Tuesday, 1 March 2011

My Colonel Gaddafi Suport Group has more members than Colonel Gaddafi's own Facebook page!

Claire Khaw's Colonel Gaddafi Support Group: 683 members.

Colonel Gaddafi's REAL Facebook page: 191 members.


Adolfo said...

Those fucking Paddys! I never trusted them since the very moment I saw them wearing those ridiculous green hats! Long Live Colonel Gadaffy!

Anonymous said...

Every news coverage is only given us the voice of these so called rebels.we dont get to hear pro gaddafis men cameron has shown his support for the rebels which actually is funny because cameron repeatly said that terrorism needs to stop that all illegal army's should lower ther weaponry and yet he supports theese scum that are out to destroy gaddafi and his family he mr cameron,barack obama and nikolas sarkozi said they support them as they are fighting for freedom. But sure the irish republican army(I.R.A.) wer fighting for freedom che guevara was fighting against capitalism and freedom the afghan people are fighting for freedom and the vietnamese fought for freedom why didnt these right wing politions support these freedom fighter.this isnt about freedom these rebels will pay the price because if gaddafi does go the americans will take over from there this country libya will become a massive corruption game the yanks are behind this. The good man gaddafi has been in power for 42 years so why now.why was he never told to step down years ago.that tells that these country who are attacking libya that they, not rebels they have had enough of gaddafis socialist views. David cameron,blair,obama and the likes of sarkozy have said that they want the gaddafi family for crimes against humanity thats rich coming from these people. These people like cameron have the blood of thousands upon thousands of innocent muslims on ther hands this isnt about war this is anti-muslim acts this is to destroy the good innocent muslim men,women,and proud to be a catholic.but i have and will always backed innocent muslim people who are being discrimanated against its evil christianity jewish people who are controling these people the good people of palestine are being tortured they arent being given a voice just like all those years ago the irish were'nt given a voice which technally still have'nt been given a voice its time all countrys stood up togethe whether your muslim,catholic prodestant,etc.and attack these evil people. (GOD BLESS GADDAFI AND ALL HIS ARMY,keep fighting.)