Sunday, 13 March 2011

Why Britain and France want to intervene in Libya

No, I don't think it is even about oil.

The truth is even more disturbing.

I think it is because these arseholes are just doing what the media tells them to do, because they think it would be popular, and the media just love to go to new places and report on new atrocities for the entertainment of dumb white people to watch as entertainment in the comfort of their living rooms.

There can be no possible advantage to any of this, but they are doing it, because that is what they always do, the dumb fuckers, who dance to the tune of the media who exercise power without responsibility.

It seems that these politicians think that participating in this fiasco to be will somehow increase their popularity and their chances of re-election.  They are rather like an ugly old couple nobody likes who think that putting a video of them having sex would somehow increase their popularity and make people trust and like them more.

This is what decades of single mummery, bastardy, paedophilia, declining standards of morality and education do to your ability to think rationally.  


Anonymous said...

so just let the people die then?

Claire Khaw said...

All die be die.