Friday, 25 March 2011

How would you feel if Claire Khaw were the 2012 BNP London mayoral candidate?

Attended the meeting in Barking and Dagenham last night.

Very unexpectedly, I was invited to speak about becoming London mayoral candidate.  I said I had certainly accepted the invitation to apply to become candidate and would be delighted to do so if the party thought me a suitable candidate.

It was not a particularly good speech but I tried to say the following.

  1. Where I come from people can complain about foreigners without being accused of being Nazi Fascist Racist extremist, and I want this right for white people too.   
  2. Free speech is crucial to our liberties and the free speech of others is our free speech too. 
  3. I was previously a member of the Conservative Party and it was David Cameron who drove me into the arms of Nick Griffin with his infuriating Commie Pinko PC ways.
  4. Immigration is now so alarming that even the foreigners are complaining about how many foreigners there are in this country.  
  5. The BNP should be called the "We were here before you" party.   
  6. It is disgusting how successive British governments do not care enough about their own people enough to tell them to mend their ways, fix their broken education and training system and give parents grammar schools so even the poorest can be given a decent education and be trained for the world of work instead of giving them equality of failure.  
  7. Most people support the death penalty, and I am very glad there is at least on party in this country prepared to say it does.  
  8. Most people would be concerned about large-scale immigration that changed the racial composition of their neighbourhoods noticeably within a short space of time.  
  9. I believe in family values supported by marriage as the only institutions that can give us as individuals and as a nation a dignified and coherent sense of cultural and national identity. 
  10. British history was not being taught properly in this country and it is a shame that many British children of all races know very little British history.  Say "Nelson" to the average child and they will not say "Horatio" but "Mandela".  
It probably didn't come out like that but that was what I had meant to say, for which I believe I received friendly applause.

Everyone was lovely, interested and enthused, and I sensed that they were perhaps positively discriminating in my favour on grounds of my race and my gender, which was ironic and really rather moving.

Giussepe de Santis - another non-indigenous member of the party - was there and congratulated me about the Daily Telegraph story at  He asked if I had indeed said I would reintroduce slavery as mentioned at  I admitted the truth of this and he asked me to be careful.

Afterwards, I was taken to task a little about my pro-death penalty views by a very nice man called Peter who was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about civic architecture.  He suggested that everything controversial should have a referendum conducted on it, and he felt uneasy about being roped into something as serious as the death penalty willy-nilly.  This is my second encounter with a BNP member who does not support the death penalty.

I gave him a card for which has the slogan: "Hang 'em, Flog 'em or send 'em home or not?"  1party4all is a website which invites anyone of any political persuasion to become a party member of this virtual one-party state and vote as they please.  I was confident that enough people to constitute the majority would end up supporting most BNP policies if such a system of voting were in place. Most people, if left alone and not bullied, would support most BNP policies, which would be regarded by most people in most countries as commonsense.  (It certainly had the commonsense not to want to bomb Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, and I would be delighted to be known as "the BNP peacenik" should this term be coined.)

It is their natural timorousness, gullibility and reluctance to get to the bottom of things that prevents voters from ignoring the constant media demonisation of BNP supporters.

While aware that I am a member of a party widely regarded as racist, I do not regard myself as someone who thinks any race is inherently inferior or superior to any other.  It is only the things we know, believe and are capable of achieving that makes us better and worse than others. Nature and Nurture hold equal sway over all humanity.  Anyone can unburden himself of the dead weight of his environment or nature once he musters the will to do so.

I know what I say and do is bound to offend someone at some time, but I hope in the end to show that politics can be rewarding, entertaining and beneficial to its participants and the wider public, if done properly.

To be the unity candidate for all those who are disgruntled with the LibLabCon and an increasingly sclerotic, irrational and corrupt political system would be a great privilege and a deep honour.  I believe I would feel right proportions of humility and pride, if chosen, and promise to do my best not to let anyone down, including myself.  


Adolfo said...

Why didn’t you mention your idea of opening brothels all over London and Britannia? That could get you many votes.
Come on, girl! Do you really think you can beat ‘Red’ Ken Livingstone? I mean, even Oona King with all her charming and cuteness ran short against him. What would you do different in your campaign?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do hope the BNP picks you Claire - what a field day the press will have repeating all your completely insane views on the disabled, your support for Gaddaffi and your foul- mouthed rants against Cameron, single mothers et al and linking all of this madness with the party everyone loves to hate. You will possibly have the honour of being the final nail in the BNP's coffin!

Claire Khaw said...

It is impossible to say anything in politics without someone disagreeing with you. I believe I speak for the silent majority who are too intimidated to speak by the bullying totalitarian liberal establishment.

As for Colonel Gaddafi, I am sure many people feel very uneasy about ruining the lives of people in other countries on spurious grounds. It is also time someone spoke against single mothers who are a burden on the taxpayer.

If they do not choose me, the fact that I have got this far is already a great honour.

If they choose me, I think I have a very good chance of changing the image of the party for the beter and allowing many people - both white and non-white - to express their long-suppressed views on a range of topics.

Anonymous said...

Go for it Claire! The extremists of the far left who have ruined our country need to be confronted.

But please don't moderate or sell out, standing in an election is not enough we need to reject the ideology of the establishment; putting forward radical ideas (as you do!) not only challenges the degenerate liberal establishment but will create dissonance within the minds of the electorate causing them to question the so-called 'facts', i.e. brainwashing, of 'acceptable' 'mainstream' political culture


Anonymous said...

"I believe I speak for the silent majority who are too intimidated to speak by the bullying totalitarian liberal establishment".

You believe that the silent majority think parents should have the right to kill their children if they so desire?

You believe that the silent majority believes that single mothers are responsible for all the ills in modern society?

You believe that the silent majority would like to see a form of secular Koranism and Sharia law introduced?

You believe that the silent majority has great support and admiration for dictators such as Colonel Gadaffi?

Hmm - let's see shall we? C'mon Nick Griffin, give Claire the opportunity to sell these views to the people of London on your behalf - it will be a hoot!

Claire Khaw said...

I think it is certainly arguable that severely disabled babies are only going to be a burden to themselves and to others. If no one else were picking up the tab, most parents would not wish to bring them up, and that would be no skin off anyone's nose.

Secular Koranism would not introduce the kind of sharia law that you clearly fear. All it would do is inject Koranic principles into UK law. (I look forward to learning which Koranic principles you would hate to have introduced into UK law when you can bring yourself to read the Koran.)

There is no need to admire Colonel Gaddafi to agree with me that bombing Libya is wrong and is not in the British national interest.