Monday, 28 March 2011

Women and Politics

One of the things I have noticed about my female friends is that they are more ready to unfriend me on Facebook because of my political views.

I do not blame them particularly because it is a fact that being female makes one more conformist, censorious and more easily frightened.  People are more forgiving of female foibles than of male ones and therefore they get away with a lot of things.   While men are supposed to be courageous, principled etc, women are usually forgiven if they are not up to scratch morally, with their women's prerogative and their ability to make you feel sorry for them when they shed their tears.   

This came up in the conversation yesterday at the East London BNP meeting.  "What is wrong with us?  Why won't people vote for us if they agree with us?  Why are there so few women in the party?" we were asking ourselves after the meeting. 

The answer is simple.   Men are afraid of women.   These women have too much power, don't know what they want, are too stupid to know that, and the ones who know they don't know what they want are too proud, hypocritical and cowardly to admit it.   


Women don't want to be seen with losers and social pariahs whom they associate with being a member of the BNP. 

Men pretend to hold liberal views just to get sex from women.

Men are terrified of being socially ostracised by women and deprived of sex.   

BNP activists readily admit to me that if their wife objected they would not be a member of the party.

These women don't know how to argue themselves out of a paper bag and so if you have in any way caused them to in any way feel emotionally uncomfortable, you are out, and they won't tell you why because most of the time they can't even explain it to themselves.   

Probably, most male BNP activists would gladly give up their principles and activism for the sufficiently seductive siren. 

That is why it is quite wrong for them to have too much power, which they will misuse and abuse.  To allow them to be the equals of men is to make them the superiors of men, with the results that we now see in our society, where the single mother is virtually beyond criticism and the alpha male politicians of this land are actually afraid of them, because too many of them now have the vote.   

This gives me an idea though: an introduction agency based on one's politics.   Men should just offer to be protector and provider and say feminists need not apply.   Only women who know their minds and know they want to be wives and mothers need apply.   Would that work though?   Possibly with Muslims, but what about the non-Muslim women who are honest enough to admit that being wife and mother is what they want out of a life, instead of the option of being a bad employee and a bad mother bringing up an inferior next generation who is socially, economically and intellectually disadvantaged because of the bad parenting of a working and/or single mother?

Perhaps I should run a marriage bureau based on those lines.  

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