Monday, 20 April 2009

Louis Theroux - A Place for Paedophiles

A very frustrating programme to watch, since Theroux did not ask the question I would have asked, viz

1. Why are paedophiles paedophiles?

2. Why do they prefer children?

3. What is so erotic about children?

4. Why would you risk so much shame and punishment, when you could presumably satisfy yourself with more available sex objects, viz women or gay men or prostitutes of both sexes?

5. Is it because they are too unattractive to find sex partners?

6. Is it because they are too poor to be able to pay for prostitutes?

7. Why are most paedophiles male?

8. Why is such an apparently all-male institution run by female clinicians?

9. Why were so many of them apparently nice and normal-seeming and so educated and articulate?

10. Surely it is all right to want to have sex with children, provided they do not have sex with children? (If thoughts were deeds, what villains we'd all be! After all, we all occasionally want to commit murder, adultery, theft, etc, don't we?)

11. Are there more paedophiles now than there were before, in a previous age? Or was it always ever thus?

12. If their numbers have increased, what is the reason?

13. Is paedophilia a male reaction to feminism?

14.  If paedophiles are mosquitoes, are single mothers stagnant pools of water?

It is enough, surely, to be satisfied that these paedophiles do not wish to remain paedophiles. There is no need to in effect make them lie about their state of mind, ie that they no longer wish to have sex with children, in order to get out. The only requirement ought to be for them to explain why they prefer children when women are so easily available, and why they prefer dangerously deviant sex to easily obtainable legal sex.

Could it be because men do not want to have their feelings hurt by a sexually experienced female saying things like "Is that all?" or telling her friends afterwards that he is not as well-endowed as she would have wished? Or that her previous lovers were all much better?

Men are really as insecure as women but are not allowed to admit it. They therefore suffer more from their insecurities because they cannot really let it out, for the more astute of them know that the moment they express emotions and show any weakness as they have been invited to do by their women, their women will lose all respect for them.

It seems the conversation I had with a mother many years ago was much more revealing. I asked her why she thought paedophiles preferred children. Her answer was simple: "Power."

Yes, the power you have when you get there before anyone else.

Perhaps someone else would like to attempt answers to the questions unasked by Louis Theroux.


CrazyDaisy said...

Interesting prog, Louis was not his usual self, I agree with that the Questions were pants and we didn't truly get an understanding of the illness.

I could tell the inmates were lying without being linked to a machine, specially the chap with the ballet picture - snaggy!

Oh well, we must wait until there is better research conducted.


Anonymous said...

Paedophilia: A reaction to feminism.