Monday, 19 April 2021

The inevitability of Secular Koranism from 2:01:00

2:03:00  Getting Christians to let go of the Trinity
2:05:00  Kosher certificates for gentile religions

Rabbis doing their own thing quietly.

2:06:00  Rabbi Coffman on Jews who convert to Christianity
2:07:00  Rabbi Singer intends to prevent Christians converting Jews to Christianity. 
2:08:00  Jews can convert to Christian and still be ethnically Jewish. 
2:09:00  Jews come in four colours.
2:10:00  Jews are an ethnicity and religion.
2:11:00  The tension in Israel is between secular and religious Jews.
2:12:00  Secular Jews free ride on the coat tails of observant Jews who maintain the Jewish identity through their practice. 
2:13:00  It is death for Jews to break the Sabbath. 
2:14:00  Dr Michael Brown, Messianic Jew
2:16:00  Rabbi Singer on why Christians want to convert Israeli Jews to Christianity
2:17:00  Christian Zionists
2:19:00  Noahide laws and wanting the Messiah to come

2:22:00  Secular Koranism
2:23:00  Christian moral principles are not in the legislation of Western nations.

Sharia accepts the logic of your laws being in harmony with your chosen moral system. 

2:24:00  Jehovah's Witnesses believe Jesus is the Archangel Michael?
The Trinity

2:25:00  Idolatry

2:26:00  13 Principles of Judaism

2:28:00  The New Testament is not claimed by Christians to be from God while Jews and Muslims believe their scripture to be divine. 

2:29:00  Were Christian beliefs created to outrage Jews?

2:30:00  God is not of the same substance as His Creation. 

2:33:00  Big Bang

2:34:00  Uncaused First Cause

2:35:00  Spinoza's pantheism

2:36:00  Five attributes of God

2:37:00  Do most believe or disbelieve in God?

2:39:00  Sex and drugs and rock and roll

2:40:00  Declining empires falling into their Thucydides trap

2:41:00  Trump the heretic and his supporters

2:42:00  Civil war?


2:43:00  Christianity will be marginalised.

2:44:00  Islamophobia

2:45:00  My proposed media campaign to introduce Secular Koranism to the West

2:47:00  Islamophobes will be dead by the time the West becomes properly Muslim.

2:48:00  Western imperialism

Sunday, 18 April 2021

The Messiah will come when he is good and ready and not before

Sitting around waiting for the Messiah to come

4:00  Was Christianity a divine practical joke?
5:00  People pretending to be Christian
6:00  Relying on a higher authority
7:00  Divine moral and intellectual authority
8:00  Belief in the Abrahamic God would be most logical and moral.

Measuring the success of a religion

9:00  Jews are the world's most ancient and powerful tribe.
10:00  Christian Zionism
12:00  Jews for Jesus
13:00  The Jewish principle of avoiding idolatry
14:00  13 Principles of Judaism
15:00  Inability to apply principles
16:00  Jews failing to identify idolatry
17:00  Defining idolatry

Pantheism is idolatry. 

19:00  Respecting the boundaries between God and His Creation
20:00  The harm of idolatry
21:00  The idolatry of self-worship is narcissism. 
22:00  The Doctrine of Parliamentary Supremacy
23:00  Gay marriage
24:00  Eternal and universal standards
25:00  Jews, Muslims and Rabbi Singer
26:00  Avoiding unpleasant scenarios
28:00  Declining American empire
29:00  Christianity is the antithesis of Judaism.
30:00  Islam is the cure to the idolatry and blasphemy of Christianity.
31:00  Muhammad's letter to heads of state
33:00  I really don't think the Messiah is coming just yet. 
34:00  We haven't accepted that Christianity is kaput. 
36:00  "Yeah but no"
37:00  Applying principles
38:00  Immortality is divinity. 

The Noahide laws are the catalyst for political and religious change in the West

1:16:00  Rabbis are misusing the Noahide laws when they use it to create a religion for gentiles. The Noahide laws are for ranking the four gentile religions according to their conformity with the Noahide laws so gentiles can then decide which religion they should adopt bearing in mind their ranking, particularly those whose religion is bottom of the heap as regards Noahide compliance ie Christians in the West whose religion is kaput. 

1:17:00  Why would any gentile entrust himself to rabbinically-guided Noahidism unless they were Islamophobes? 

1:18:00  Even if there were gentiles prepared submit themselves to rabbinically-guided Noahidism in preference to becoming Muslim, they would be most unlikely to do so in significant numbers bearing in mind the numbers of Muslims across the world.  

1:20:00  Christianity is the religion of antisemitism. Both Jews and Arabs are a Semitic race with religions that reject the idolatry and blasphemy of Christianity. Antisemitism is both racial and ideological, if you come to think of it.  

There is really no space in synagogues for Noahides, only for converts to Judaisam. 

1:22:00  Westerners reject Islam because a stereotype of Muslims has been created in Western minds of being terrorists and oppressors of women and homosexuals, but the Noahide is a neutral new identity that has not yet taken hold in the Western consciousness. 

1:23:00  Noahides in America are by definition people who have rejected Christianity but have not made the final leap to Islam.  

1:26:00  Jews have not been living in a theocracy for 2000 years while Muslims still operate them. 
Rabbis are afraid of speaking truth to the power of American imperialism. 

1:27:00  Rabbi Singer

1:28:00  Endorsing the Noahide laws

1:29:00  Is the Catholic Church a turkey voting for Christmas?

1:32:00  The purpose of my proposed rabbinical ranking of the four gentile religions according to their conformity with the Noahide laws is to shame Christian Westerners into finally adopting Islam to save their society, nation and civilisation from feminazis and the policies of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Westerners are rejecting liberalism in droves and voting for Trump to signal their rejection and the Western liberal establishment had to commit election fraud on 3 November 2020 to get the election result they wanted.  

Restoring the patriarchy in the West requires established principles of social conservatism now found only in the Koran because Christianity is kaput.  

1:34:00  Secular Koranism is obviously better than rabbinically-guided Noahidism for Western nations because it allows the gentile nation to interpret its principles in their own way. 

1:35:00  The Koran disapproves of idolatry.  

1:36:00  Vincent: "Secular Koranism is less strict than Noahidism."
1:38:00  The American Republic was founded on Islamic principles. The First Amendment was based on

1:39:00  Five of the Founding Fathers were not even Christian. 

5:24:00  Michael Brown

5:25:00  Most Jews gentiles in the West meet are going to be secular liberal Jews rather than Orthodox rabbis. 

The "modern consensus of Jews" is submitting to liberalism! 

5:26:00  Noahide laws

Moses Mendelssohn

5:27:00  "Kike"

5:28:00  Jews forbidden to enter churches but allowed to pray with Muslims in mosques. 

5:29:00  Kosher Jesus

5:31:00  Education and Sharing Day

5:33:00  Trump supporters are treated by liberals as heretics after stealing the election from them. 

5:34:00  The Noahide laws are the catalyst for political and religious change in the West. 

5:35:00  Culture War

5:36:00  Patriarchy v Matriarchy

5:38:00  The litmus test of a believer of the Abrahamic God is concern and alarm about being guilty of idolatry and blasphemy. Christians really don't care about being idolaters and blasphemers. 

5:39:00  Jews and Muslims jointly speaking against idolatry and blasphemy would have the effect of marginalising Christians.  

5:40:00  Michael Brown, Christian Jews, Aaron Amihud

5:42:00  Luis Perez

5:44:00  Jews warning each other not to talk about the Noahide laws to gentiles. 

5:45:00  Rabbinical opinion is not settled on whether Islam is Noahide.  

5:46:00  Removing the kosher certificate from America by disestablishing Education and Sharing Day

5:48:00  Is America cursed by God because it not a Noahide nation?

5:49:00  Gay marriage threatens traditional marriage

5:51:00  Organised religion for national and imperialistic purposes

5:53:00  Why empires decline

5:54:00  America is now a victim of its own success. 

5:55:00  Christianity

5:56:00  Christians converting Jews in Israel

5:57:00  Religious Jews do not accept the authority of secular Israeli politicians. 

5:58:00  Social conservatism relies on God for enforcement. 

5:59:00  The unmarriageable v the marriageable

6:00:00  Nationalists want patriarchy without having to restore it. 

Not having children means you never really grow up.  

6:02:00  An ageing feminised nation

6:03:00  National extinction and China's one-child policy

6:06:00  Mistakes in government policy can be attributed to not following the Koran.  

Female infanticide

6:08:00  Correction

6:11:00  The pill 

6:12:00  Japan

6:13:00  Greg Johnson

6:16:00  Replacement birth rate of two offspring per couple on average

6:19:00  Surplus population creates empires.

6:20:00  History and national identity

6:22:00  Case law on whether America is a Christian nation.

6:23:00  The American Republic was about rejecting the power of the monarch to impose his religion on his citizens. 

The infuriating hopelessness of the degenerate Dissident Right

A worldview centred on explaining that all good and evil comes from the Abrahamic God is the most helpful one to have because it causes us to examine our lives and acknowledge mistakes rather than just blaming everything on individuals and groups we dislike without further analysis.  

7:00  Worshiping the Idol of Antisemtisim is by extension worshiping Jews. 

9:00  The race problem is really a law and  order problem. 

11:00  Secular Koranism

15:00  Matriarchy undermining marriage and family values

22:00  Rabbi Singer

23:00  Things and ideas that are no longer fit for purpose

24:00  Matriarchy

25:00  Old men become like old women. 

36:00  Kenneth Brown

38:00  Trump, Parler and Gab

39:00  Stefan Molyneux

40:00  Gab

41:00  Successful prophets

43:00  Jonah

45:00  Honorable in the Fourth Estate

46:00  Sharia or Secular Koranism?  

47:00  Hizb ut-Tahrir are also complaining that no one will debate them.  

48:00  Secular Koranism is the middle way.  

49:00  Nation of Islam and Scientology

51:00  Selling Secular Koranism to the Western political establishment

52:00  The correct interpretation of the Koran

53:00  The cowardice of Western intellectuals seems to be my most insuperable problem.

54:00  Lord Sumption is my preferred person to discuss Secular Koranism,

55:00  Rabbi Singer on my channel

58:00  Why Westerners are Islamophobes

1:00:00  Jon Vance

1:01:00  The Secular Koranist would be known for his knowledge of the Koran and its principles.

1:02:00  Abandoning Christianity and liberalism

1:05:00  GB News

1:07:00  Hitler and Napoleon

1:08:00  Jews and Muslims marinating in the moral sewage of matriarchy degeneracy

1:09:00  Rabbi Singer

1:10:00  Christianity is the most despised religion in the West, more despised than Islam.  

1:13:00  The First Amendment rejected the Trinity.  

1:14:00  The religion of idolaters and blasphemers


1:17:00  Ahmed Deedat and Zakir Naik

1:20:00  Asking the Pope etc how Christianity is not idolatry and blasphemy

1:22:00  What are Christian principles?

1:23:00  What is the evidence of the divinity of Jesus?

1:25:00  Liberal democracy being questioned by Westerners

1:26:00  Iranian fatwa against Salman Rushdie

1:27:00  Muslims getting Orthodox rabbis to rank the four gentile religions according to their conformity with the Noahide laws

1:32:00  Rabbi Schneerson

Friday, 16 April 2021

The nature/purpose of faith and the live streamed suicide of Global Man AKA Peter Andrew Nolan RIP

1:00  Choosing to believe
2:00  Role play and imagination
3:00  A more enjoyable experience
4:00  The role of religions
5:00  A hierarchy of nations and the rise and fall of empires
6:00  A hierarchy of nations and statecraft
7:00  China and Marxism
8:00  Moral systems also include secular political ideologies eg Communism.
9:00  The Three Supremes
10:00  Historical materialism
11:00  Faith in liberalism
12:00  Islamophobia
13:00  Being liberal, white and Western
14:00  How are the mighty fallen
15:00  The failure of Christianity
16:00  Hinduism and Buddhisms
18:00  Why did God allow Christianity?

20:00  We are morally obliged to believe in an afterlife. 

22:00  God is either true or useful or both.
23:00  A theory of everything according to the Abrahamic God

25:00  Global Man

MGTOW Global Man's 2 hour video about me, feminism and Secular Koranism

4 hour video by Peter Andrew Nolan, Global Man addressed to Claire Khaw about the female sex

MGTOW vs. Traditionalism | Global Man, Mark Collett

My Secular Koranist response to Global Man's 2 + 4 hour videos addressed to me

Global Man, the Noahide laws and the Sabbath

32:00  Preferring to die without changing one's mind
34:00  When to give up or double down
35:00  Global man stalking his family members
36:00  The importance of family members and friends who will tell us about ourselves things we don't want to hear
39:00  Changing the laws through effective political activism

40:00  Lawrence Fox of the Reform Party

42:00  A hierarchy of people, tribes, nations, religions and ideas

Liberalism is like Hinduism.

43:00  The Abrahamic faiths

44:00  The cosmic fraud of Christianity is probably a divine practical joke.

45:00  The principle of forbidding idolatry and blasphemy

The illegitimacy of Christianity

46:00  The most important principle of Christianity is the requirement of Christians to affirm its idolatry and blasphemy.

47:00  Why did God divide humanity into Jews and gentiles and make only two revelations to mankind? 

48:00  The national and moral imperative of restoring the patriarchy with Koranic principles

49:00  All political activist are optimists fueled by faith even if they do not believe in God. 

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Muslims teaching Noahide laws, rabbis admonishing those who claim God has begotten a son 18:4 Koran

3:00  Narcissistic Personality Disorder
4:00  People incapable of joined up thinking
5:00  Spinoza
7:00  Wanting attention for the sake of it
Making a vow of silence
8:00  Jews and Muslims swapping roles

I said Rabbi Sacks when I meant Rabbi Singer.

10:00  The divine and moral authority of the Koran
11:00  Theocracy
12:00  Attacks on Asians

The inevitability of Secular Koranism from 2:01:00

2:03:00  Getting Christians to let go of the Trinity 2:05:00  Kosher certificates for gentile religions Rabbis doing their own thing quietly...