Saturday, 4 December 2021

On being accused of suffering from a Messiah Complex

On the matter of whether I do in fact suffer from mental health issues such as a messiah complex, megalomania, delusions or narcissistic personality disorder, I suppose anything is in theory possible.
My radical idea that is the antithesis of the current political orthodoxy is easily understood.  

For this reason , it would be naive of me not to expect massive resistance to my idea and already irrational people to conflate something unpopular with something that is in theory unworkable.

Obviously, I do not think my theory is in theory unworkable. In fact, I think it is the only solution that would work, in theory and in practice.  

Therefore I am quite at ease dealing with objections from people I know who are suffering from Islamophobia and allow  them to question and challenge me. The most common feature of this condition is having an irrational hatred and fear of Muslims and Islam even when they know that their current political orthodoxy has failed and have no better idea.  

If asked what religion the West is associated with, people would answer Christianity.  

If asked what political ideology, people would say liberalism. 

If asked what political system, they would say liberal democracy.  

What I propose is their replacement with an integrated moral and legal political system that is distinctly my conception which incorporates the First Amendment, which I know is unrivalled because no one else has proposed any solution that is capable of being summed up in a sentence. The person closest to doing this is Ralph Masilamani and his solution is basically incoherent in that he believes in fighting more elections and using Christian nationalism as Nick Griffin does which is conclusive evidence that they have neither understood the problem, much less arrived at a cure.  

While claiming to be a Christian nationalist, Ralph relies on the ideas of a philosopher of an atheist Jew Jonathan Haidt whose Moral Foundations Theory is nothing more than a psychological explanation of how different political groups perceive to be right or wrong with the intention of manipulating their opinion to win elections. 

Why should I expect success when it is only me and a few people who support Secular Koranism?
Because even if I do not succeed in my lifetime, I am the one in theory closest to it, all things being equal.  

If this means I have delusions of grandeur, then so be it. I do not deny that my solution is radical and ambitious nor is it only confined to one country because the entire West suffers from the same problem as well as any non-Western country that follows this model.  

I am aware that all the prophets of God were in some way revolutionaries and do not deny that my ideas are revolutionary. So if I succeed, at best my reward will be to have been credited with achieving a kind of prophethood. I am also aware that the Bible is littered with the stories of failed prophets.

As for doing something else with my life instead of this, that is frankly unimaginable. If I had had a successful legal career, I would not be giving it up to associate with social and political leprosy and therefore I would be one of the political establishment sneering at nationalists.

As for my road map to success, I truly believe that all that is required is for someone honourable in a position of influence to understand what I am trying to do, agree with what I am doing and facilitate its propagation in mainstream media.  I do not think that is in theory impossible.  

I like to think I have the instincts of a journalist and have been feeding the media stories that they would be seizing with both hands and running with, if only they were still in the business of reporting the news and human interest stories as well as analysing events. That they no longer do this is evidence of their neurosis, corruption and hypocrisy.  

The only way of breaking this deadlock is to get the people of who conceive of the Abrahamic God correctly to give it to the Western political establishment with both barrels about the unviability of Christianity and liberal democracy in the 21st century now that Islam is the most advanced model of ethical monotheism which is an adaptation of the divine ethno-nationalist religion of the world's most ancient and powerful tribe, apparently kept in existence and protected by the Abrahamic God to serve a humanitarian cause: being an irritant to gentiles.  

Why would anyone unless they were stupid or suffering from some phobia insist on using a horse and carriage when modern technology has available vastly superior modes of transport?

I have long ago given up on Christians because no one can remain Christian unless they believe Jesus is God.  Anyone who persists in doing so after being challenged by my usual questions (ie How is Christianity not idolatry and blasphemy? If it is not idolatry and blasphemy to worship Jesus if he is indeed God, how is Jesus the co-equal of the supreme and eternal Abrahamic God who created the Universe?) is basically corrupt or suffering from a phobia and not really worth engaging with. 

My definition of corruption is ignoring and denying Truth, Logic and Morality.  

So in a way, the way forward for me is easy, broad and straight because my political activism is merely the repetition and propagation of these simple questions and ideas.  

As things worsen because errors are not corrected, people will logically and necessarily move closer to my position, as long as I stand firm on it.

Thursday, 2 December 2021

Even atheists need a moral system

1:00  Noahide laws
4:00  Atheist morality is logically and necessarily subjective.  
5:00  Choosing the best rule system
6:00  Objective morality is public morality enforced by law. 
7:00  Atheism v Agnosticism
8:00  Noahide laws
9:00  Christianity and Islam are derived from Judaism.
10:00  Moral systems include religions and secular political ideologies. 
11:00  Marriage is the X factor. 
12:00  Beliefs and moral principles
13:00  Corrupt and incompetent politicians changing our laws is worse than being a theocracy following the Koran. 
14:00  Organised religion > Eastern religions
15:00  Belief in the afterlife
16:00  Atheists benefit from theocracy if it gives lower crime and taxes.
17:00  Private and public morality should be in harmony with each other. People's should have a guilty conscience if they know they have broken the law. 
18:00  Nationalism AKA government in the national interest is impossible without social conservatism AKA patriarchy. 
19:00  Feminism harms the national interest. 
22:00  Patriarchy was what made the West great. 
23:00  The law is the algorithm of human behaviour. 
24:00  The price of sex
26:00  Our group identity influences our individual status. 
27:00  Gloom and despair
28:00  Change is inevitable and natural. 
E Michael Jones and Michael Voris
29:00  Full spectrum Catholic control
30:00  Continent architectural achievements greater than the ones of the offshore islands.
32:00  Growing national consciousness
Holy Roman Empire
33:00  Constantine the Great
34:00  Council of Nicaea
35:00  Wars of the Reformation
36:00  Islam
37:00  The political orthodoxy of liberalism
38:00  Cameronian Conservatism is gay marriage. 
39:00  Christianity only worked with the burning of heretics.  
40:00  Feminism
41:00  LGBT
44:00  Why European culture, architecture and music is superior to Eastern  versions
50:00  Spiritual aspect of obeying laws

1st Koraniyule 2021 with Tiffany

1:00  Truthers on Sandy Hook shooting 2012
2:00  Truther = conspiracy theorist
3:00  The presupposition that it was a psyop
4:00  The First and Second Amendment
7:00  No evil that cannot be disbelieved of the government
8:00  Trump
9:00  Harassment of parents of the children who died at Sandy Hook
11:00  What motivates the conspiracy theorist
13:00  Honour Network and copyright material
18:00  DTP
19:00  Autism
23:00  Full legal capacity
27:00  Child therapy
28:00  "Stim"
29:00  Seratonim
33:00  Autism
35:00  ADL and the Jews
36:00  Conspiracy theories
37:00  Alex Jones
39:00  QAnon
44:00  Hobbies
45:00  Better values and making men more masculine
46:00  Transgenderism
47:00  Feminism
48:00  Donna Hill, the torturer and murderer

51:00  Bill Cosby and #MeToo
52:00  Gender roles
56:00  Polyamory
57:00  Enjoining good and forbidding evil
59:00  New Zealand, Spain or Portugal?
1:01:00  Californian inflation
1:02:00  Noisy neighbours
1:03:00  Nature and purpose of Koraniyule
1:04:00  An integrated moral and legal political system
1:05:00  Five of the Founding Fathers were not Christian.
1:06:00  Islamophobes
1:07:00  The sex and violence of the Old Testament 
1:06:00  Religious Studies
1:09:00  Confirmation
1:11:00  Catholicism
1:14:00  Pope Francis
1:15:00  Gay men in Catholic seminaries
1:16:00  Same sex attraction
1:19:00  Being a married Catholic deacon
1:20:00  Michael Voris of Church Militant
1:22:00  Prosperity gospel and megachurches
1:25:00  The Vatican Museum
1:27:00  The commercialisation of Christ
1:29:00  Idolatry
1:31:00  Judiciary
1:32:00  Priesthood
1:33:00  A question of interpretation
1:35:00  Throwing sodomites off a tall building
1:36:00  Stoning
36 capital offences of the Torah
1:37:00  Trigger warnings in the Old Testament
1:39:00  Muslim woman
1:40:00  The Koran

Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Will Knowland accuses me of being "desperate" to talk about Islam

7:00  Jews
10:00  Marie van der Zyl
11:00  Britain's Christian identity
12:00  Cultural Christians
13:00  Anglicanism
14:00  Doctrine of the Trinity
15:00  Kulturkampf
16:00  Nietzsche
19:00  The moral and the social
Intersectional feminism
20:00  Civic nationalism
21:00  Changing the rules to a meritocracy
23:00  The West no longer has a functioning moral system.
E Michael Jones
24:00  Antisemitism and Jewish Liberals
26:00  Jordan Peterson
27:00  Islamophobe and Crusaders
29:00  Christianity
30:00  Masculinity
32:00  Arrested adolescence of Western men
33:00  Intergenerational co-operation amongst Jewish and Muslim men
34:00  Adolescent ideas of masculinity
36:00  Yin and Yang
37:00  The benefits of patriarchy
39:00  E Michael Jones and Nick Griffin
40:00  Contraception and abortion
48:00  Patriarchy is eugenic. 
52:00  Gay adoption
54:00  Extramarital sex
56:00  Marriage
57:00  Islam
59:00  Men more sexually fluid than women?

How Zemmour exploits his Jewishness by Simon Epstein

3:00  Our composite identity
4:00  According to Kant, we must treat others as a means to an end.
5:00  Moral and political principles
11:00  Balzac and Flaubert
24:00  Simon Epstein
26:00  Left-wing Jew v Right-wing Jew
27:00  Civic nationalism is the most commonsensical view for both Jews and gentiles.
28:00  A satisfactory arrangement between labour and capital
29:00  Moral education of citizens
30:00  Plebs and patricians
31:00  China is the workshop of the world.
General Strike 1925
32:00  Moses leaving Egypt with his people to protest against the working conditions of the Pharaoh. 
33.00  Plebs leaving Rome to protest against their working conditions.
34:00  Capitalism and Communism are both materialist ideologies. 
35:00  Islam caters for the spiritual and material needs of individuals and society.
36:00  Far Left and Far Right are antisemitic for different reasons. 
38:00  Israel
39:00  The Noahide laws forbidding sexual morality protect the institutions of marriage and the family.
40:00  My unique interpretation of events. 
41:00  Europeans moving away from Christianity and monarchy
42:00  Jay Dyer
43:00  Adams, Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, Washington
45:00  Yoram Hazony on National Conservatism
47:00  Christianity is a minority pursuit in the West.
Unitarian Christianity
48:00  Christian Americans and Christian Europeans
49:00  Corrupt and incompetent Western politicians will keep changing the laws that will be detrimental to the national interest.
50:00  Napoleon said the shahada and the Napoleonic Code is based on sharia. 
51:00  Religion is not merely an ornamental heirloom but a working boiler.
52:00  Organised Abrahamic religions v Non-organised Eastern religions
53:00  China relied on statecraft to keep its empire going.
55:00  China is a people's democratic dictatorship.
56:00  The Three Supremes
57:00  Succession and the orderly transfer of power.
58:00  Jewish conspiracies and the Deep State
1:00:00  Patriarchy v Matriarchy
1:01:00  Five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance

Monday, 29 November 2021

The Culture War is between the Marriageable and the Unmarriageable

Three global Christian empires

8:00  Catholicism v Protestantism
9:00  Degeneracy can be caused in one generation.  
E Michael Jones, the Arch Antisemite
11:00  Jews are meant to be an irritant to gentiles.
12:00  Why many Christians and Muslims are antisemites
15:00  Antisemitism is what Jews suffer when they disobey God's laws and refuse to properly teach the Noahide laws to gentiles and challenge the idolatry and blasphemy of Christianity.
18:00  Military supremacy is not forever. 
20:00  Will Knowland is now busily putting on all the badges of white nationalism because he rejects Islam as the solution. 
21:00  Will Knowland is sticking with Christianity. 
22:00  Jordan Peterson on Islam - 13 December 2021
24:00  The definition of marriageable
25:00  We can become marriageable by changing our own attitude to marriage. 
27:00  Is there anyone at all prepared to support and protect the institution of marriage?
28:00  Will Knowland wallowing in the forbidden subjects of white nationalism like a pig in mud.

People who stubbornly still want to indulge in the absurdity of idolatrously worship Jesus as God because the are Islamophobes

30:00  Unmarriageable people can still support the practice of marriage in principle.
31:00  Agreeing on minimum standards of sexual morality
36:00  Dysgenic policies of tolerating extramarital sex
39:00  Free love is dysgenic. 
40:00  Tolerance of extramarital sex inevitably means tolerating illegitimacy.
42:00  The longer you have been wrong, the less likely you are to admit it.  
43:00  Jews v Chinese
46:00  The Deadly Sin of Pride
47:00  Every dog will have his day. 
48:00  Marriageable v Unmarriageable
49:00  Equal pay is against the principle of freedom of contract.

On being accused of suffering from a Messiah Complex

On the matter of whether I do in fact suffer from mental health issues such as a messiah complex, megalomania, delusions or narcissistic per...