Thursday, 9 September 2010

Khavian Koranism Ideological Weapon against Radical Islam

I am sorry to appear egotistical, but it seems I have no choice but to put my name to a new ideology I have created to counter Radical Islam in order to avoid being accused of being a Radical Islamist myself. I am saying that while you hate Radical Islam, you will love Khavian Koranism because it is different. It is different because it does not require a belief in God for you to subscribe to it. In other words, it will not damage the integrity of your agnostic and atheistical beliefs.

I have had it said that I wish to create a new religion. I certainly wish to create a new ideology - that of Secular Khavian Anglican Islam (or whatever it ends up being called) whose principles would be judiciously balanced by the principles of libertarianism. 

It is an ideology that rationally and humanely combines Koranic principles with libertarianism which is agnostic as to the existence of God, which I propose to call Indifferent Agnosticism

It is indeed a hybrid ideology rather like, it has to be admitted, National Socialism. It must be pointed out that National Socialism and Fascism were created as a vaccination against International Marxism by those who feared and hated this radical ideology.

National Socialism's most distinguishing characteristics are:

  1. a one-party state
  2. a leadership and personality cult
  3. a stated preoccupation with social justice and the people
  4. a stated preoccupation with the national interest

National Socialism was in fact practised outside Germany, after Hitler's death.  While it is unarguable that  International Marxism became National Socialism the moment those who adopted it gave up their international ambitions, this is not generally accepted by political theorists.  

The explanation is simple: Hitler is one of the major villain's of recent history.  This being so no nation would wish to acknowledge that the ideology they are in fact practising has all the main elements of National Socialism.  It may even cause a major diplomatic incident if it were pointed that China is the most established and successful nation on earth that practises National Socialism.  (The People's Republic of China 60th birthday was celebrated in 2009.  The Russians once practised it, but gave up National Socialism when they gave up their one-party system under Gorbachev.) 

The spectre of Radical Islam hangs over the world just as the spectre of Communism hung over the world at the beginning of the last century. 

I therefore propose countering Radical Islamism with Secular Khavian Anglican Islam - an ideology that combines the elements of 

  1. agnostic neutrality on the existence of God so that we make the most of our agreement
  2. racial neutrality
  3. libertarianism
  4. family values AKA anti-feminism
  5. social justice
  6. nationalism (ie an ideology of national interest which is an abstract concept of balancing the competing interests of the different groups that make up a nation)
  7. a one-party state under a constitution that protects the rights of individual members against the leader and his cronies and no personality cult


Robert Edwards said...

Your egotistical 'ideology' is not me.
Radical Islam is better.

Claire Khaw said...

Well, some Orthodox Muslims (like you presumably) see Khavian Koranism as also radical, but in a different way!

What sect of Muslim are you then, Robert?

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