Monday, 18 January 2021

All political problems are problems of morality

2:00  The Concept of the Political
3:00  Morality
4:00  The rules of the family
5:00  A clever child
6:00  The corrupt cartel of the West
7:00  Political problems in a polis
8:00  City states
11:00  Right and wrong, necessary and unnecessary
12:00  Bribe, threaten or persuade?
13:00  We can be our own worst enemy.
17:00  Original Sin
18:00  Lying to ourselves
19:00  Agnosticism
20:00  Deciding whether to believe in God is a moral and political choice. 
21:00  Sexual liberation from the rules of marriage and good parenting
22:00  The atheist nihilist hedonist
23:00  Patriarchy v Matriarchy
24:00  Secular Koranism

I meant the criminalisation of having illegitimate offspring with not the criminalisation of people who never asked to be born.

25:00  Bastardy represents a trinity of sin. 
26:00  Matriarchy
27:00  China's social credit system
28:00  Fighting elections is like parents quarreling in front of their children. 
29:00  The national interest
30:00  Reichstag Fire
31:00  Cancelling the purposeless
32:00  Warehousing the alt-right for extinction
33:00  Parler
34:00  Supporting Trump
35:00  Millennial Woes
36:00  Nationalism requires patriarchy.
37:00  The principles of the patriarchy
40:00  The Duran, The Gaggle and Peter Lavelle of RT
41:00  The rarer the resource, the more valuable it becomes. 
43:00  LGBT rights in China
44:00  Polyandry in Tibet
49:00  Marriageable children
51:00  Snowflakes and Strawberries
52:00  Incest
53:00  The forbidden degrees of consanguinity
54:00  Incest
55:00  Trump should have promoted Secular Koranism. 
56:00  Improving the conditions of politicians
57:00  Chinese Communist Party
58:00  The principles of Secular Koranism
1:00:00  Cougar and cub
1:02:00  God's laws
1:03:00  Caleb Maupin

1:11:00  No fault divorce
1:12:00  The national character
1:15:00  The materialism of racism
1:17:00  The operation of the oligarchy to be replaced by a one-party theocracy
1:21:00  Even a man complaining about feminism is a feminist if he does not want to forbid fornication.  
1:22:00  The degeneracy of illegitimacy
1:24:00  Western malaise
1:26:00  A failed moral system to be replaced by Secular Koranism
1:27:00  Masculinity is a state of mind prepared to defend patriarchal moral principles. 

1:35:00  Nationalism is government in the national interest. 

Sunday, 17 January 2021

Chris Hedges' Empire of Illusion | The New School

41:00  Fascism does not mean what Hedges says. 

1:15:00  When words are written down

1:16:00  Plato was a Fascist.

TG 235: What Does Mitch Want?

Peter and George still don't get it that McConnell doesn't care for populism and populist leaders like Trump because all elections are going to be rigged from now on. The conclusion we are to draw from events is that Trump's greatest achievement is that he made liberalism press its self-destruct button.

The Republican Party doesn't want or need Trump supporters because all future elections are going to be rigged, obviously.

The matriarchy is simply going to warehouse Trump supporters for extinction through gay marriage, transgenderism and UBI.

CrossTalk on Trump | Quarantine Edition | What Kind of Legacy?

6:00  Laura Fink attacks Trump's "whiteness".

7:00  Jim Crow came from the Democrats.  

9:00  "I am surprised why people are not more angry about the way we conduct elections." 

10:00  It won't be a perfect union until it becomes a unitary state.  

Playing the race card

11:00  Donald Trump received more votes from non-whites in 2016 and 2020 than any Republican in history. 

They left the doors open and let people in.  

People were inside the Capitol before Trump even finished his speech. 

12:00  Trump's words:

"I know you will go down to the Capitol peacefully and patriotically and make your voice heard." 

Fink interrupts rudely. 

14:00  The middle class

15:00  White supremacy, blah blah

The use of race

16:00  Corporate consolidation of power

Tin-foil hat theory

Near unanimous disapproval

Burning down the house

17:00  Preserve our democracy

Terrorist attack

18:00  Trump's legacy according to Fink:  

  1. Incitement of insurrection
  2. Erosion of democratic norms
  3. Erosion of institutions
  4. Demonisation of our democratic institutions
The media

Fink: "Russia won."

21:00  "The media is disgusting in the United States."

22:00  Sedition

Destroying a man politically

Due process

Insurrection and looting all summer long


Women like Laura Fink run America and American men submit to them. American men are so scared of them they are too afraid to even admit to themselves how scared they are of them.

Isn't it obvious already that representative democracy is really a corrupt cartel and should be taken out with the trash?

Isn't it interesting that the most powerful Trumpophobe on the panel is a an attractive woman accusing him of being racist?

This is how things work, gentlemen. The blue collar American and American men who aspire to be blue collar workers are despised by the likes of Laura Fink.

These men have no representation and the men in the class above fear to defend their interests because they fear the likes of Laura Fink many of whom are their wives.

This is how the matriarchy operates.

IN 2017 I asked Crosstalk about the operation of feminism thinking I would get a more honest answer from men in Moscow. And then I discovered the sex of who runs RT.

White middle class college-educated women like Laura Fink hate Trump and despise his supporters who have no one to defend them or represent their interests other than Trump. They already know that all future elections are going to be rigged from now on and will conclude that Trump should have stopped being so nice to all the people who ultimately betrayed him. And who can blame them?

The solution to any criticism of any liberal policy: "You are a racist antisemitic fascist Nazi White Supremacist (even if you are not) and will be vilified, demonised, marginalised and silenced."

Who is a White Supremacist anyway?

Isn't liberal democracy a kind of white supremacy?

Carl Schmitt on the friend and enemy of identity politics


Kamala Harris & The US Ruling Class - Caleb speaks to Center for Marxist Education

Smitten by Schmitt

2:00  Guardian of Constitution
4:00  Who gets to suspend the constitution? It won't be the constitutional court!
6:00  The Sovereign
15:00  Von Papen
16:00  Israel
31:00  Goebbels played a recording of his speech 
33:00  Hitler was nearly deported. 
49:00  Reichstag Fire
55:00  Enabling Act
1:02:00  Night of the Long Lives

All political problems are problems of morality

2:00  The Concept of the Political 3:00  Morality 4:00  The rules of the family 5:00  A clever child 6:00  The corrupt cartel of the West 7:...