Saturday, 26 February 2011

Join the Claire Khaw Colonel Gaddafi Support Group on Facebook and add your friends too!

Complete strangers are now asking to be added to the Claire Khaw Colonel Gaddafi Support Group which is now a Facebook phenomenon.

It is also tied up with the campaign to have the old Facebook groups back.

Under the old system you had the option of accepting or declining.

Under the new system you can only leave after you discover you have been added.

If you want to make a point about this, join and add your friends and watch them go crazy as they desperately find a way to leave but are limited by their intelligence and their initiative, like insects flying against a pane of glass when the window is already open.

Join the Colonel Gaddafi Support Group if you have a sensayumah!  Long live Colonel Gaddafi!  Long live the Great Dictator!

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Adolfo said...

The People of Libya has the right to live under a pointless and useless British style demented matriarchal democratic system in they want to do so. Don't be an obstacle to Progress!