Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Shall I sue for libel?

A certain Kevin Morris is so far refusing to withdraw the statement that "Claire Khaw of the British National Party advocates killing the disabled."  

I will give him a chance to take legal advice before taking any further action.  


Anonymous said...

"At least they are doing something not just shitting themselves in their disabled people nappies. "

"If you kill your baby before it is 12 months you will get off if you plead post natal depression.

The best solution is to tell the midwife that you wouldn't want to bring up a disabled child, so she will get rid it of it without burdening you with the guilt.

That would be my suggestion.

I kill my own child if it is disabled, you kill your own or we get our midwives to do it discreetly.

If it subsequently becomes disabled after 1 year then we will have to decide what we want to do. It is at the end of the day our business, and nobody else's, unless we demand help from other people and then it becomes the business of others. "

Sue what? What on earth would be your complaint?

Anonymous said...

You can sue if you like and I shall enjoy posting all of your comments that would lead anyone to draw the same conclusion.

Claire Khaw said...

You seem not to realise that a parent committing infanticide (and risking a criminal conviction) is NOT THE SAME as saying there should be a general policy of extermination being operated by the government.

Claire Khaw said...

Draw the same conclusion of what?

Anonymous said...

I understand English isn't your first language, perhaps you don't understand what advocate means. You want someone to withdraw the comment that you advocate the killing....blah blah. Well you do. You are in favour of killing disabled babies.

Claire Khaw said...

Listen, Anonymous at 9 March 2011 14:19:00 GMT.

Saying that I would commit infanticide if my child is severely disabled is not the same as proposing a government policy of general extermination of the disabled.

Parents with disabled babies need not fear that I nor anyone else will come round to exterminate their disabled babies if there were to be a Claire Khaw dictatorship.

Perhaps I can put it in yet other ways that you may find easier to understand:

1. Letting someone die is not quite the same as killing someone.

2. Stating what I would do as an individual is not the same as turning it into government policy.

3. Saying that X is something I would do myself is not the same as making everyone else do X.

Anonymous said...

Advocating....that's what was discussed we all know that jam isn't the same as peanut butter. But you do advocate killing disabled babies.

Claire Khaw said...

I think I have done the best to explain the difference, and it would be quite clear to many, though I see it suits you to pretend that you still don't get it.