Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Graham Allen MP another example of fuck-witted limp-dickery

The aim of the National Parenting Campaign which the Labour MP Graham Allen is calling for after his investigation into how to turn around the lives of the most vulnerable children in society, is for it to be "the crown jewel of the Big Society project, pursued with enough passion and vitality to make it irresistible even to the most jaundiced". Mr Allen outlines these aims.  
A government report on early intervention is calling on private financiers to invest in the future of our nation's most vulnerable children to help give them a better start in life. 'Early Intervention Bonds' would pay out dividends for investors when those youngsters make a success of themselves. Toby Eccles, Development Director for Social Finance and Edward Melhuish, Professor of Human Development at Birkbeck College, University of London discuss whether such a scheme could work.

This is complete SHIT. Early intervention my ARSE. Stop them from being born at all by stigmatising unmarried mothers.

What's wrong with that? Cheap and easy after the screaming and wailing has died down.

More fuckwitted limpdickery from the cunts of convictionlessness that are now in charge of the ship of state.  Did you hear them talking about the "inter-generational difficulties" of these people in the second interview?  Yep, it's been going on for generations, this white trash culture that our male politicians dare not deal with head on.  

Remember John Major's Back to Basics that he soon gave up on, when he said we should "tolerate a little less and condemn a little more"?  Well, that was the last pathetic limp-dicked attempt.  

There are more single mums with their variously fathered feral children who are a burden on the state with the vote now, and these politicians are getting more and more limp-dicked and fuck-witted with every passing day because they are afraid of alienating the single mum vote.  

To be afraid of the Secret Police or a dictator like Stalin or Hitler or Mugabe who will have you shot or beaten up I can understand.  But to be so afraid of slut and slapper unmarried mothers as to not dare criticise them is simply beyond contemptible. 

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Frankfurter eating marxist pigs, all of them