Saturday, 12 March 2011

If Jeffrey Epstein were my friend before his conviction ...
If Jeffrey Epstein were my friend he would still be my friend unless he had annoyed me about something else. The hypocrisy of the British is something I find very hard to take.

On the one hand they teach their schoolgirls to be sluts, slags and slappers with their sex ed at schools that tells them to do it if it feels good with anyone, anytime, anywhere, while on the other, they criminalise men for enjoying the services of sluts, slags and slappers.

If you had a daughter under the age of consent 16, you will find that she is legally allowed to get her contraceptives from the doctor without your consent or knowledge.

The state is actually aiding and abetting underaged sex.

So what the fuck is the problem, unless they are just a bunch of hypocritical SHITS?

You tell me.

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