Friday, 18 March 2011

A DECLARATION of an online war against the morals, motives and mentality of warmongering interventionists

We as individual citizens living in Britain cannot do that much when we are never consulted about anything.

Our governments start wars without our approval or permission, just like tinpot dictators who go on foreign adventures so they can prance around on the international stage while masturbating in our faces.

They prance around the international stage because they are stupid enough to think they will be rewarded for a successful outcome when there can be no successful outcome that can be achieved by military force - only the needless sacrifice of lives on both sides, the prolonging of the conflict, the soiling of our reputation as a nation and the hatred, ridicule and contempt of the international community.

We are witnessing the last days of Western hegemony, now clearly suffering from terminal dementia while the maggots of liberal extremism are squirming and burrowing about devouring what remains of its stinking rottenness that was once its thinking organ.

"Failed pariah state?"  Don't they mean us?

I can only see to it that I take every opportunity to dissociate myself from what the government is doing in my name and urge everyone else to join me in this 24/7 task of distancing ourselves from liberal dementia.  

An online war is being declared on anyone who supports the war on Twitter and Facebook and any other kind of social media.  It will be non-violent but will include swear words.

Demand from everyone their views on intervening in Libya so we know who are the sane and good and wise and who are the mad and evil and imbecilic.

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