Monday, 25 April 2011

British LibLabCon supporting-Muslims are stupid too

While the BNP have never pretended that they like Muslims, they are less malign towards Muslims than the LibLabCon who say they do not hate and fear Muslims while dropping bombs on Muslims in Muslim lands. It seems most British Muslims prefer to trust in and vote for hypocrites.

How strange that the Muslims have not noticed that all the values the LibLabCon promote, eg gay rights, gay marriage, not punishing criminals properly, not promoting family values supported by marriage, not giving poor but clever children grammar schools, calling everyone who complains about immigration Nazi Fascist Racist Evil Extremists, condoning and encouraging under-aged sex with sex education at ever earlier ages, are obviously against the principles the Koran promotes?

In fact, the BNP without even trying, have policies that many Muslims support in their heart of hearts, eg NOT bombing Muslim countries and therefore not radicalising Muslim youth in this country who are understandably outraged that Afraqbya should be the victim of Western invasion and bombing for such obviously spurious reasons.

Perhaps the Muslims have integrated only too well now and have become stupid, hypocritical and cowardly, just like stupid white non-Muslims who are busily heaping up their own funeral pyre?

If uncontrolled mass immigration is bad for white people it is also bad for non-white people because it causes social tensions as well as racial and religious hatred.

Perhaps the BNP should change its name to the "We Were Here Before You Party" or the "We Told You So Party" and just get the vexed question of race right out of things.  I know for a fact that many Muslims have a problem with immigration but have no one to go to, because they know that BNP and UKIP hate them.

In truth, we are all - whatever our racial and religious differences - more in agreement with each other than we suppose.  We all want lower taxes, fewer taxes and more law and order, do we not?  Too bad then that LibLabCon AKA the liberal elite AKA the political establishment have carved out the market for themselves and marginalised ordinary people of all races and religions who just want commonsense government because we are all so stupid, divided and hypocritical that they continue to easily divide and rule us.  

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