Tuesday, 22 March 2011

John Baron (the only Tory MP who voted against the war) clear choice for Prime Minister!

The Courageous, Noble, Wise and Strong John Baron MP

A message to John Baron MP, Future Ruler of Britain:

"What you should do, John, is resign your seat now, start a party with the stated purpose of unifying the Eurosceptic parties, say you plan to stand in Witney at the next General Election. That will rattle that warmongering so and so. The other sheep will rally round to you soon enough if you show any signs of success and confidence. I shall be your adjutant. Get the troops back out of Muslim lands, get a few good military men to support you, one each in the Army, Navy and Air Force, and hey, presto, we can have a nice military dictatorship to draw a line under the failure of the past and the disaster of this demented matriarchy!

When you are finally master of all you survey and vir triumphalis, my lips that are full of promise will brush seductively against your ear as I whisper to you while you process down Park Lane in your chariot: "Remember, Caesar, you are only a mortal man." Cameron and all his sheep-men and sheep-women will be paraded in chains behind you, to be strangled after your triumph is over ....

Afterwards, I shall see to it that the nation's beauties (who will already be in your harem) be prepared for your pleasure ... "

Hah!  Where are you now, Dan "Window Dressing" Hannan?  You, who refuse to condemn warmongering even though it is spitting in your face?  You are just an ornament, a mere decoy specially placed to dupe gullible voters into thinking there are still Tories in the Cameron's party.  Begone with you, you Emm Ee Pee!   

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