Friday, 28 September 2007

The British and the Burmese

"They aren't Communists, they don't threaten British interests.


Internationalist hand-wringing, finger-wagging, futile Liberal do-gooding!

It is telling, is it not, that it is the Russians and Chinese who have a policy that resembles common sense, while the Western media egg the young Burmese firebrands into yet another Tiananmen-style massacre from the comfort of their armchairs watching it all on TV ...

The military junta have shown unaccustomed patience so far - 9 dead is really very few in the great scheme of things.

It is nauseating that most do-gooding viewers and media commentators are secretly hoping for more violence and loss of life, so long as they are the ones left alive to wring their hands and shake their heads ...


goosefat101 said...

I agree. We have seen what happens when sanctions are imposed in relation to other similar situations.

It is always the people who suffer through sanctions and never the leaders.

And the west certainly like to shake its head about how terrible other countries are.

Life in the Northwest said...

I think it's funny how its always pacifist and socialists who are prepared to expend the blood of other people in defence of their opinions.

Gordon Brown read out a depressingly long list of British war dead in parliament today (Eighteen I think), and yet he probably describes himself as an 'internationlist', or some such socialist short hand for disarmament and nonaggression.

Now, he makes pronouncements on Burma, and other hot spots, urging unarmed young men to face down tanks.

Shades of Tiannamen Square.

Politiciians should keep quiet unless they can support those that they urge into harms way.

Henry North London said...

Its because they want to see what happens... You have to remember there is a one mile exclusion zone around the Mother of Parliaments and these bastards are using it as a testing ground to see if popular uprisings can unseat a tyrannical government.

About one million people in Westminster protesting should really tax all the available police men drafted in to cover Parliament from peaceful protest.

Thing is where do you find 1 million politically sensitive and intelligent people in Britain these days?

Andromeda said...

"where do you find 1 million politically sensitive and intelligent people in Britain these days?" Henry North London asks.

Hopefully, at

once it takes off, when enough people bring their friends along to The Party ....