Friday, 22 April 2011

The Behaviour of the Bovine British Voter who knows Something is Wrong

Below is tweet I received referring to the incoherence of my political position.

Michael_Merrick Michael Merrick @
@1party4all don't mean to be unkind Claire but the problem is that you're incoherent - anger, or celebrity, is no substitute for good sense

Michael Merrick is a "A lefty. A conservative one."

Apart from the inherent contradiction of being a lefty and a conservative which seems to escape him (I think this means he is Old Labour), let us now examine the advice he is trying to give me.  I never had a response from him on how precisely I am being incoherent despite repeated requests.

My position is that if we vote for the party with the policies we most agree with, then we would be closer to the kind of government we want.

Unfortunately, the typical bovine British voter is afraid of a number of things:

1.  The typical bovine British voter regards voting rather like putting a bet on a horse.  If your horse doesn't win you have lost, and they are so afraid of losing.

2.  The typical bovine British voter is pathetically loyal to the party he belongs to.

3.  The typical bovine British voter does not know that a political party is like a bus, only useful if it is going where you want.

4.  The typical bovine British voter does not know where he wants to go and is content to be reassured by an increasingly lost bus driver that everything is OK even as the fuel and road signs run out.

5.  The typical bovine British voter is afraid to ask the bus to stop so he can get off, in case people look at him funny.  .

6.  The typical bovine British voter fears to wait on his own at the bus stop for the next bus.

7.  The typical bovine British voter would board a bus that goes to Belgravia even if he lives in Brixton, and walk the rest of the way, because he would rather not find out about the best way of getting to where he wants.  He probably has trouble reading the bus time table and working things out for himself.  The way British education is these days, that comes as no surprise, of course.

So Michael Merrick and his ilk will stay in the Labour Party and continue voting Labour all the while whingeing weekly, and weakly whingeing that things are not as they would wish.

Michael Merrick knows - in his heart of hearts - that voting for Labour would be taken as a signal that the party has the right policies by the leadership, but he dares not leave the party because of his unthinking tribal loyalty, perhaps not so much to his party, but to all his years of telling people that he is in the Labour Party.

Micheal Merrick is one of the many many many emasculated, feminised and educated British men who think cowardice, hypocrisy, intellectual incoherence are tolerable states of being as long as they remain part of the mainstream.

I, on the other hand know that I must lead by example.

If I say that we would be closer to the government we want if we just voted for the party with the policies we most agree with, then I must lead by example.

If that party is the BNP then it would have to be the BNP, even as  the bricks and the sticks and stones are hurled at me.

I am not having any of this "I support BNP policies but I won't vote for them because I am not a racist" CRAP, because I would hate people to think that I am a coward and a hypocrite.

These days the emasculated and intellectually effeminate NewBrit male will just smile sweetly at you for calling him a coward and a hypocrite and present to you all his four cheeks for you to slap.
There are worse things to be accused of being a racist, and that is to be Champagne Swilling Socialist SCUM or people too afraid of voting for parties they could vote for solely to express their political preferences.  You would have thought that a secret ballot would be sufficiently reassuring, but these people are very easily frightened after so many years of emasculation and effeminacy under the demented matriarchy that is Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.

Do we have free speech or not in this once great country of ours?  I think we already know what they think is the answer judging from the way these limp-dicked dwarfs are behaving.

Free speech: use it or lose it, but these limp-dicked pygmies have forgotten how such things are done many many moons ago.

There are people who say to me that they do support BNP policies, but cannot openly say so because they are afraid of the social and economic consequences of going public, because they have a job and a mortgage and a family and credit card bills to pay.  That is how they would justify their cowardice.

Should I listen to people like that who say I should go more mainstream so that they can feel comfortable about openly supporting me?

They want me to "make alliances".  But one must choose one's allies carefully.  The useless ones will just leave you in the lurch or stab you in the back the moment things get a bit dicey and they get a bit scared.

Thee educated white sheep-men who vote LibLabCon are the most despicably cowardly and hypocritical of all.  They know the good, but choose the evil, because they are afraid of the R word that will make them run and hide.

Are they men or mice?  Perhaps they are just rats.

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