Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Islamic concept of Ummah is International Nationalism

The concept of Ummah was created to eliminate endemic amoral tribalism.  (It is really just the Muslim version of Christendom.) 

One of the possible translations for this is "nation".  Of course if you were a Muslim, you would have no problem in thinking that Islam would be good for any nation.

If you considered yourself a Nationalist - in the sense of wishing to adhere to an ideology that promotes the long term National Interest (rather than that of narrow petty divisive amoral tribal ideological politics and short term tactical advantage against the other party) - then you would find yourself obliged to consider whether it is in the National Interest to disestablish the Church of England and establish something more fit for purpose. There is no reason why Islam should not be considered for the British Nation mutatis mutandis, establishing an Islam that is unique to Britain or even calling it Anglican Islam ...

Were this to happen across Western nations then varieties of Islam such as American, Franco, Germanic Islam might emerge.  Indeed, it is possible that our lives might improve in the light of Koranic wisdom.  I am quite certain almost anything would be better than living in a state of Demented Feminism (which promotes female promiscuity amongst other social ills) and Liberal Extremism (which systematically cultivates failure) as we do now. 

Just supposing all the countries in the world embraced Islam.  Would this necessarily mean that there would be no wars ever?  Of course not.  In the event of a war, the nation that best practices Islam would win over a nation that practises Islam less well.  

Islam is after all a religion of peace and war, which sounds a lot more useful than being just a religion of peace, IMHO. 

To have peace be prepared for war, or, as the Romans would have it, Si vis pacem, para bellum.


Anonymous said...

I agree that if Islam were to establish itself in the West it would form its own distinct form of Islam. However, that could mean that it would be very different from Islam elsewhere.

The fallacy of your argument is then that these Islams could retain forms of liberalism, democracy, feminism, 'gay rights' etc. A Western Islam could then be very different from the current western perception of Islam.

And what of the Pope? He would surely wish to retain his position, albeit now as Caliph...

Claire Khaw said...

Your idea of the Pope converting to Islam is quite quite delicious!