Monday, 13 August 2018

How much is the Muslim Council in the pocket of the government that wants to sabotage Brexit?

Why I think Jews are religiously obliged to promote Secular Koranism if they want to save the West

Is there a categorical error at the heart of White Nationalism?

I was hoping we would discuss the following in this stream, but this didn't quite happen. I joined the stream and said what was on my mind and then fell asleep.

When I woke up I found I had been removed from the hangout. It was basically 5 hours of complaining about antifa from what I could make of it.  

I suspect I was removed because the white nationalists who tuned into listen were in no mood for discussing the finer points of nationalism and Luke was probably right to avoid antagonising them by discussing whether their aspiration towards peoplehood is somehow illegitimate because they share no common religion. It is an important subject, but the audience on this stream would have been unreceptive to the views, especially of non-whites on white nationalism denying them their peoplehood and pointing out the categorical error at the heart of White Nationalism.

One the more interesting things said about me in the chat was by one Blake Anderson around 56:00 saying:

Claire you come across like a therapist. This comes across as condescending.

It was intended as a criticism, but I take it as a compliment.  

It has actually been my intention to put white people on the couch.

Have white people reached a stage where they can bear neither their vices nor their cure?

If the problem is matriarchy, then patriarchy must be the cure.

If the destination is patriarchy, theocracy must be the vehicle.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

On Boris, burkas and other perceived menaces

1:30   Boris and the burka
3:45  Would you prefer to be murdered by a terrorist or a mad axe murderer?
4:45  Varieties of terrorists
5:30  Incel terrorism both Muslim and non-Muslim
7:00  Guns and cars
10:30  The status of the white man in his own country
11:00  Afua Hirsch
12:00  What the burka signifies
15:00  Diversity training
15:45  Feminism
16:45  What they mean when they say "My burka is my identity"
18:00  The Koran doesn't say wear the burka or niqab
19:00  How we feared Boris would apologise
20:00  4 year old transgender child performing
21:00  Tolerance
21:45  Cressida Dick, Police Commissioner  wanted Boris investigated for hate speech
23:15 Single mothers more likely to encourage transgenderism in their children, probably for the attention
24:00 The principles of the Conservative Party
26:15  Denial is a feminine vice
31:00 Focused effort to frighten Boris into apologising
35:00  Omarosa says Trump is a racist who uses N-word – and claims there is tape to prove it
36:30  Old politics now to put forward some dim but attractive ethnic woman like Kamala Harris.
37:00  The alpha maleness of Donald Trump
38:00  Melania's parents' US citizenship
39:00  Secular Koranism for restoring the patriarchy
40:00 If most Western men were married fathers in control of their families
41:00 Never show fear
44:00  The patriarchy defined
45:00 Patriarchy cares about posterity, matriarchy does not even comprehend such abstract ideas
45:30  A patriarchy is where men get to choose their alpha male leader
46:00  How political parties chasing the female bloc vote marginalises the male preference
47:00  Why men feel more threatened by foreigners and are more racist
48:00  Secular Koranism
49:30  Enter Independent Muslim
55:00  What the Koran says about the wives of the prophet
A properly-attired Muslim: "ornaments" = cleavage and thighs
1:04:00  Jews and Muslims are fighting each other for control of the West
1:06:00  Complaints of antisemitism last week, complaints of Islamophobia this week.
1:09:00  Mehdi Hasan another "aggressive Muslim"
1:10:00  Jew or gentile, there is no party you can vote for that would stop immigration
1:10:15  Mainstream media make Conservatives think we are much fewer than we are.
1:11:00  Advice to Muslims to pipe down and know your place as a minority
1:12:00  Non-white Trump supporters deliberately ignored by BBC because they don't fit the narrative.
1:16:00  Don't liberals control the terms of debate
1:17:00  Finsbury Park Mosque conference on Islamophobia

Susann Wiedlitzka
In 2016, Susann completed her doctorate in criminology at the University of Queensland (Australia). Her PhD thesis focuses on how differences in legislative frameworks influence patterns of victimization and the willingness of citizens to report hate crime across different Australian jurisdictions. She completed a Master of Arts in International Criminology at the University of Hamburg (Germany) and a Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences with a concentration in Criminal Justice at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo (USA).
Susann Wiedlitzka is a Lecturer in Criminology. She previously worked as a Research Fellow on an EU DG Justice-funded research study on hate crime, which examines the application of criminal laws and sentencing provisions for hate crime across five EU Member States. In addition, Susann was a Research Fellow on a ‘Policing Hate Crime’ project, which investigated whether a direct connection between activity on social media platforms and offline hate crime incidents exists. 
Lifecycle of a Hate Crime Project: 
Project findings
The Lifecycle of a Hate Crime research findings suggest that the current law needs to be amended to make sure victims of hate crime of all characteristics – racial, religious, sexual orientation, disability and transgender identity - are protected equally under the legislation. 
Ideally, however, a new Hate Crime Act should be introduced that would aggravate any criminal offence that demonstrates hostility towards, or is committed by reason of, the victim’s (presumed) race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or transgender identity. As such the key recommendation of the report is that a new Hate Crime Act is enacted. 
Failing the enactment of a new Hate Crime Act, three other recommendations are put forward: 
1.  That, as a minimum, Parliament amend s. 28 of the Crime and Disorder Act to include sexual orientation, disability and transgender identity;
2.  That the offences of affray, violent disorder, theft and handling stolen goods, robbery, burglary, fraud and forgery, s. 18 grievous bodily harm, homicide offences and all sexual offences are added to the Crime and Disorder Act;
3.  That s. 28 of the Crime and Disorder Act is amended to remove the word “motivation” and to replace this with a new “by reason” test; 
The study also makes recommendations for the police, prosecutors and the judiciary for improving their practice. The study found particular problems in relation to: 
- the consistent application of sentencing provisions under ss. 145 & 146 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003;
- a reluctance in parts of the judiciary to accept “demonstrations of hostility” committed in the “heat of the moment” as falling within the scope of the legislation;
- the potential for “double convictions” in the Magistrates’ Courts;
-  diverging approaches to calculating “uplifts” for enhanced sentencing;
-  the potential for “double counting” of hostility at sentencing, due to the fragmented nature of the legislation;
and a systemic failure to identity and “flag” disability hate crimes, as well as a reluctance amongst many judges and legal practitioners to accept evidence of targeted violence against disabled people as proof of “disability hostility”.   
The authors therefore recommend that: 
- the Government legislates to create a new Hate Crime Act that consolidates the existing fragmented framework which would prescribe any offence as “aggravated” in law where there is evidence of racial, religious, sexual orientation, disability and/or transgender identity hostility;
- the judiciary makes greater use of community and rehabilitation programmes that are designed to tackle the root causes of prejudice and hate as part of offenders’ “uplift”;
- and for the many thousands of cases that never reach court, that the police and CPS should make greater efforts to offer restorative solutions to ensure that more is being done to address the individual, community and societal harms that are caused by hate crime.
1:20:00  Israel
1:26:00 Kurdistan doesn't exist, according to Independent Muslim
1:28:00  Kurdistan is a state without a nation and the autonomous region Otto is currently in is a state that has no nation, because there is no Iraqi nation. He is under the Kurdish region of Iraq. The Kurdish region of Iraq have more of a right to control their own immigration than the British do.
1:30:00  Kurdistan as much a nation as Scotland
1:31:00  Otto on Israel
1:32:00  Lyndon Johnson supported Israel in 1967
1:32:45  "The Israelis are eating the Palestinians, and the Palestinians are giving them indigestion in return."
1:34:00  It was Jack Straw who first complained about the niqab.
1:37:00  Patriarchies are hierarchical.
1:39:00  Slut-shaming as a deterrent
1:40:00 The liberal establishment control the media
1:43:00  "Off with her hand!"
1:46:00  Women dominate through submission.
1:46:00  God is the bridegroom, Jews are the bride.
1:49:00  Independent Muslim says nationalism is a divine concept.
1:49:45  Yoram Hazony
1:50:00  The national character can always be worked out eg 40 in the UK.
2:00:00  Theocracy and Secular Koranism
2:08:00  Richard Spencer liked my tweets.
2:09:00  Mark Collett disapproves of Tommy Robinson.
2:10:00  Nationalists are very "Kurdish".
2:11:00  Richard Spencer seems to be the ideal poster boy for Aryan good looks.
2:14:00  What Nick Grififn said about the difference between the NF and the BNP
2:16:00  Richard Spencer is less toxic than Greg Johnson because Richard Spencer is at least not proposing to conduct a pogrom.
"Of course many White Nationalists have a whole lot more to say about Jews than merely observing that they are a different people. I have argued that the fate of White Nationalism does not depend one way or another on the outcome of historical debates about the holocaust. But I do believe that Jews are not just different from whites, but powerful and malevolent enemies who bear significant responsibility for causing white decline and opposing white renewal.

Some White Nationalists don’t want to hear it. But even so, as I have argued here, they still have to face up to the Jewish question. Because if Jews are nothing more than a distinct people, then ethno-nationalists must conclude that Jews belong in their own homeland, not in ours. It is as simple as that."

2:17:00  Jared Taylor's southern charm and old world civility.
2:18:00  Barry Goldwater, Lyndon Johnson
2:19:00  Freedom of association
2:20:00  The Conservatives didn't manage to conserve anything.
2:21:00  The Equality Act 2010 should be repealed in its entirety but the BNP no longer dare to ask for this. 
2:22:00  Identity politics
2:24:00  The weak racial identity of white Americans = no religion
2:24:30  The problem is feminism, so divide the men of the country between men who want to restore the patriarchy, and men who don't.
2:26:00  Greg Johnson is gay and childless, Millennial Woes is a bachelor, Richard Spencer has a daughter, but it is uncertain whether he and his wife are separated or not.
2:30:00  Ron Paul and Gavin McInnes and social media
2:36:00  Enter Pudd Honey on identity
2:39:45  My Manicheanism is intended to faciliate decision and action
2:41:00  Leadership
2:43:00  Revolution
2:46:00  The working mother
2:48:00  Yuri Bezmenov
2:49:00  Steve Bannon on LBC
2:56:00  Stop measuring success in terms of GDP
2:57:00  Anne McElvoy on British Conservaliberalism
2:58:00  Alexander Dugin and Eurasianism
3:00:00  Russia is more Asian and European
3:01:00  Democracy hasn't lasted very long
3:01:30  Money is the root of all evil
3:02:00  Sexual liberation is the root of all evil
3:04:00  Marriage is the Gold Standard of all morality
3:05:00  To be weak is to invite attack
3:05:15  God has laid down His laws
3:03:30  Why would any rational moral person want to integrate into a degenerate culture?
3:06:00  John Major's Back to Basics  campaign
3:08:00  Feminism has normalised fornication
3:11:00  The price of sex
3:12:00 The birds and bees and alt-right leaders ...  "All of these white power movements are generally 1/3 FBI agents, 1/3 criminals and 1/3 gay men looking to score."
3:13:00 The white man reduced to asking white women for rights
3:14:00 White people wanting their own reservation like an Indian Reservation.
3:15:00  It's all about status.
3:16:00  Are pogroms regretted?
3:19:00  Civic nationalism
3:21:00  The Welfare State
3:22:00  The growing parasitic class
3:23:00  Intersectionality
3:23:30  Men want to continue accepting the bribe of feminism
3:25:00  Male and female hypocrisy
3:27:00  SJWs = male undergraduates seeking the approval of female undergraduates who are entitled white middle class Guardian-reading
3:28:00  Singaporean eugenics
3:28:30  Eric Clanton

Friday, 10 August 2018

Speaking Up in Your Own Life

Secular Koranism is the paradoxical solution for Islamophobes because it would deal with the feminazis