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Muslims and BNP have yet another thing in common: washing dirty linen in public
Defend Usama Hasan -- Support Freedom of Conscience and Oppose Intolerance was started by Yahya

I have been deleted from this group on the grounds that I am a BNP member when all I said was that  this incident sounded like mosque politics and a storm in a teacup.

Usama Hasan alleges that a death threat was made against him but nowhere does the actual form of words this death threat took appear anywhere.  The form of words would of course be crucial in deciding the guilt of anyone accused of issuing a death threat in a court of law.  The vagueness of the Guardian account of events, and the failure of the journalist in question is a shameful testament to journalistic standards these days.

I said on the group yesterday:

"Shame the Guardian didn't see fit to quote the wording of the leaflets allegedly containing the death threats. It is well known that East End Asians like boasting about the death threats they receive. If you ain't got no death threat, you ain't done or said nothing worth your salt as a politician."

It does appear to me that Muslims, just like the BNP, are fighting amongst themselves, washing their dirty linen in public and giving themselves a very bad name indeed.

The Koran advises us to avoid pointless disputation, particularly about such things as evolution.  We can't know because we weren't there.  And even if we were no one would believe us anyway.  So why don't we just agree to disagree?

I would have said that

(1) God created Evolution

and, to appease the atheists, whisper to them that

(2) Man created God.


I think I would make rather a good imam if I were Muslim and a man with my tact and my reputation of being a unifier.

Yahya Birt who cannot get over the fact that a BNP member does not mean Muslims harm is a very silly man with an obvious liberal agenda.

Perhaps that little turd cannot get his narrow white middle class liberal little head round this: I wish to promote an ideology called

Khavian Koranism AKA Secular Koransim AKA Anglican Islam

which encompasses the religious and secular, and which fuses Koranic principles with Anglican ways of worship that do not contradict the Koran.   In short, I wish to create a new state religion for the British people that the non-Muslims can see themselves embracing, that is far away from the soft soap of the Church of England which is now infested by feminists, socialists, liberals and communists.  It is the white working classes whose cultural identity consists of being "dipso, fatso, bingo, ASBO and Tesco"  who need this new religion most of all.

Below is a description by someone who was actually there from Abduall Al-Andalusi's Facebook walls:

Avas Asghar:  
"Most people here clearly didn't go to the event, relying instead on grainy videos clips which didn't do justice to the event. 

At this farcical event, Shaykh Suhaib came across poorly, as did Usama, as did the mob(!) But all those who feel Usama is a victimised, brave, courageous hero - then you should know this:

He came 50 mins late and the crowd waited patiently. In the meantime shaykh Suhaib (who on most occasions you can't help but love) set the scene with a slightly patronising speech (btw, giving one reason for Usama's tardiness and Usama upon arrival giving another). Then Usama spent 15 mins fiddling unnecessarily with the position of a projector (perhaps he was nervous). So after an hour of everyone waiting patiently without a word being spoken - the first thing Usama did was insult the crowd teasing them about projectors and how he hoped they didn't mind him using 'modern' technology.

What horrible start to the entire thing - you knew it was going to descend into chaos with Usama antagonising the crowd (and vice versa). If there was one thing you could, in the past, rely on Usama for - it was humility and keeping cool. Both those qualities were sadly absent. He came across as patronising and arrogant and for sure retorted back to all those who may have insulted him. It was tit for tat and embarrassing!

Then the crowd asked Usama to debate one of 2 individuals there and then (their names were shaqur & abu zubair - both 'traditional' Islamic students of knowledge, the latter from umm al qurra in Makkah I believe). Usama refused. The crowed implored him and asked him what he was afraid of. He refused claiming he wasn't prepared. (so what on earth was this event for?!)

Usama is thirsty for attention, sthing clear from his media appearances. In regard to evolution- he published one cif article in which he just insulted Muslims, and at some point gave a slide show presentation with a lacuna filled argument. How does that make him a spokesman for islam & evolution. In an act of terrible hypocrisy he asked one biologist at the event - who challenged him - to publish his ideas with peer review!!!! Usama isn't an authority in evolutionary biology and he's never published his ideas for them to be peer reviewed. Ever!

No one has actually bridged the Islamic and evolution narratives - certainly not Usama. And I stayed for the whole event - I didn't hear any death threats. 1 man walked out calling him shaytan; and a few may have called him kafir. But I don't remember clear death threats."

Shaheen Amin commented on Abdullah Al Andalusi's status.
Shaheen wrote

"I was at the event and Avas described it better than me. I was one of the people who requested Usama Hasan for a debate with brother Abuz Zubayr. But, Usama refused to our disappointment. On seeing brother Abuz Zubayr at close proximity - Usama spoke to the brother and not even one word of insult was exchanged between them; let alone a death threat from our brother Abuz Zubayr."

Characteristics that the BNP and Muslims share:

1.  a desire to support family values
2.  a liking for selective education ie grammar schools
3.  a disapproval of British foreign policy of intervention in the affairs of Muslim countries
4.  a tendency to support corporal punishment
5.  a tendency to support capital punishment
6.  a general concern at the alarming levels of uncontrolled immigration 

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