Thursday, 11 August 2022

​ @WhiteMuslim Woman challenges Americans to come up with a better idea than Secular Koranism

2:00  Dumbed down Americans ignorant of their constitution
3:00  Corporate America
4:00  Labour v Capital
5:00  One-party state
6:00  Compromised politicians and peasants' revolt
7:00  Socialist California
8:00  Accelerationism, Vietnam and Kent State
9:00  Moral governance
10:00  Trump
11:00  California
12:00  Military man running for President
13:00  Low expectations of Californian
14:00  Double tax base
15:00  Second Amendment
16:00  One party state and the elites
17:00  Important visitors seeing David Rockefeller first before POTUS
18:00  Clash of Nations v Dialogue of Nations
19:00  Imperial wars
20:00  Massive land war in Europe
21:00  One party state
22:00  Masculinity undermined by co-education
23:00  Rival empires to America
24:00  China and the foolish voters who expect to be bribed
25:00  Washington's farewell speech
26:00  Rights of party members
27:00  Treating expelled party members as members of a club
29:00  Stolen elections
30:00  Votes mean nothing
31:00  Washington's farewell speech
32:00  Common sense is extinct. 
Taming of the Shrew
34:00  Taking children out of public school
35:00  Masculinity and immigrants
36:00  Immigrants in her father's time
37:00  British monarchy
38:00  Secular Koranism being promoted by immigrant Muslims
39:00  Immigrants with no commitment to the US
40:00  America being the  last chance saloon
41:00  Promotion of multiculturalism in schools
42:00  Ilhan |Omar
43:00  Parents pulling their kids out of school
44:00  Transgenderism and Secular Koranism
45:00  Trump promoting Secular Koranism
Universal Basic Income
46:00  Socialism in California
47:00  Phase 1: pulling children out of school
48:00  Fauci jab
49:00  Tractors driven to the White House
Childcare in California
50:00  Military men
51:00  Vietnam and the imperial wars of America
52:00  Men in skirts and gay men in the American military
53:00  Secular Koranism was what Carol's father grew up in.
Ralph Masilamani idea of Christian Africans in Europe
56:00  Having more than one passport
57:00  The Irish were not as united as the English. 
The Nazis nearly won the war but ran out of oil.
58:00  Traditional military families
59:00  Transgender soldiers
1:00:00  Purge
1:01:00  Platoon Queen and majoring in engineering at West Point
1:02:00  Women in the military
1:03:00  Lesbians
1:04:00  Children brought up by their grandparents
1:05:00  Nothing was fair in the Catholic Church.
1:07:00  Protestant indignation about life being fair
1:08:00  Public education
1:09:00  Having your children tested for a learning disability
1:10:00  Not ADHD
1:13:00  First in class
1:14:00  Children in nice neighbourhoods have more money for grass.
1:15:00  Defending a principle
1:16:00  Choice between civil rights and health insurance
1:17:00  Sex on the high school campus
1:18:00  Carol was a college dropout.
1:19:00  Skilled labour is almost gone in America.
1:20:00  Playing on the computer and getting on fights
1:21:00  Substandard schools
1:22:00  Black kids beating up white kids
1:24:00  Those in charge of schools tolerating bad behaviour

JACOB FATURECHI joins accusing me of not being me.
1:28:00  Porn memes
1:30:00  Black Hebrew Israelites
1:31:00  Keyboard warriors
1:33:00  Traditional gender roles
1:37:00  Reading Rumi and smoking joints
1:38:00  Raised Catholic and converted to Islam in 1981
1:39:00  Iraqi Muslims
1:40:00  Arab oil
Jacob is 45.
1:42:00  Michel Foucault, the Post Modernist
1:43:00  Jordan Peterson said Foucault raped little boys in cemeteries.
Foucault had a hand in inciting the Iranian Revolution.
Rashia Taleb and Ilhan Omar
1:46:00  Benjamin Boyce
1:47:00  Secular Koranism
1:49:00  Secular Koranism is a political idea. 
1:50:00  Secular Koranism is a catalyst and an ideology.
Our Lady in Heaven

1:51:00  JACOB rage quits.
1:52:00  Regular working people
1:54:00  Homeless people in LA
1:55:00  Churchill, the Clean Air Act and London fog
1:56:00  Communism
1:57:00  Californian property taxes
1:59:00  Playing the Game of Secular Koranism
2:00:00  My conviction in Secular Koranism is unshakeable because it is clear that not even Islamophobes can find a better guide to humanity than the Koran.
2:01:00  Americans who think they can change the future of America by going to a different church on Sundays
2:02:00  Reserve Officer Training
2:03:00  Fighting back gets you expelled from school.
2:04:00  The criminal mind
2:05:00  Making it illegal to defend yourself 
2:06:00  Making men unattractive women
2:07:00  Men defending their family and community
2:08:00  Feminism
2:09:00  Pandering to the female voter
2:10:00  The sex and feminist revolution
2:11:00  Too many women in public life
2:12:00  Men in their competition for stupid promiscuous women attack each other breaking down male solidarity.
2:13:00  Voters should be net taxpayers.
2:14:00  Feminism is based on the incorrect premise that men and women think like each other.
2:15:00  Environmentalism and the bastards of Elon Musk
2:16:00  No fault divorce and community property
2:17:00  Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?
2:19:00  Marriage is eugenic, bastardy is dysgenic. 
2:20:00  The sacred cow of the degenerate matriarchy is the right to have sex with another consenting adult. 
2:21:00  Marriage is the rearing of the next generation in optimum conditions. 

The Islamic rule of thumb is to let the mother have the children until they are seven after a divorce and let the father have them after they are seven. 

2:26:00  Unmarried mothers and the lies they would tell to explain why they didn't have a husband
2:27:00  4 by 4
2:28:00  No retrospective legislation
2:29:00  Financial irresponsibility and minimalism
2:30:00  Make do and mend.
2:31:00  Consumerism
2:33:00  Modern Slavery Act 2015
2:34:00  Independent contractors
2:38:00  Mandatory overtime
2:39:00  AWOL
2:40:00  A parasitic class
2:41:00  Becoming an unmarried mother to get into low income housing
2:42:00  Harriet Harman
2:43:00  You've made your bed, now you have to lie in it. 
2:44:00  Consequences
2:45:00  Paying to be able to work
2:46:00  Flat rate income tax of 20%
2:47:00  Is income tax unconstitutional?
2:48:00  People with a good job refusing to pump gas
2:49:00  Entitlement
2:50:00  Socialism in America
2:51:00  Zoning laws is planning permission in the UK
2:52:00  User clauses
2:53:00  Employment contracts
2:54:00  Slavery
2:55:00  Giving notice to quit
2:59:00  Au pairs
3:01:00  Indentured servitude
Enslaving criminals
3:02:00  Prison warden scams
3:03:00  Slave Visitor
3:04:00  The property in the slave would reside in the state. 
3:06:00  Landlords
3:07:00  Credit cards and usury
3:08:00  The futures market
3:09:00  Hooked on welfare and cheap sex in our culture of sex and shopping
3:10:00  Usury and war finance under Hitler
3:12:00  Middle class America
3:14:00  Nimbies
3:15:00  Landlords with mould
3:16:00  Unmarried mothers
3:17:00  America over its head in debt
3:18:00  Treason
3:19:00  White nationalists are out of ideas and kicking the can down the road. 
3:20:00  Schools undermining parental authority
3:22:00  How girls should behave with men
3:24:00  Threatened for not saying hi back
3:25:00  Frat parties with roofies
3:27:00  Abduction of drugged females
3:28:00  Security guard in toilets.
3:29:00  Gang bang
3:30:00  Sex on the floor at school dance
3:31:00  The point of school dances
3:32:00  Single sex schools

Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Will Ustadh Salman Younas and Shaykh Faraz Rabbani reconsider their objection to Secular Koranism?

I disagree with a famous and influential ideologue named Claire Khaw. Claire claims to have invented a new version of Shari’a called “Secular Koranism.” In developing her Shari’a, Claire only allows the Koran to be used and no other texts outside of the Quran. Claire makes the following statements about the Quran:

There is no command that one must believe in Allah
Idolatry is not ruled forbidden in the Quran
Blasphemy is not declared illegal in the Quran
So, according to Claire’s Secular Koranism, idolatry and blasphemy would not be forbidden, and the government would exact Koranic dictates in an agnostic way.

Is Claire Khaw’s “Secular Koranism” a legitimate school of Shari’a?

This is not a legitimate school in the shari’a, and even a cursory reading of the Quran would demonstrate the utterly bizarre nature of the claims you relate to this individual.

Hundreds of verses in the Quran speak about the grave sin of disbelieving in God and the requirement to believe in Him. Allah Most High explicitly states in the Quran, “So, believe in God and His messengers” in the imperative form. [Quran, 3:179]

Similarly, the rejection of polytheism, of which idolatry is one form, is so rampant in the Quran and so central to its message that no sensible person could claim that it is not forbidden. In one verse, the Quran relates Ibrahim saying, “Do you take idols as deities? Indeed, I see you and your people be in manifest misguidance.” [Quran, 6:74] The same applies to rejecting and blaspheming against God, His angels, books, and prophets.

[Ustadh] Salman Younas
Checked and Approved by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

Apart from Secular Koranism, what is the quickest way for Muslims to do dawah to the world?

The objective of Secular Koranism is to do dawah nation by nation. 

Imagine if Secular Koranism were adopted by America. The rest of the West would follow suit, including Israel, because Israel is only a liberal democracy because it is an American Protectorate. Once Western nations and Israel adopt Secular Koranism, it would only be a matter of time before we have Secular Koranism with Chinese Characteristics, Indian Characteristics etc. 

To encourage Australians, Canadians and New Zealanders to adopt Secular Koranism would very quickly break up the global American Empire because Australia, Canada and New Zealand would then become independent quasi-Islamic Republics. Once the laws of God are in place, belief will follow.

Should the Ummah earnestly invite America to adopt Secular Koranism with American Characteristics as soon as possible to prevent WW3?

"A 2017 study estimated that 3.45 million Muslims were living in the United States, about 1.1 percent of the total U.S. population. In 2017, 20 states which were mostly in the South and Midwest reported Islam being the largest non-Christian religion."

It would be the easiest thing in the world to encourage the Ummah - but in particular American Muslims - to discuss Secular Koranism with each other in real life and on social media, wouldn't it?

Do American Muslims face the prospect of becoming the Muslim equivalent of Democrat-voting Jews supporting globohomo neoconservatism if America does not adopt Secular Koranism with American Characteristics?

Is the First Amendment based on 2:256 of the Koran?

There is a White House Koran that belonged to Thomas Jefferson who drafted the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom which later became the First Amendment. The Koran is the only scripture from the Abrahamic God that gives humanity freedom of belief. We already know that Judaism does not give Jews freedom of belief since breaking the Sabbath, idolatry and blasphemy as well as instigating a community to practise idolatry are capital offences in the Torah. We also know that Christianity was used to support the divine right of kings whose subjects had to follow the religion of their monarch or else be burned at the stake as heretics.  

The purpose of the American Revolution was to overturn to presumption of cuius regio, eius religio

Is Ustadh Salman Younas saying American Muslims must wait for America to become majority-Muslim before promoting Islam as a political manifesto?

Does Islam acknowledge that Jews are God's Chosen People?

Is the Koran Zionist?
If not, what does mean?

Is there any historical record of any Muslim leader obeying of the Koran?

Is Christianity idolatry?

Are the morals of the Western ruling classes currently completed unregulated as if they were an absolute monarch?
If so, is Secular Koranism the only integrated moral and legal political system capable of returning the West to moral and social order?

It proposes a one-party theocracy governed by the principles of Secular Koranism that would restore the patriarchy without requiring anyone to change their religion. Why would any Muslim in the West object to this proposal and why are they not capable of discussing it honestly and rationally?

How do Muslims in the West feel about crossing oceans and continents only to lose their identity after having their DNA globohomogenised by intersectionality? 

Is the Mandate of Heaven arguably a proto-Muslim idea?

Why do Christians who claim Jesus died for them reject the idea that he didn't really die on the cross as they claim?
Is it because they want him to have been sacrificed? If they want him to die for their sins so that they can be saved, does that mean they don't love Jesus as they claim, but only see him as a piece of human sacrifice? Does this attitude not expose their hypocrisy and absurdity? You would have thought that Christians would be happy to hear that Jesus didn't die horribly after all, but they feel angry and threatened by the Koranic narrative that he only appeared to die but did not in fact die on the cross, because they are only selfishly thinking of themselves, aren't they?

How old is the Mufti of Singapore?

If Jews are God's Chosen People, were they chosen by God to light the way of gentiles away from idolatry?
Would the best way of doing this be for Orthodox rabbis to rank the four gentile religions according to their conformity with the Noahide laws, as recommended at which is to put Islam top of the tree and Christianity bottom of the heap because of its idolatry of worshiping an executed blasphemer? Is Christianity cursed by God, cursed to have been taken over by liberalism, feminism and now intersectionality? Is intersectionality in fact the policies of Sodom and Gomorrah turning our global village into Sodom and Gomorrah and doubtless attracting the same punishment?

If Jews are God's Chosen People chosen to set and maintain minimum standards of morality, shouldn't they be endorsing Islam as the most Noahide gentile religion?

Are Muslims, like Jews, too afraid of offending their Christian overlords to call out the idolatry of Christianity?

If Jews and Muslims are too afraid of their Christian overlords to call out their idolatry, is it because they fear their Christian overlords more than God Himself?

If Jews and Muslims fear their idolatrous Christian overlords more than God Himself, is it because they don't think God exists to punish evil and reward good in this life or the next?

If Jews and Muslims fear Christians too much to denounce their idolatry, is it because they lack faith in God and are in fact atheists?

Is atheism idolatry and is idolatry thoughtcrime God will detect and punish in this life or the next?

Why would believing Muslims living in the West not support Secular Koranism?

It is clear that the ruling classes of the West are morally and intellectually compromised because they have no functioning moral system that supports marriage and family values and that their civilisation is breaking down. Worse than that, their ruling classes seem bent on starting WW3 as if they wished to commit suicide by cop. 

Isn't a form of sharia that non-Muslim Westerners find acceptable the only viable solution and salvation for Muslims and non-Muslims in the West?

Would you also agree that Islam without sharia is a car without an engine?

Doesn't confirm the human right of freedom of belief protected by the First Amendment?

If so, what would be the objection to Claire Khaw's proposal for a form of sharia that allows non-Muslims to remain non-Muslims if that is their wish?

Secular Koranism USA First Class

Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Talking to Vincent Bruno, Ralph Masilamani and Emily about the principles of Secular Koranism

4:00  The position of non-Muslims in an Islamic State
20:00  Idolatry allowed.
23:00  Saudi compared with Indonesia
29:00  Prophets are revolutionaries.
31:00  Nation states
34:00  International relations
35:00  Breaking treaties
36:00  Who is more untrustworthy - Christians or Muslims?
37:00  The nature of a bargain and contract
45:00  Insurrection
46:00  Dissidents
50:00  Vincent using alternative platforms
54:00  Persona non grata
55:00  Google censorship
58:00  Indian illuminati
Wignats and Hindus
1:01:00  Vincent orders lunch.
1:05:00  A bean is a seed.
1:07:00  Faturechi
1:08:00  Is Secular Koranism a psy-op?
Intelligent people in the alt-right are always accused of being a Jew or a Fed.
1:09:00  The hopelessness of the Dissident Right
1:10:00  Too stupid and useless to be dangerous
1:12:00  Creating a new religion out of extinct religions
1:13:00  Jason Jorjani
1:16:00  Antisemites
1:18:00  Idolatry
1:19:00  Jews in Jeremiah
1:21:00  WW3 and Christians
1:22:00  Messiah
1:25:00 36 capital offences of Judaism
1:26:00  Noahide laws
1:27:00  White nationalists
1:28:00  Leftists
1:29:00  Caleb Maupin
1:30:00  Academics
1:31:00  Church of Entropy and Doooovid
1:32:00  Politicians
1:33:00  EF Dawah
1:34:00  EA Dawah
1:36:00  Faturechi
1:38:00  Cotto-Gottfried
1:41:00  Messiah
1:43:00  Just talking for the sake of talking
1:44:00  Margaret Sanger and Secular Koranism
1:45:00  Practical Programme
1:48:00  Pantheism
1:49:00  Spinoza
1:50:00  Good idolatry and bad idolatry
1:51:00  Idolatry is a mortal sin.
1:52:00  Intellectually dishonest Christians
1:53:00  EA Dawah
1:54:00  Ralph's inconsistent and incoherent arguments
1:55:00  Jehovah's Witnesses limited the range and limit of questions.
1:57:00  Jefferson
1:58:00  Jefferson Bible and Koran
1:59:00  Red Letter Bible
2:00:00  Christians are either bossy or slippery.
2:01:00  Arianism
2:03:00  Trinitarianism

2:05:00  RALPH MASILAMANI joins and begins bamboozling.
2:13:00  Truth is only something that isn't in dispute.
2:14:00  Empiricism v Rationalism
2:15:00  Russell and Wittgenstein
2:16:00  Godel's incompleteness theorem
2:21:00  We have the moral imperative to obey God's laws even if we are not sure if He exists.
2:22:00  My principled agnosticism
2:23:00  Why Muslims have a problem with me
2:24:00  Noahide laws
2:25:00  Meaning and values
2:30:00  People obey the law to avoid punishment.
2:32:00  Reciprocity
2:33:00  Those who reject the Noahide laws are atheists and antisemites.
2:37:00  Parental authority
2:38:00  Legal authority
2:41:00  The Koran is the best available guide to humanity. 
2:43:00  No stoning of adulterers in the Koran, therefore no stoning of adulterers in Secular Koranism.
2:44:00  Liberalism comes from the ideas of the French Revolution.
2:45:00  The American Revolution was a rejection of monarchy in order to reject Christianity. 
2:46:00  The Age of Reason was a rejection of Christianity whose failure caused the Wars of the Reformation. 
2:47:00  Nationalists are Islamophobes.
2:48:00  Nationalists are low status low information losers unable to think in the abstract guided only by their Islamophobia. 
2:49:00  When was the term liberalism generally used to describe itself as a political ideology?
2:50:00  John Locke
2:52:00  Islamophobes are morally and intellectually crippled by their Islamophobia and can't think straight. 
2:53:00  "Values" < Morals
2:55:00  No liberal philosopher would accept a one-party theocracy as being a liberal project. 
2:57:00  Jewish Islamophobes

2:58:00  There are only two divine revelations from the supreme and eternal Abrahamic God who created the Universe. The first was the Torah to Jews and the second was the Koran to gentiles. It would make sense for gentiles to adopt the second and final better revelation which does not have 36 capital offences in them.  

3:01:00  EMILY JANE CREWS joins.
3:02:00  Abortion
3:03:00  Fear of punishment discourages criminal behaviour.
3:04:00  We should obey the law for the right reasons.
3:06:00  Why religions are belief systems
3:08:00  Jesus could be a man or a woman, according to a priest preaching in a pulpit in a cathedral.

3:09:00  Henry VIII established the Church of England so it could be his creature. This means the Church will always be promoting the current political orthodoxy. 

3:10:00  The American Revolution was about rejecting the presumption that a citizen's religion had to be that of his monarch. 

3:11:00  Catholic Church
3:12:00  Churchgoing
3:13:00  Do churchgoers really believe Jesus is God?
3:14:00  Government funding for the upkeep of expensive church buildings
3:16:00  Islam understands the logic of your laws reflecting your chosen moral system.
3:18:00  Christianity should have protected society from liberalism. 
3:20:00  The CoE likes gay couples because they are cheaper. 
3:22:00  The Benedict Option is white flight. 
3:28:00  Secular Koranism
3:30:00  LGBT under Secular Koranism
3:32:00  Tolerance
3:36:00  Secular Koranism
3:39:00  Separation
3:34:00  Being foreign
3:50:00  Procurement officer
3:51:00  Teaching English
3:53:00  Entering society
3:56:00  Abortion
3:59:00  Laws are the algorithms of human beings.
Secular Koranism
4:00:00  American Republic
4:02:00  The culture will be wrong if the law and moral system is wrong. 
4:03:00  Speakers Corner
4:04:00  Islamophobe and Christophobe
4:05:00  What are Christian principles?
4:06:00  Liberalism defined.
4:07:00  Liberty defined.
4:08:00  Capitalism, Liberalism, Progressivism, Conservatism, Traditionalism.
4:09:00  All moral systems are ideologies. 
English culture
4:11:00  Music
4:16:00  Sunday lunch
4:18:00  Morris dancers
I am not a colonial administrator. 
4:19:00  Secular Christianity is impossible.
4:21:00  Anglicanism
4:22:00  Christianity is not the inside of a church.
4:23:00  Emily conflates the principles of Christianity with its rituals.   
39 Articles
4:24:00  Doctrine of the Trinity Act 1813

Ralph denounces Kepler and Galileo on the one hand while denying that he wants the world to still believe that the earth goes round the sun. 

4:25:00  Alcoholics take years to acknowledge their alcoholism. It is time Christians acknowledged their idolatry after so many centuries.

4:26:00  Manifesto
4:27:00  The Glorious Revolution 1688
4:29:00  Islamophobia
4:30:00  Shepton Mallet
4:33:00  Jeremy Corbyn
4:36:00  Didn't vote for Brexit.
4:37:00  Being discriminated against for doing the right thing
4:39:00  Football teams
4:40:00  If the Abrahamic God created the Universe, then White Christian people also belong to Him.
4:41:00  "Warm and genial person"
4:42:00  France
4:43:00  Unfair competition
4:45:00  Catholic boarding school
4:46:00  Cricket
4:47:00  There is no alternative.
4:48:00  It's just a song.
4:49:00  Morris dancing
4:50:00  Gavin Ashenden
4:51:00  Calvin Robinson
4:55:00  Rod Dreher
4:56:00  Secular Koranism is keeping the good bits and cutting out the bad bits.
4:58:00  The Koran
5:00:00  Nobody can come up with anything better than Secular Koranism. 
The Revolution will be televised.
5:02:00  British a sense of fair play
5:04:00  Vagaries and hot air
5:06:00  Jewish ranking of the religions
5:09:00  Islamophobic Jews
5:10:00  Captainless ship
5:12:00  American Revolution
5:15:00  Calvin Robinson
5:19:00  Insanity and genius
5:20:00  "Fairly English"
5:21:00  Napoleon converted to Islam.
5:22:00  Ralph's Muslim friend on Vincent Bruno's exercise
5:24:00  Interpretational principles of Secular Koranism
5:27:00  Ralph cites from the Koran.
5:28:00  An Islamified Book of Common Prayer
5:30:00  Pork and bad jokes about lashings
5:32:00  Australians voted for gay marriage. 
5:33:00  Not getting caught
5:35:00  Fear of punishment
5:36:00  Noahide laws
5:40:00  The meaning of words
5:44:00  Defining myself as a Secular Koranist
5:45:00  Englishness
5:47:00  Badges of identity
5:49:00  Bread
5:52:00  Restoring the patriarchy
5:53:00  Theocracy
5:57:00  Disestablishing the Church of England
6:01:00  Ecclessiocracy
6:02:00  A priesthood is corruptible and parasitical.
6:08:00  Speakers Corner represents the national consciousness.

Ralph denies that he wants 

Saturday, 6 August 2022

The Founding Fathers on Religion - In Their Own Words

Four-punch combos for Jews, Christians and Muslims

1.  How is Christianity not idolatry and blasphemy?
2.  If Christianity is not idolatry and blasphemy because Jesus is God, how is Jesus God?
3.  How does mortal and fallible men of dubious provenance claiming that they met an executed blasphemer prove that Jesus is God?
4.  If the Abrahamic God who forbade idolatry and blasphemy exists, would He be angry and disappointed with Jews for not doing what He made them His Chosen People to do ie light the way of gentile nations away from idolatry and blasphemy?

1.  How is Christianity not idolatry and blasphemy?
2.  If Christianity is not idolatry and blasphemy because Jesus is God, how is Jesus God?
3.  How does mortal and fallible men of dubious provenance claiming that they met an executed blasphemer prove that Jesus is God?
4.  If the Abrahamic God who forbade idolatry and blasphemy exists, would He be angry and disappointed with Muslims for never having obeyed at any time in their entire history?

1.  How is Christianity not idolatry and blasphemy?
2.  If Christianity is not idolatry and blasphemy because Jesus is God, how is Jesus God?
3.  How does mortal and fallible men of dubious provenance claiming that they met an executed blasphemer prove that Jesus is God?
4.  If the Abrahamic God who forbade idolatry and blasphemy exists, would He be angry with Christians for thinking that His prohibition against idolatry does not apply to them when their practices must be the most offensive of all to Him?

Friday, 5 August 2022

Arthur Goldberg financially ruined by US legal system for promoting the Noahide laws

1:00  Copyright claim by Rabbi Chananya Weissman
3:00  Rabbi Weissman's baseless hatred of me
4:00  Jews and gentiles trying to challenge the matriarchy are unable to take focused effective action against their insane, evil and stupid ruling classes because they are divided by their antisemitism and Islamophobia.
5:00  Fighting the matriarchy's policies of globohomogenisation
6:00  Rabbi Weissman's stuttering
7:00  Keith Joseph sacrificed his political career for criticising unmarried mothers.
8:00  Rabbi Weissman has deleted all but one of my comments on his video.
9:00  Jews should have endorsed Islam and denounced Christianity as soon as Islam became successful. 
10:00  Ranking the four gentile religions
11:00  Jewish and Muslim too afraid to do what I do
12:00  Tisha B'Av
Edict of Expulsion
14:00  If Amalek had a religion, it would be globohomo.
16:00  Theocracies in the world

​ @WhiteMuslim Woman challenges Americans to come up with a better idea than Secular Koranism

2:00  Dumbed down Americans ignorant of their constitution 3:00  Corporate America 4:00  Labour v Capital 5:00  One-party state 6:00  Compro...