Thursday, 3 February 2011

What's wrong with Britain

Immigration is a problem and I have heard non-white people expressing unease about it. When non-white people start saying they are not happy, then you know the problem must be quite bad.

It is the dishonesty of the LibLabCon really. There is no reason why the working classes here cannot do the work they keep inviting foreign labour to do, except for the crap education system we have which teaches them nothing except their rights against the state, how to defy authority, how to have illegitimate babies with each other anytime anywhere anyhow, and how to be lazy useless drunken bastards that no rational British employer would want to hire. 

The trouble is that, because all the parties know that 5 years is not a long enough time to solve the problem of British education, they all sweep the problem under the carpet.

This is one of the reasons why I advocate a one-party state, or education will just get from bad to worse and we will quite soon be reduced to the state of lower animals, copulating as and when openly in the streets and sniffing each other's bottoms, or reduced to piracy and prostitution.

The white working classes have no culture, no family, no traditions, no education, no self-control, no God and no future. The only culture they know is pub culture and drug culture.  That is why they are fucked in the head and keep fucking each other and getting off their faces to take their mind off their fuckedness. 

All that is left for them to do is join the BNP and then find that even a party that is supposed to be standing up for the rights of whites arbitrarily expel and suspend their experienced activists who are suspected of wanting to throw their hats in the ring should a leadership contest be triggered under their massively rigged constitution.  

And the white middle classes are becoming like them too. Completely fucked, because most Conservative Party members and activists do not even realise how totalitarian their party constitution is.  That is why most of them are hypocrites, yes-men, cowards, fools and knaves.  

These are people now in charge of the ship of state.

We are all well fucked, unless we start thinking, saying and doing the things that will get us out of this mess. 

And that is why Dan Hannan should declare NOW that he will challenge fight David Cameron for his seat in Witney at the next General Election.  

But perhaps he just wants a quiet life and a steady income writing for the Daily Telegraph and claiming generous expenses from his employers, the EU.  He does after all  have a wife and children to support.  Why stick your neck out on something like this, eh?  That it is clever to be cowardly is what the typical British man thinks, even those who nurse the wish to become one of the Great and the Good.  (Perhaps even this term is now considered laughably archaic?)


Another View said...

"The white working classes have no culture, no family, no traditions, no education, no self-control, no God and no future" - they are just reflecting the ruling elite.

Change the elite and the masses will follow

Claire Khaw said...

I intend to.