Saturday, 9 October 2010

How I would sort out politicians and the political system if I could pass any law I wanted

I would actually double MPs' pay after introducing a one-party state. I would however immediately conduct another general election to re-elect all the MPs who would henceforth be free of their party whip.

PPCs would be expected to pass certain exams which I have set to be taken in exam conditions.

Their essays would be published online.

Part I is explained at

Part II will simply ask them say how they would have averted the fall of Republican Rome.

So that's the quality control sorted.

They would henceforth have to vote according to principle and conscience, where found. If absent, they will just have to do what the people want.

There will be annual elections - just as the Chartists wanted - because there will be the equivalent of an AGM to pass resolutions and reappoint, appoint and remove directors.

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