saying you can't even answer even one of my questions?

Which one do you want me to start with.

So you won't be answering any of my questions even after I have answered yours?

Name the one you want. Stop acting foolish little girl.

Now you're saying you won't answer any of my questions until I specify which and are trying to assert what you think is your masculine authority after you have lost the argument?

Ask politely. You need to not be out of order with me.

You are the one out of order.

[to be continued]

Ten questions on rewarding good and punishing evil

  1. Can we have a world in this life where good is rewarded and evil punished?  tNE Yes, if we have laws that punish evil and reward good.  
  2. Can humanity collectively agree to obey the Noahide laws?
  3. Can nations be measured for their righteousness through how many of the Noahide laws they obey?  
  4. If you reject the Noahide laws because they come from Judaism, are you an antisemite?
  5. If you reject the Noahide ranking of the four gentile world religions that Islam is the most Noahide-observant, is it because you are an Islamophobe?
  6. If you admit to Islamophobia, have you not already conceded that you have lost the argument since you have admitted that you have an irrational hatred and fear of Islam and Muslims?
  7. Have you noticed that those who hate and fear Jews and Judaism, Muslims and Islam are invariably atheist?
  8. If these antisemites and Islamophobes claim to be Christian, why do they not recognise or care that Christianity is idolatry and blasphemy?  
  9. If they really believe in God, why don't they care that they have been guilt of idolatry and blasphemy for 2000 years?  
  10. Are people who claim to be Christian really nihilistic atheists (who are also antisemites and Islamophobes) since they do not even have the beginning of wisdom to fear the God they claim to believe in?

Avoiding and solving moral and political problems with the Koran

It is actually the easiest thing in the world to demonstrate that all the problems afflicting the West could have been avoided if it had been following the Koran.

I wonder if anyone will respond to this challenge by a non-Muslim who sees a functioning moral system as absolutely necessary to the continuing existence of any nation state. 

The fact that most people will probably decline to engage on the basis of "If you never engage, you can never lose" is another sign of the effeminate risk-aversion of Western Man and his inability to use Truth, Logic and Morality to solve and avoid obvious and predictable problems. 

If the moral and political system of the West were still in operation, I wouldn't be a voice in the wilderness.

Reform of revolution?

If Christianity had not already failed, we would have honourable politicians.

If Liberalism had not already failed, Western voters would not be voting for Trump and to leave the EU.

If Democracy had not already failed, there would be no need to rig the election or for Western media to manage our perception of the US elections.

If all the important institutions of the West had not already failed, these questions would already have been discussed and solved.

There is actually no one at all I can have an honest and rational discussion with on any of the above questions.

Feminised and infantilised Western men want to either stay in denial, or remain in their echo chambers that will only engage with those who already agree with them.

Time for reform or revolution. Take your pick.

Rational government in the national interest in China, neoliberalism and neoconservatism in Western "democracies".

The West now believes that Democracy and Intersectional Feminism are its gods. Those like Trump who challenge it are declared deplorable heretics and are cancelled and ignored.  China must realise that Western politicians not only lie to everyone, they also lie to themselves. They also have a death wish and should be treated as suffering from dementia. They have no plan other than to react to the loudest voice that shouts at them. Since it is no longer politically correct to blame Jews for everything that goes wrong with their dysfunctional moral and political system, they now assume that China has overtaken the West because it must have cheated.  

China has never been so rationally governed in its history. Its one-party state means that its political talent is concentrated only in one party and its politicians are properly trained and assessed unlike the laughable procedures of what passes for Western "democracy". If the West knew what was good for itself, it would have an honest discussion about what has gone wrong, but it does not appear that Western Man is capable of honest speech and clear thinking. If it is not blaming China for having cheated, it is blaming Jews. If it had any shame, it would feel ashamed of itself, but it now a degenerate matriarchy whose moral and political system have failed, determined to remain in denial that its moral and political system have failed.

Thoughts on Trump giving green light for Biden transition

5:00  French Revolution 6:00  Religious prohibitions 7:00  Unmarried parents 8:00  Good rewarded and evil punished 9:00  Trump's legal c...