Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A specimen of White Trash from Sydney

Photo by my  Facebook friend Chris Oliver  in his series "From Glebe to Newtown"

My Oz Facebook friend Julieanne Beckham thinks he is a medical or psychology student.  I am saying he is a typical specimen of white trash that is overflowing the toilet that is now Western civilisation.

What this photo says to me:

"I don't want a fucking job ever. That is cos I am white trash. This means my government is stupid enough and the people who pay the government are stupid enough to put up with it.

The white trash look: a product of liberal society. Be proud, be liberal, be trash. You know it makes sense."
Yeah, my mother sort of calls me white trash, but not in so many words. Thinks all my male friends are paedos and all my female friends single mums, all scrounging off benefits.

Yeah, so what? Doesn't detract from the truth of what I say.

If I had a job I would be too fucking scared to say any of this.   (I would like a column in a noted publication, be a paid political and social commentator or host a political game show, please.)

If Jeffrey Epstein were my friend he would still be my friend now too, unless he had pissed me off about something else.  

Just call me a self-hating product of white trash culture, OK?

I put my hands up to it.


Colin Campbell said...

This guy looks pretty mainstream based on my observations of white trash in Australia. Tattoos are very normal.

Claire Khaw said...

Yeah, I guess I am kinda saying white trash culture with tattoos and piercings is pretty mainstream now.

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that you agree with every man that posts, now that's whorish.

Claire Khaw said...

Every man? There is only one on this thread, Posey.