Friday, 31 May 2019

Chillstream - Intelligence, Narratives & Political Strategy

I join at 1:54:00 to talk about feelings. 

2:00 Opinions on the intelligence of Controlled Opps, Josh Neal and I are discussed. Not only am I intelligent, I am also wise, charismatic, empathetic, possess leadership qualities and am a great communicator, having the respect of my supporters and opponents as being an original thinker. My originality is also safely bound within the confines of Truth, Logic and Morality making me principled and trustworthy. This is how I have come to be a figure of the alt-right even when I am neither white nor male.

Because I acknowledge that it would be a humiliation for the white man to be led by a female and racial foreigner, I have wisely hinted that I could be an incarnation of Solon, an Athenian statesman, poet and lawmaker. It is not necessary that Western Man believe this narrative, but the fact it has been woven by me would flatter them and show that I understand and empathise with them. It is my intention to show them that I understand Western men better than they understand themselves.

I am the mind of a man happily inhabiting the body of a woman, conscious of my feminine privilege, because I am, let's face it, not exactly unattractive even if I am no longer a spring chicken.

As well as having these extraordinary qualities, I still know my place in the world and possess the virtue of humility. This means that I recognise the need of seeking female validation to reinforce my support base.

Having already demonstrated that I am indeed extraordinary, I should proceed from strength to strength to save Western civilisation from the pozz because there is just no one anywhere at all in the West with a solution as comprehensive as mine possessing my extraordinary qualities.

Thursday, 30 May 2019

What is "Autism"?

The jizya is a conditional tribute which can be avoided by converting to Islam. I propose that this be imposed as a percentage of the conquered country's GDP obviating the need for a poll tax.  War is only likely if the demographics support it ie a youth bulge. Over-population in the invading country and extreme weakness in the proposed invaded country would amount to an open invitation to invade.

FGM is unIslamic because women and men too of course should be given the free will to refrain from extramarital sex.

My questions for Rabbi Sacks

The belief in a Jewish conspiracy is caused by the defects of Christianity

Can the Church regain its morality authority?

What is the point of having an Archbishop of Canterbury who is not even Christian?

Does the Archbishop of Canterbury think the state religion of Britain is PC Libtardism?

I don't know if Will is aware of my answer to the Jewish Question.

The ISIS interpretation of Islam comes from the Talmud

The Koran if interpreted correctly is neither excessively liberal or excessively Conservative. Nor is it excessively patriarchal or excessively matriarchal. It encourages businesses enterprise but enjoins charity. All races are equal and its creation story resembles the Big Bang and it forbids compulsion in belief.  How the hell did the Muslims manage to mess up this great religion?  By not reading and debating the Koran and trusting their 'scholars' to do it for them, by allowing the Gates of Interpretation, closed centuries ago, to remain closed.  Otherwise, it would be the perfect ideology that is the middle way between capital and communism, the patriarchy and the matriarchy, for all humanity.

Controlled Opps mentioned the Kharijites but I don't see their relevance to this debate.
Blasphemy in Islam is impious utterance or action concerning God, "Blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad and his companions (sabb al-rasul, sabb al-sahabah)", insulting an angel or to deny the prophethood of one of the Islamic prophets. The Quran admonishes blasphemy, but does not specify any worldly punishment for blasphemy. The hadiths, which are another source of Sharia, suggest various punishments for blasphemy, which may include death. However, it has been argued that the death penalty applies only to cases where there is treason involved that may seriously harm the Muslim community, especially during times of war. Different traditional schools of jurisprudence prescribe different punishment for blasphemy, depending on whether the blasphemer is Muslim or non-Muslim, a man or a woman. In the modern Muslim world, the laws pertaining to blasphemy vary by country, and some countries prescribe punishments consisting of fines, imprisonment, flogging, hanging, or beheading.

4:44:00  I had already answered Gandalf's question (ie Why should I, a German, worship a non-German deity?) twice before I was ejected by Jen. The answer I repeated twice was "Because the rules work."


5:05:00  Autism is adults who still say "I want" showing that they are still not getting it. It is bad parenting to not tell your child not to begin a sentence with "I want." Please give up associating with people like that, Jen. Or, if you want to teach him something he really needs to learn,  come down on him like a ton of bricks every time he says those trigger words: "I want." You are a bad parent if your kid does something that reflects badly on you eg Make people think "Didn't your parents ever tell you not to do X?"

Monday, 27 May 2019

The evils of idolatry with Kashif Shahzada

Some delightful compliments on WiR w Doooovid - Episode 9 - 26-05-2019

From 22:00


Claire ... not only is she using her real name but she's got credentials. If you're into nationalism she was officially a party member of UKIP [yes, I was a member of UKIP too, but it was really being a member of the BNP that propelled me to fame.]  If you're in white nationalism Claire is a pretty advanced. All you have to do is search google.


I find her commentary really funny. She says that the things that you say actually increase anti-semitism and that's why so Jews disagree with what you do, but she doesn't seem to have any self-awareness that she's also a minority and her opinions also tend to increase anti minority sentiment because of how bossy she is and how condescending she is. 

[I already know what I say is unpopular, but I say it anyway. It was my own dear grandmother who made the point that constructive criticism can be made because you care, and criticising effectively is harder than praising indiscriminately which is lazy and bad parenting. There is no nice way of saying what I feel needs to be said, which is why cowardly white men in a position of political influence don't even say what needs to be said to other white men. The last person to do that was Jew Keith Joseph, and this meant sacrificing his chance at becoming PM.]

It's really funny how little self-awareness a lot of people can have when they do things like that. I don't think Claire is making anybody associated with her look better to be honest and that's why I cut her off. 
[Jen cut me off because she kept losing the argument and would continue to do. She now knows her ideas are full of holes and that I know where they are.]

I don't like that she's constantly writing about me on her tabloid blog constantly. It's mostly because she misrepresents what what I say. I don't know if you ever watch our streams but every single thing that I say she kind of twists it and represents it to me and then asked me to affirm her twisted misrepresentation of what I'm saying so it ends up just being this battle of me being upset that she's not quoting me properly and then her being like "Well, that's what you said. I mean it's right there." But I don't know if this is just her debate strategy but I find it distasteful.

[If you are a racial determinist, you are racist, aren't you? You are saying that someone's race is an inescapable predictor of their behaviour and this means you think you can predict that someone's behaviour will be bad because of the colour of their skin. This is what it really means and is therefore racist, isn't it? If not, I am happy to hear Jen's explanation and arguments. Jen's position are basically the following:

1) White people are Indians who migrated to Europe who have turned white.

2) Their descendants the  British then colonised India and should maybe apologise for their empire. 

3) European pagans had a wonderful religion till Christians in Europe destroyed it.

4) Europeans and their descendants in the New World should believe in reincarnation and make her their leader.

5) She is the incarnation of Dayanand Saraswati, a Hindu sage who disapproved of idolatry.

6) Christianity and Islam were Jew-created religion to allow Jews to monopolise the practice of usury.   

Because these positions are obviously controversial, and I challenged them. Jen regards my attitude as lèse-majesté.]

I considered her a troll because I mean she can't possibly believe that her approach will work. She basically wants to have a list of Jews that if you fail to live up to the standards of I'm not sure what exactly Torah law may be, but if you don't do that then you're sort of struck off this list and you're not allowed to function as a Jew any more whatever that means and to me that seems extremely ....

My brilliant solution to antisemitism: a Registrar and Register of Jews

From 1:14:00 at


It's an idea. I told her I didn't think too many Jews would go for it but if you think about it, she's in London,  London has an Islamic mayor. London is less than half white and she's based like you know, "White man, Europe: you lost. Stop crying, stop this and that and even like all the white nationalists, she knows your leaders so if you're just like WillPower or OV who you know started looking into things maybe used to be liberal and you're trying to support your people or change demographic change, Claire is already the endgame for you, you know so either you gotta look into who's already fighting these fights who's already doing this and you come on to like Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson, E  Michael Jones, like all the names in the field, so she's already the endgame. You're saying like she already knows has spoken as contact she was already part of the political party she was the lawyer representing them [actually I did not] so how does being a white nationalist lead to being friends with Claire and you know maybe that comes into the concept of a token where a person sees what could they provide for the movement.

There's a certain rank type order where you will fall in line and Claire outranks you she's not white she's not even pro white [I have never proposed anything I knew to be harmful to be white people, whom I regard as my own people because they have been so nice to me, whether they like it or not] but she outranks you. 

If you want to join the movement you're gonna fall in line and the senior leadership and and that puts you lower than Claire and that's kind of like how I give the examples like the token at the club like the token black or so you might be white in trying to get into the all-white club and there's like this token black guy there but you you know even though you might you know be white and you might feel you should be able to be a member but you know there's this token black guy in the club. How do you deal with that guy? There's a certain know gatekeeper period where for whatever reason you have to make alliances and  these people have already made these alliances and then you have to deal with the people they've made alliances with or you have to try to start your own structure so if you try to start your own structure from Ground Zero, how many white people do you know like two, three zero? and you're gonna try to build a base are you gonna try to work with the already existing structures and and they're just gonna charge you money, like Amren conferences.  John Morgan, he's Greg Johnson's number two. I'm kind of friendly with them,  we obviously disagree. How could I be friends with a white nationalist? Because there's a certain intellectual respect among oppositions but are you gonna go to Skandza Forum? Amren? Donate a bunch of money to this? Cause you got to work your way up the ranks and you know Claire already done that,  she already has an establishment foothold within these circles.

[An excellent example of tokenism was when I was nearly the BNP London Mayoral Candidate. The BNP was absolutely determined to find a non-indigenous member to represent it in London. After I was expelled, an Uruguayan replaced me. It was as if the party really really wanted to make the point that even foreigners supported the principle of British nationalism to illustrate that nationalism - the idea and desire that the government should govern in the national interest - is both natural and universal.]


I guess I don't really see it that way, to be honest.  I don't really know anyone who supports Claire's vision and I don't really think she has much ...  


It doesn't matter whether they support her vision. I've given you the example like the all-white club that has a token black member,  so what does the token black member think? It doesn't matter what he thinks. He might have some vision, he might have some understanding. Claire is just like the token Islamic member of the white nationalist movement. 

[I should point out that I am not actually Muslim, but agnostic, but I do see the point of a one party theocracy governing under the principles of Secular Koranism.]

It doesn't matter what she thinks, but the point is she understands this stuff, she's not going to be stopped at the door, she's gonna she's gonna garner entrance so no matter what her wacky ideas are, when all the white nationalists gather for whatever reason Claire's gonna get past security and be inside with them.

22:00  Try to be happy for me that Doooovid said such nice things about me, Jen, for my success could be your success too. There is no reason for you to agree with me, just continuing to argue with me is enough. I truly hope we can be cooperative and civilised about this.

29:00 My proposed Registrar and Register of Jews

45:00  I see that you have said that I am like the hyenas on OV's stream who called you all those  horrible names. It was because you had decided to break up with me that you found yourself slumming it again on OV's streams, when I had tried so hard to arrange things so that you didn't have to ever do that sort of shit again. 

Now you blame me, when the only reason why you had decided to break up with me was because you couldn't answer the questions I asked or address the arguments I made, and wanted to hide this from yourself and others.

It is sad that you cannot admit your own mistakes or take responsibility for them, but have to blame me of all people, and compare me to these low status men who glorified violence and called you horrible names, when everyone acknowledges that I was the one who treated you best of all, while you were the one who was always swearing, yelling and threatening me. 

If people like you are in charge of the ship of state, no mistake would ever be admitted , and everyone else would be blamed, while you would be completely blameless or completely excused enjoying feminine privilege.

Your only complaint about me, really, is my refusal to agree with you without first requiring you to give evidence, answer questions and address my arguments.  You really expected me to let you win, like the spoilt child you have always been, still believing in unconditional love and your right to it.

50:00  There is always a political solution, but whether we arrive on it and ever get round to implementing it requires problem-solving tenacity and the good character as well as cooperation of our associates.

53:00  There are indeed lessons to be learned from truth, logic and morality - all the time!

55:00 The worst thing to make your enemies do is to make them think that violence is the only option. Sadly, this is what Western governments (which prioritises the preferences of unmarried mothers over those of married fathers) is making more and more heterosexual men (who have a predisposition towards violence and a greater likelihood of winning it compared to women, non-white men and gay men) think this by the way they refuse to address their concerns and the fact that no senior male politician at all represents their interests. The irony is that I, a female and a foreigner, have made more of a point of raising this issue than anyone else who is white and male, and who actually has a comprehensive and holistic solution.

57:00  You can always refute my arguments in a continuing dialogue, Jen, but you have chosen to end it. If you cannot address my arguments or answer my questions, then it must mean that you have lost the argument. You have the option of acknowledging this, or carrying on as if my arguments count for nothing even when you cannot address them or answer my questions.

1:03:00 Jen's position: "If not for Jews, Christians would never have left Europe."

1:31:00  What are noble wars? What are ignoble wars? Please give examples.

1:33:00  Jen bemoans the loss of the pre-Christian priesthood that was destroyed by the spread of the Roman Empire and Christianity in Europe. It is well known that the Romans (pagans) destroyed the Druids (who were also pagans). The death of the druids

1:33:30  Jen says: "Reincarnation just doesn't work like that." How would you know? And even if you did, how could you prove it convincingly?

1:35:00  What do you mean by being "priestly"? What are "priestly attributes"?

1:36:00  "I never converted to Christianity. It doesn't work like that." Jen is claiming knowledge of all her previous lives and telling us what she did or didn't do. This is insufficient to prove that reincarnation actually takes place to the satisfaction of sceptics. She also claims she has read the Koran, but has now forgotten all about it, because every time you are die and reborn, you lose your memory of your past life, including all the books you read during your past lives, obviously.

2:12:00  Doooovid is saying the Quantum Mind Hypothesis is not relevant to the alt-right.  Politically, it is a non-starter, because it is too complicated and outside the understanding of political activists because it is perceived as irrelevant to their goals.

2:15:00  The best way of avoiding suffering is to use truth, logic and morality.

2:18:00  For the avoidance of doubt, I don't think the Quantum Mind Hypothesis has no utility. I just don't think it has any utility in politics. Even if it is proven, it will not prove reincarnation. A correct understanding of faith would mean you accept that God's existence/heaven/hell/reincarnation is only a possibility and that is in itself enough.

My position is that the concept of the Abrahamic God is sufficient reason for us to obey His laws because of the success of Jews through their religion of Judaism through which Christianity and Islam are derived.

Because Judaism is for Jews only, and Christianity is kaput because it is idolatrous and its scripture corrupt, Islam remains the only rational and moral choice.

To ease the transition from a degenerate matriarchy to a regenerated matriarchy, use Secular Koranism, which is Islam Lite.

the Land of Nod

I join from 8:00:00 to explain Secular Koranism and attempt to explain to the larping Nazis that the restoration of the patriarchy ie a society that practices traditional marriage and upholds family values would be a good thing for the white race. 

The problem with the West is that Christianity is now kaput and that the only rational and moral option is Islam, which is Judaism Lite. 

If Islam is indeed Judaism Lite, then Secular Koranism is Islam Lite, to make the transition from a degenerate matriarchy to a regenerated patriarchy easier for the White Man. Secular Koranism is basically another school of sharia as interpreted by me, a female, agnostic, former feminist and former liberal which means that my interpretation though literal, will make a point of not being overly strict. 

How Nigel Farage could become our Brexit Prime Minister

  1. Expel Theresa May. The Conservative Party Constitution allows any member to be expelled at its absolute discretion. She should be informed as soon as possible that her membership of the Conservative Party has been cancelled under Part IV 17.7 of the Constitution of the Party, which states: "The Board of the Party shall have power to do anything which in its opinion relates to the management and administration of the Party.  It shall be ... responsible for ... the cancellation or refusal of membership, in its absolute discretion of any Party member ...." The Chairman of the Conservative Party, Brandon Lewis MP, would be the one to administer the coup de grâce.
  2. This would trigger a by-election in Maidenhead.
  3. When Farage wins it, invite him to join the Conservative Party just in time to participate in the leadership elections, which he should be able to win.

Saturday, 25 May 2019

In the beginning of Man's creation of God was the *idea of all ideas*

For the avoidance of doubt, my interpretation of that verse "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God" is as follows:

"In the beginning of Man's creation of God was the idea of the most powerful deity conceivable, and that was the Abrahamic God."

There is no God more powerful than the Abrahamic God, is there? It is in fact impossible to conceive of a more powerful God than the Abrahamic God.

If we wish to worship a deity, then it would be rational to worship the most powerful deity with the most clearly stated laws in the most accessible scripture. That would be the Koran.

If we wish to worship the most powerful deity as Jews, then we must convert to Judaism.

If we wish to worship the most powerful deity as gentiles, then we must submit to Islam.

Since Islam is "Judaism Lite", it would be more rational to submit to Islam, if we are not quite sure of God's existence since Islam requires a lower standard of observance than Judaism and Muslims are the majority. In short, it is easier to be Muslim than an observant Jew.

Christians have been guilty of idolatry for 2000 years and need to be reminded that if God has taken the trouble of forbidding idolatry, you can be sure that He will punish it. Observing the failure of Christianity in the West and its growing weakness and corruption, it would appear that idolatry is its own punishment.

Chillstream - Intelligence, Narratives & Political Strategy

I join at 1:54:00 to talk about feelings.  2:00 Opinions on the intelligence of Controlled Opps, Josh Neal and I are discussed. Not onl...