Tuesday, 15 March 2011

SHOCK HORROR REPORT: white man cannot say he wants all-white village to stay all white

What is missing from this scene is ethnic minorities, apparently.

Where are the blacks, Asians, Muslims and kebab shops?

One of Midsomer Murders' creators has claimed a key to the show's appeal is its absence of ethnic minorities. Simon Jenkins, author of A Short History of England, and comedy TV producer Ash Atalla, discuss whether there's any justification to the claims.

Too fucking right it won't work, and I speak as a non-white.   People of all races dip into it for a very traditional idea of Englishness and English village wife and don't want token ethnics being introduced to mess it all up.

The foreigners who watch this abroad will desert the show in droves if token ethnic minorities characters are introduced in the name of Political Correctness.

Have we all gone mad?

Why doesn't someone ask me how it feels to be the only sane person in a nation whose brains have turned to poo?

I feel really really sorry for white people, I really do.   That is why I joined the BNP, to try and  help them and nurse them through their very disturbing phase of liberal dementia.  Well, I do hope it is just a phase.

If it all goes pear-shaped I can always go live in Libya and work for Colonel Gaddafi (if he offers me a job after he sorts his local difficulties out) or fuck off back to where I came from as these rabid liberals are always snarling at me to do, but I don't want to desert white people in their time of need.  There are still good things worth conserving in this country and I don't want the liberal extremists to completely shit over all of it.


to protest against Brian True-May's farcical suspension.

White people can't even have a pretend all-white village all to themselves!  

To even say, as Brian True-May did, that people who watch it wish it to be so is apparently THOUGHTCRIME in liberal totalitarian Britain!

That would be analogous to creating African, European and Asian characters to insert into Peking Opera so as to make more inclusive, relevant and modern, irrespective of the wishes of those who enjoy Peking Opera.

How very strange and how very sad to see the British reduced to this disgusting and contemptible state of self-abnegation.  They must really hate themselves for being so helpless, so stupid, so cowardly and so demented.

Free Brian True-May now!

Tar and feather those who suspended him, who are Enemies of Free Speech and Enemies of the People!

String 'em up and hang them high!    


Anonymous said...

Given that all women are prostitutes I'm wondering whether your father was a paying client, one you knew, or a relative of your mothers.

Joe said...

It's never actually bothered me that there are no black people in it even though I'm black myself.

However to say the show is 'last bastion of Englishness' suggests that ethnic people can't be English or middle-class and that they are being excluded for that reason. If there was 1 black or Asian character in Midsomer it still wouldn't be a culturally diverse show contrary to what he thinks.

Basically I think he's chosen the wrong argument to support his stance.

The funny thing is he brought it all on himself because no one I know ever complained about the show's makeup, nor have I ever heard the media mention it.

Claire Khaw said...

I wonder why Anonymous is accusing my parents of incest and not commenting on

- Englishness
- the whiteness or otherwise of English villages
- free speech and censorship

Is this yet another conclusive sign of liberal dementia?

Claire Khaw said...

It is sad and strange that so many people do not get it.

Free speech means that Brian True-May is entitled to his opinion EVEN IF IT IS WRONG AND OFFENSIVE.

He created the series. If he doesn't want ethnics in it, he doesn't want ethnics in it.

Sadly, you people do not get free speech at all.

You seem to think free speech is only OK if no one is offended. Or if you agree with the offending statement.

Free speech is wasted on people like you.

You don't know what it is.

You don't recognise it when you see it.

You don't notice when it is taken away from you.