Friday, 18 March 2011

Western politicians now so stupid they believe in the propaganda of their own irresponsible media

I guess they are just waiting for the West to be bled dry by its foreign misadventures and then come in to buy up everything cheap in the fire sale.  

Anyone who supports the rebels is a victim of media propaganda. This means that only the West has politicians stupid enough to believe in the propaganda of its own media. The media is of course a liberally-inclined (ie stupid) attention-seeking whore who has power without responsibility and will say and do anything just to get attention.

Indeed, it often recommends dangerous courses of action to entice politicians into misadventure and trouble, so they can report on the atrocities and then blame the politicians for not doing enough to prevent it.

This makes them feel powerful and superior, you see.  

The media is after all an ambulance-chaser and has every interest in making things worse so they can report the drama and horror of it for the amusement and entertainment of its gullible audiences, in the comfort of their own living rooms while people in foreign lands die, are maimed, and hate us more and more.

It is the 21st century Western version of The Games.

Ask any journalist if they do not secretly hope for something really bad to happen so they can report on it.

Proud of ourselves, are we, that Britain is leading the vanguard of liberal intervention?

Mark my words, our government can't even have a crap in the crapper without making a mess and forgetting to wipe its fucking bottom. 

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