Tuesday, 30 November 2010

So Mandy has already got a job while I am still going around saying gissa a job. Perhaps Mandy will give me a leg up if not an actual legover. I could be very useful to him if he allowed me to be ...

I have written in the following terms to WPP (which is the acronym for "Wire and Plastic Products", I discovered to my surprise!) for whom Peter Mandelson will be acting as consultant. has a few posts on Peter Mandelson whom I have today heard will now be your consultant, which should be of interest to WPP.

I am the blogger and wonder if it would be appropriate for WPP to consider me as a candidate in any secretarial or administrative or any capacity at all that he may require and desire. 

If not perhaps my excellent ideas and communication skills could be of service to WPP in some other way.  I have after all been legally as well as comedically trained.

The personality cult I have already created for myself, whom liberals love to hate and fear, is I believe quite impressive, and my reputation precedes me.  My notoriety is such that there have been Facebook campaigns by Leftists to make my Facebook friends defriend me, and I have even had fake accounts set up by my detractors dedicated to mocking my views.  My Google footprint has also been said to been described as "giant".  

I look forward to hearing from you as to how I may assist in generating ever greater profits for your company with my undoubted talents for self-promotion, irresistible suggestions and revolutionary ideas.

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