Tuesday, 8 March 2011

"Emotional Intelligence" is for the Birds (ie Liberals and the singly-parented badly brought-up illegitimate children they produce)

"Emotional intelligence" is what your single mother should have taught you but was too busy at work or partying or being a liberal parent to teach you.

"Emotional intelligence" is to stop singly-parented bastards from disrupting the class.

"Emotional intelligence" - for fatherless boys brought up by their single mothers.

"Emotional intelligence" - for intellectually-challenged shit for brains liberals who worship free love while wearing jeans that show their knickers to show how up for it they are, anytime, anywhere, with anyone at all.

"Emotional intelligence" - another bankrupt idea to pretend that feminism is OK and that mothers should go to work so they can support with their taxes the unproductive, the feckless, the stupid and the illegitimate which the welfare state encourages to multiply in ever greater numbers.

"Emotional  intelligence" - not so intelligent after all!


Anonymous said...

So according to your weird ideas your mother was either a whore (married) or a whore (unmarried). Whatever your mother failed to recognise that abusing you would make you turn out like this.

What makes you think single mothers are liberals? Or partying?

Claire Khaw said...

Single mothers tend to be liberals because liberals tolerate them better than Conservatives.

When the Conservatives ceased being nasty about single mums (and became liberal) it became OK for single mums to vote Conservative too.

Now we're up to our necks in the shit of liberal feminist promiscuity in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.

I take it that you are a great believer in "Emotional Intelligence"?

Anonymous said...

Single mothers tend to be liberal really? So the tory voting woman that's husband leaves her or mistreats her suddenly changes her political ideals on the basis of her new circumstance?

Can you present some stats on this. Really for someone who apparently can lecture people about reasoning you simply don't have any.

Kingston really is wasting it's time with you, Marylin Mason should reject her 'free speech' principals when it comes to ill thought nonsense, that's morally bankrupt as it is. Emotion aside, forgetting you're plainly vile, your views name NO SENSE and aren't based on just read like a poor man's Daily Mail column.

Claire Khaw said...

Women tend to enjoy wearing their hearts on their sleeves, exhibiting all the symptoms of indiscriminate and soft-headed compassion. They also tend to be more cowardly and hypocritical than men.

Do you not remember the time when the Tories turned liberal when Theresa May decided no longer to be the nasty party to single mums in 2002?

Obviously not.

Now every other baby is born out of wedlock and no politician dares to offend the single mum by criticising her choice of sex partner and her indifference to the disadvantages of single motherhood as well as her inability to find a husband and her inability to use contraceptives effectively.

My views make perfect sense to many people and I thank you for noticing that I aspire to have a column in the Mail.

It disappoints me that you do not believe in free speech and confuse "principals" with "principles".

Anonymous said...

The single mother's choice of sex partner? FFS. What about THE PARTNER. Why blame women? You have to look inward to find out why you have such an issue with women, I can only guess that either your mother and you were victims of your father or you were made to feel ashamed about being a woman. Makes sense given one of your parents is Chinese.

Is there a reason you stay in the UK? You really should leave.

Claire Khaw said...

In the animal kingdom, the female of the species would choose to mate with males with desirable qualities such as strength, size and beauty.

In the demented matriarchy that is the West, many females do not even know that they should choose males with desirable qualities such as the ability to protect and provide before mating with them.

Indeed, to even point out that sex is a very serious business and not just for recreational purposes is a kind of blasphemy in a nation suffering from senile dementia.

Since it is women who are left holding the baby, it behoves them to be discriminating about whose child they carry.

How tragic that stupid liberal women in an advanced civilisation cannot have this truth pointed out to them without being reduced to a state of hysterical indignation.

They are indeed lower than prostitutes and lower than lower animals.

No wonder Western civlisation is declining at such an alarming and precipitous rate.

I stay here because I would like to see if Western civilisation is capable of being saved, and whether it can be saved by being told a few home truths about the reasons for its decline.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the number of people that follow you on twitter makes me think you could barely change a lightbulb let alone a nation's point of view.

The Koran that you cherish and every other fucked up notion of truth seeks to control women's fertility.

Who are lower than prostitutes? Women that have babies? And who are these women that you speak of? Why do you exonerate men from blame?

Can you please start talking facts and statistics? This plucking out crap out of the air makes you look stupid.

Anonymous said...

You didn't answer which whore your mother was.

Claire Khaw said...

Which whore? How many are there where? I think you are Posey Parker. I recognise your style.

Claire Khaw said...

All the Abrahamic faiths regulate sexual relations in human society. I am sorry you do not know that.

Unmarried single mothers are lower than whores.

Women who trust men who just want a fuck are beyond stupid.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't really matter who I am, I am not seeking notoriety or fame.

You have said that married women are whores and single mothers are whores, which is your mother?

Who was most ashamed of you your mother or your father?