Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Depression, dementia, atheism and A NEW NATIONAL RELIGION!

Hark at the journos and politicians prating about dementia, depression and the parlous state of mental health the British are in.

My solution would be to disestablish the Church of England and invite tenders from various religious organisations so that a new religion that is better for the long-term national interest of the British Nation can be established.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I am under the impression that people's mental health tend to improve when they think someone who is Omniscient, Eternal and Omnipotent is their Best Friend.

Perhaps even I could help by developing further the idea of Secular Koranism? It is a synthesis of philosophy and religion combined into a distinct and cohesive ideology. It asserts that the Koran is a good enough guide, even for those who do not believe in God.

The Cult of Reason and Supreme Being ("CORASB")

The practice of submitting to Truth, Reason and Reality (if that is what God is, if God exists) is capable of both being a philosophy and a religion.

To start a Cult of Reason and The Supreme Being that is mutually indivisible is therefore logically possible and politically desirable.

Imagine: a religion and philosophy capable of appealing to both atheists and monotheists ....


Robin said...

Veganism can be defined as a religion in the sense that it is a that is a strongly held belief.

It is rational in that if adopted it would delay for a long time the problems which some are are forseeing for the the planet.

And it provokes consideration of issues which most peole do not consider every day.

It is of course an immense challenge philosophically to Mammon personified in McDonalds, the Colonel, the majority of farmers, all supermarkets. Most of the fashion business, shoe manufacturers...

Anonymous said...

I don't really understand how depression and dementia are going to be somehow *miraculously* cured by disestablishing the Church of England, though(!) Both conditions strike individuals totally randomly - they are no more a comment on a person's political beliefs or intellectual levels than they are a punishment from God or evidence of demon possession. I get the impression that you are one of the people lucky enough (at least, so far) to not have a close loved one die as a result of the effects of dementia or depression.

Claire Khaw said...

I am just saying the believing in God is therapeutic. After all, why else would child psychologists tell troubled children to have imaginary friends?

I can imagine that it would be painful and distressing to have a close friend or loved one from die of dementia and depression.

Do you really see no utility in a general belief in God?

Claire Khaw said...

Disestablishing the Church of England would draw a line under the mistakes of the past and the failures of Christianity. I am sorry I took so long to answer your question.

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