Monday, 18 April 2011

The Curse of Khaw on Amis the Anus

He hates his own country because he hates himself.  He hates himself because the British public have fallen out of love with him.  The British public have fallen out of love with him because all he writes about is nastiness and bad sex and offers nothing constructive or life-affirming.  The British public have also realised that he does not have the answers.  (Indeed, he does not even understand the question.)

Amis the Anus realises that his wife probably no longer loves him and is just waiting for a suitable event to present him with a Petition for Divorce.

Amis the Anus is alienated, isolated, sad, mad and bad and his friends hate him. It should not be too difficult to send him over the edge, like Humpty Dumpty, as he sits on his wall shouting obscenities at Queen. No King's or Queen's Men will come to put him back together after his Great Fall ...

They might have to step in his entrails after he lies on the ground broken while his guts ooze out, but all they need do is ensure that they wipe their shoes before they re-enter their homes and make sure that they keep their daughters away from the likes of him in future.

Amis, your brains are fried, your guts are rotten and you are going to die, slowly and painfully, of your own stinking moral rottenness, unless you apologise to the Queen.